8 Interesting Fun Facts About The Dessert That Will Amaze You

8 Interesting Fun Facts About The Dessert That Will Amaze You
8 Interesting Fun Facts About The Dessert That Will Amaze You

Did you know that October 14th is celebrated as National Dessert Day? And October as national dessert month. There’s a full month dedicated to desserts, that’s how important desserts are in our lives. And what makes them even more interesting is their history. No, that doesn’t make you a geek. Knowing the facts about the desserts which is your favourite, lets you enjoy their whole existence. Desserts remind me of cakes. Ah! What can I say about the cakes! They are are just perfect. You can order cake online anytime and enjoy one yourself. One more reason to love cakes. Um, where was I? Oh, yes, facts.

There are some fun facts about desserts that I bet will leave you amused.

There Exists A Chocolate River

Yes, you read that right. The chocolate river that is shown in the fantasy movie ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ was made of actual chocolate. The river was made by mixing  1,50,000 gallons of water, real chocolate, and cream. I mean, who wouldn’t want to visit a chocolate river. But because it contained cream so it didn’t take long for the river to spoil, and by the end of the shooting, it started smelling awful.

German Cake Does Not Belong To Germany

The German chocolate cake doesn’t go by its name. No, it’s not German, nor do it belong to Germany. This cake was actually named after a man named Samuel German, who was, by the way, an excellent baker at an American bakery and created the baking chocolate used in the cakes. Because some foods get named after people too.

Marshmallows Can Cure Too

Yes, I know marshmallows are tasty and all, but did you know that marshmallow is actually a plant? No, right? Even I was amused to come across this fact. Not only is it a plant but a plant with health benefits. Marshmallows had been used as herbal medicine to cure sore throat, skin irritation, digestive problems, etc. for centuries. Next time you catch a bad throat, don’t be disappointed, marshmallows are there for the rescue. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Is The Birth Mother Of Choco Chips

You must be wondering what does that mean. It means that chocolate chip cookies came first followed by chocolate chips. In 1938, a baker named Ruth Graves Wakefield added chopped chocolate pieces to try something different and that try became a hit. Let’s take a bite in her honour.

Candy Floss Was Invented By A Doctor

What does the word floss remind you of? Something related to teeth, right? Because a candy floss is notoriously bad for teeth and can you guess who invented it- A Dentist.  Yes, machine-spun cotton candy was invented by a dentist named William Morrison that too in a clear attempt to keep his business profitable. Feeling cheated? Don’t worry; it still tastes fabulous. 

A Popsicle Was Invented By Error

You must be Shocked? Or amused that how can such a tasty summertime staple be invented by mistake? But that’s true. Popsicles are favorite amongst kids and were invented by a kid himself. An eleven-year-old boy from San Francisco, Frank Epperson made a fruit-flavored soda drink by mixing water and powder and was stirring it. He left it outside overnight making it freeze. He popped it out the next morning and licked it without realizing what he just invented.

Who Dug That Hole In Donuts

Originally a donut was a whole piece of fried dough without a hole in the center. It was also called fried cake. But that would leave the sides crisp, and the middle uncooked causing indigestion. So, Hanson Gregory, a seafarer who was just 16 years old at that time suggested punching a hole in donut’s center for even frying, and that gave him the credits.

Cake Under Your Pillow

Did you know that the women of the 17th century often placed a piece of cake under their pillow? It was believed that by doing so, they would dream about their future spouse. No wonder cakes have been women’s best friend.

Hope that these fun facts will add on to your knowledge, now you know how desserts were created first and evolved over the years. Share these amazing facts and a piece of cake with your friends and family too.