Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Battle Royal : Launching This September

Summer is approaching its end for this year. A new line of gaming is going to get started. New choices, new tastes. Winter is coming. Gaming is watched and played differently winter. In winter more than 6 Games are on their way to be released. If you are wishing to play those in winter, with a mind of peace then, choose wisely. Cause we don’t want you to regret yourself after buying a game. So, we made a review of one of the best Games which are going to released this winter.

Look inside. Sit tight.

Gaming is a name of passion. People love to play games. Gaming is no more a matter of kids. Now, it knows no age. Almost people of every age, sphere and line play games.It’s also now a job. People are playing games in game testing companies, attending gaming competitions, earning by giving a review of newly released games. This is how Gaming is approaching a new level.Watching this huge demand for Gaming among people, many organizations are getting interested to make new games, there’s also a rising of new game companies. According to business, companies should make and launch new products every now and then, and the products should be updated, upgraded that the previous products of both their own and other companies. We can see a lot of new games releasing every year as a result. Alike, this kind of race of business we could see 6 games are going to be released late this year, which too close now. Among those 6 games, one of them is Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Battle Royal. This game is famous from it’s beginning, Call Of Duty which was released in 2003. They have a big fan-base from the beginning.

Now, after watching their latest game intro and beta version we can say that this one is going to increase their popularity more than ever.

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The developers claim that Black Ops 4 Battle Royal is a combination of all other previous versions.

This ones got gritty, grounded, characters,  zombies collection, locations, royal battle, royal experience, biggest map than ever in COD black ops history, weapons and graphics from all of the previous versions.

Yes, they have combined almost everything from entire Black Ops history. I forgot to mention that this CoD’s map is biggest and larger than any other versions of CoD. Comparing to the smallest multiplayer versions of CoD, This new version is 1500 times larger than that.


CoD is on its way to deliver the most thrilling game they have ever launched, with a multiplayer option, grounded combat experience, and player choice option.

In this game multiplayer serves in the center of the game for the first time. By having some combined features like choosable Gear category, customizing options, allowing the player to choose how they power themselves, make’s the player dangerous when alone, and unstoppable when the player is in a team.


Since the first day, this game is peoples one of the first choices. They have always astonished their fans by giving extreme features on every update.
And this time, they are saying that this is better than any other previous versions and even better than combining to those.
Let’s see if this one can charm its customers as they do always.