Optimize eCommerce Website for Mobile Devices

E-commerce can be very competitive when it comes to search engine page rankings. The page rankings are the sole drivers of business revenue. There is no room for alternatives other than staying abreast with Google’s webmasters guidelines for e-commerce and optimizing your e-commerce website continuously. ecommerce website optimization for mobile devices can be tricky if you don’t know a few handy tricks to fare better than your competitors in the page rankings.

Why should you invest time in optimizing your eCommerce website? That is because a majority of the eCommerce sales takes place through mobile apps or mobile browsers. Search engine majors like Google too in the past have officially declared that a majority of the searches take place from mobile browsers than desktops. The study was made considering the top 10 economies of the world. This digital growth has only widened in the last year. Mobile has transcended beyond just being multimedia devices to being the primary purchasing medium.

Here Are a Few Ways For Optimizing eCommerce Website For Mobile Devices.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Your consumers don’t have the luxury of time and even if they did, they would not prefer to spend it staring at a slow loading website. The speed of an ecommerce website is the first major reason to drive sales. Less than 50% of the visitors of your website will bounce if it takes time to load and never return to make another purchase. Even a second’s delay in loading time can ward off the visitors. Is your website slow? You can check the same on Page Speed Insights. If it is slow, there’s a way around it and it is Google’s AMP solution that helps webmasters create mobile-optimized content, which can load instantly on all devices.

Mobile Usability Report

Make use of the free tools provided by Google to check for lags in the performance of your mobile website. It is more like an audit that you conduct using Google’s Mobile Test Tool. In the report, you can identify any issue that is impeding the crawlers on your website. This report will give you a detailed report on issues centric to flash content, viewport size, and cluttering element.

Regularly monitor Google’s search console for issues related to 404 errors, link structure, DNS issue, URL discrepancies, and server related issues. These are the technical aspects of eCommerce website development that should be entrusted with digital marketing experts.

The Checkout Process

This is where the conversions are on its last leg and hence, it becomes the most critical part. The Call-to-Action button should be placed in maximum visibility with the advent of intuitive buy buttons that can be added anywhere from a blog to email and social media posts. To generate more sales, you can create a more enriched shopping experience like creating unique and informative content for the product and placing it juxtaposed to the product with a buy option.

The idea is to optimize the user’s experience. You can do so by designing a mobile website interface and eliminating any poor design choice. This can be done using an A/B testing. This includes:

1. Check the Progress Bar and Back and Next Buttons:

If you don’t have a progress bar telling the customer about his checkout flow, then you should consider adding one. It makes for a great user interface by facilitating easier jumping back and forth between the checkout processes.

2. Check for Sign-in Options:

Apart from letting the customer to create an account, it is necessary to let him authenticate the checkout process by other means such as using a social media account or a one-time guest checkout.

3. Payment Flexibility:

There are many ways to facilitate payments like digital wallets apart from the traditional credit or debit cards. The more flexible the options are, the more is the number of checkout conversions.

Display Top Navigation and Trending Products in a Collage Format

Top navigation is the best way to ensure that your website visitors know where to go next. It creates an easily-navigable structure. Also, it’s best to showcase the most trending products in an attractive layout, highlighting it. Alternatively, you can enhance the options for searching and browsing. These are the website design elements to optimize eCommerce website for mobile devices.

Using Structured Data to Add Rich Snippets

To persuade your website visitors to purchase a particular product, you need to make sure that they have the right product information. Product snippet essentially features ratings and product features. This can be done using a structured data markup helper. A markup helper will allow you to choose products and let you tag them. This aspect requires coding knowledge that can be entrusted to a professional digital marketing company in Chennai, Delhi or any other place so that you can use more intrinsic ways to ecommerce website optimization.

With more people buying from a mobile device, your business should leverage this opportunity to personalize the shopping experience and eliminate any friction in the UI.