How To Reduce Human Resource Support Through Digital Solution

The company consists of employees who are always finding themselves messed up between the working culture and human resource activities which are also necessary for the proper working and remuneration processing. The manual channel which was used earlier consumes a huge amount of time and efforts, this also has no clue for tracing the requests and approvals. There was a scarce need to channelize the flow between employees and HR through a dedicated platform. The introduction of mobile technology was acting like a boon to the companies which are facing these problems.

During the initial stage of human resource automation, the company was doing HR operation satisfactorily with all the basic requirements to be satisfied but the solution was deprived of a specific control panel or a platform where the employee can get assistance. The development of web and mobile technology along with the assistance of cloud interface helping the HR system to go online in a form where the employee can carny all the basic and advanced operations of the HR to help in saving time and efforts. Right from attendance to resource management can be done from this portal.

ESS on mobile and web platform:

The employee self-service portal is the boon to the managerial activity automation which is done through web-based and mobile devices. The major factor which is being handy makes it easy to utilize when on the move and even when the employee is at their serving location or even at their homely premises. Activities like punching, reimbursement, payslip generation are the task which is least considered by the HR involvement and system can serve effectively to the employees. The process gets fast and there is no time where the workforce has to wait for their pending approvals, it also has notifications.

Integration of ChatBot Services:

The artificial intelligence is a greater aspect that is covered in the modern HR Software through which the company can implement enhanced support which does not need any human intervention. The chat-bot is a self-learning automation module that is developed to serve the employees regarding their required HR activities related queries. The chatbot will be serving the workforce around the clock and with optimized steps which will definitely be benefiting the employee to carry out their function successfully through the ESS portal. This is one of the main reasons for being favorable to the HRs.

Document Dropbox Facility

The organization is a structure where there is a large number of file sharing happening in the organization. If the portal is absent in the company, there is no option other than manual documentation or sharing through the LAN facility. There are various insecurities like data theft and integrity issues in this type of communication which is happening throughout the office. ESS provides a dropbox facility where the important files can be stored and encrypted to enhance the file integrity within the organization and provide a secure platform to share the confidential information which is risky if got in the wrong hands.

Real-Time Process Transparency:

There was a time when the employees were used to demand status feedback from the HR department regarding the application for leave, attendance, payroll slips and also compliance deductions. The process consumes the time of both the employee and the mere HR also, so the company is losing money in the form of time. Where on the other hand the ESS implementation has a positive effect on time and effort deduction, the employee can get all these in real-time from the portal itself and check the live status to take digital follow-up from the higher authorities.


There is a direct linking between the implementation of an ESS portal and the consumption of time and effort. The HR Software which you will be utilizing with your organization processing must have this feature so that if you implement a solution it will be utilized to its maximum benefits. An HR solution that is having a packaged deal, there is a reason behind every module which is housed in it. no vendor spends its time and effort in building useless modules.