A Guide To Live Streaming On Social Media Like Youtube, Facebook and Periscope

live streaming on social media

With the evolution of the Internet industry, we slipped into the world of digitalization. Ever since the presence of live webcasting solutions, more and more brands and businesses are inclining towards live streaming solutions. It allows brands or organizations to mark their place in strategic marketing dynamics. A battle between live streaming on social media is on to serve the brands with the best live streaming solutions.

Periscope was the first live streaming social network that started providing webcasting solutions back in 2014. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & all the other social networks followed the footsteps and walked on the same path. 

Live streaming has helped brands to leverage, by expanding their reach. It has removed the barrier of geographical restrictions and has become a favorite tool for digital marketers.

Live Streaming On Social Networks

Internet is flooded with various live streaming social networks that allow brands to live broadcast their events and engage a large audience base. It allows brands to interact with their potential customers, which results in a customer-brand relationship. Live streaming social networks have completely changed the marketing dynamics of the brand. Live broadcasts on periscope, live video streaming on Facebook and live webcast on youtube are trending with its presence and helping many brands to notch up their marketing strategy and reach millions of potential customers around the world. 

With each passing year, advancements in technology have been noted, which influenced various brands to opt for live streaming solutions. Nowadays, live streaming on social media has made live streams accessible on smartphones, which makes it easy for customers to tune in anytime and get the latest updates of any brand.

Live streaming on social media allows brands to build an emotional connection with their customers through real-time interactions, which make customers valued, resulting in brand loyalty. Behind the scene scenarios of brands or an organization connect the audience more authentically. It helps in building a sense of trust among customers for a particular brand. It has helped various brands to boost their sales leads and developed a genuine loyal fanbase across the globe. Live streaming is here to benefit your brand in enormous ways and change the complete dynamics of marketing. For a brand to leverage from a live streaming social network, it is essential to understand the live broadcasting procedure of various platforms. 

Best Live Streaming On Social Media Platforms

An insight into, how to broadcast your company event on the best live broadcast social media platform.

1. Youtube Live –

Youtube has been the oldest platform known for watching videos online. Many brands already have their presence on youtube with 100 plus subscribers. Following the recent trend of live streaming services, youtube offers youtube video streaming solutions, which are being used by various brands to expand its pan presence. Live webcast on youtube is effectively being used by brands to host one on one interviews, stream company events or behind the scene scenarios. Youtube live stream events reach millions worldwide at a single point of time. For live webcasting on youtube, a brand must have a channel with more than 100 subscribers. Be it a product launch or an event webcast of a company, youtube video streaming solutions allows you to stream while promising a greater sales leads. Live webcasts on youtube generally last for a slightly longer duration when compared to any other live streaming social network. 

live webcast on youtube

Live webcast on youtube is simple and can be achieved by following the steps –

1. Firstly, for streaming live on youtube your brand or organization must have a channel on youtube with 100 plus subscribers. Sign in to your company’s youtube account. Then click on the creator Studio button after clicking on the YouTube channel’s profile picture at the top right corner.

2. Click on a live streaming option from the menu displayed on the left-hand side. If you are using youtube video streaming solutions for the first time, you’ll be welcomed with a Get Started screen. It allows you to link your phone number with your channel. You will get a link to share on other live streaming social networks when you start youtube live streams.

3. Check the top right corner for reviewing the Live Streaming Checklist. It guides you to setup up for your live webcast on youtube.

4. Right below the checklist is the chat window that helps you to interact with the audience during youtube live streams.

5. An information box is a place where you can add details of an event that you are streaming live on youtube. 

6. Set the privacy settings option to the public for getting a larger audience base from around the world. Setting privacy settings to the public allow more viewers to tune in during youtube live streams.

2. Facebook Live –

Facebook Live is the most popular social media network which has millions of active users around the globe. Online streaming allows the brand to reach its potential target customers within no time. Whether, its a company event or a sports webcast of your college, and live video streaming on facebook has made it easy to reach its customers and boost real-time interactions through comments. Many brands display the Facebook live stream on the website to generate more traffic resulting in more sales leads. 

facebook online streaming

Live video streaming on Facebook is just a click away

1. Firstly visit on the facebook page of your brand, and click on create a live stream or opt for a GO LIVE button.

2. Keep your account settings to the public, which allows more viewers to view your live streams other than your followers.

3. There is a camera icon placed on the left side of the search bar. Tap the camera icon.

4. Allow Facebook to access your camera and microphone before live video streaming on facebook.

5. Write the description of your live stream to make your viewers aware of your subject. 

6. Broadcast live video on Facebook by clicking the “Start Live Video” button to start the live broadcasting of an event.

7. Interact with your audience during facebook online streaming through comments.

8. Click on the “Finish” to end the facebook live broadcast.

9. Save your live video to your camera roll to share on other social media platforms.

3. Periscope Live –

Periscope was the first app to start periscope live video streaming solutions way back in 2014. Live streams on periscope can be shared on twitter to attract a more niche audience base. Live broadcast on periscope has its set of audiences. Periscope live video streaming guide is counted as one of the best webcasting solutions. 

live broadcast on periscope

To go live on periscope here is the checklist

1. Firstly, you need to log in with your periscope account for live broadcasting on periscope.

2. Give your periscope live stream a title and select your video quality.

3. Navigate to the Live Streaming tab and select Periscope as your streaming platform.

4. Periscope live streams do not support the streaming quality of 180p and above. 720p is recommended by Periscope for live streams.

5. There is a gearwheel placed on the upper right side. Select your default network to stream with. 

6. Below the live stream name, the Twitter bird icon is displayed which is enabled by default, allowing live stream on Periscope to be shared to the Twitter account which is connected to your brand’s Periscope account. If you do not wish to share your periscope streams on Twitter, you need to disable the bird icon. 

7. When you are ready to stream live on periscope, click on the Go Live button which is placed in the bottom right corner.

8. As soon as your event gets over, click on the red streaming button to end the live stream on periscope. 

9. Once the live stream gets over, you can check the information of your viewers and the duration for how long you streamed live on periscope.

10. Periscope live video streaming solutions allow you to either save your video on demand or delete it completely.