Made of fascinating jewelry 5 Regular tasks

In this fast-paced world in which we don’t have enough time to complete all 24 hours a day, today, women strive to fit into all activities and jobs, work and family times without having to take the additional effort to look good. That’s when you play light weight gems. Spice up your everyday routine with plain, stylish and lightweight jewelry to make your breeze look good all day long. There are 6 repetitive tasks here, which with the right and light pair of jewels can be made more interesting.

1) Working hours

We all fear that the trend on Twitter on Mondays and #ihatemondays nowadays, but that’s a way we can alter! Choose and apply a couple of slight stubble to your favorite work wear. The elegant mother of the Zephyr Perl and ruby studs is a major choice. These sweaters are handcrafted with 18 K Gold and are suited for a mundane Monday morning. They are formed handles, stuck with oval rubies at the middle.

2) Shopping wears.

Shopping isn’t a tedious activity, unless shopping is a matter of foodstuffs. Jazz this routine a little by pairing your casual outfit with plain, lightweight and fun gems like these delightful drops of coral. A few elegant peach colored coral drops in 18k gold that adds radiance to the earrings, with rubies attached.

3) PTA Conference

Every child believes that its mother is the most beautiful female in the world and enjoys showing her to teachers, peers and classmates. Dress up elegantly and chicly when you attend your PTA children’s meeting or open house. Take a pleasant and lovely style with a single, but stylish pair of earrings and add a touch of elegance to your look. That makes you look clean and showy. Come and meet the teachers and congratulations on the success and look of your boy! These brilliantly handmade earrings are mounted in 18k gold and centered in a ruby. The aspect of sparkling to the design is positioned by a small rounded diamond piece on the top.

4) Film Nights Weekend

Do you watch movies over the weekend? Then it’s a perfect choice to give your night some color. Grab it up by attaching your casual costume with a small pair of hoops or bolts. Choose the global topaz fall for opal and blue. Phosphorescent opals and sparkling blue topaz are mixed to produce the best blue drops.

5) At Gym 

You work fit and look fine, but if we’re asking you, you should look good when you’re working? It’s time to turn the stereotypical workout look into the right accessories. Sport a stud in a minute that looks trendy, but does not interrupt your workout. Look good and feel good! Look good! Try our newest set of lightweight gems Zephyr inspired by dragonfly stuffs. This ear piece is delicately set around astride with an oval-color-pink tourmaline and a blue topaz, a high polished gold trib with an 18 K gold. The gold tail tip with a diamond decor completes the sexy look.