7 Best Netflix Tips and Tricks You Should Know In 2021

With the recent success of Night Stalker, Bridgerton, and Outside the Wire, Netflix’s over 200 million subscribers have proven that the streaming service is just as good as the likes of Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV Plus. Learn Netflix Tips today and have an entertaining experience.

After serving us really well in 2020, when we needed it the most since watching TV was the only thing that made sense, Netflix continues to surprise us even more in 2021. From comedies to dramas and documentaries, the streaming service is indeed in the business of pumping out new content by the dozen. Some of the new content that Netflix has lined for you in 2021 include:

  • Nadiya Bakes (Reality Series)
  • The Crew (New Series)
  • Moxie New Movie
  • Pelé (New Documentary)
  • Marriage or Mortgage (Reality Series)

Netflix Tips to Help you Enjoy your Viewing

The above list consists of just a tiny bit of what Netflix is set to release in 2021. With the dozens of movies, series, and documentaries available on this platform, it can be overwhelming finding something to watch. To help you find your way around this platform quickly and enjoy your viewing, here are the best Netflix tips you should be using in 2021.

Watch During Off-Peak for Better Video Quality

One of the best ways to enhance video quality and reduce buffering during streaming is by watching during less busy hours (for instance, early morning and late at night). Research shows that video speed and quality improved considerably during the time when fewer people were watching. You might want to sleep late, and binge watches some high-quality Bridgerton.

Optimize for HD or Ultra HD

How would you feel if you later realized that you were on a plan that allowed Ultra HD or HD streaming, yet you were not using it? This is what happens to many Netflixers who fail to check their account settings.

Make sure you visit Netflix.com/HdToggle to confirm that your account is set for HD viewing by choosing “High.” Be warned, however, that this will seriously tamper with your data plan if you watch Netflix outside of Wi-Fi areas.

Watch Restricted Content with a VPN

By now, you may already know that the content you watch on Netflix and other streaming services is based on your geographical location. But, you can change that when you connect to a VPN when streaming Netflix.

By using a VPN when watching Netflix, you’ll be tricking the streaming service into believing that you are in one of the areas where the content is supported. You no longer have to miss your favorite TV comedy show, The Haunted Hathaways, because you are not in the US.

Customize your Subtitles

It’s true that you can customize your default Netflix subtitles to a different size, font, color, and more, depending on what you prefer and what suits the title you’re watching. Simply go to “Your Account,” choose “Your Profile,” then “Subtitle Appearance” to modify anything you want.

Personalize your Profiles

Netflix’s personalized recommendation technology decides what appears on your Netflix homepage based on what you search for, watch, and click on.

This kind of personalization is a godsend if you’re the only user but becomes a nuisance if you share your Netflix account with other people. Creating profiles can help you solve this issue! Every Netflix account owner can create up to five different profiles with different names, pictures, and settings. This way, you’ll receive recommendations based only on your specific taste.

Manage your Continue Watching List

You will easily know how far you are with your watching by checking the lines below the Continue Watching list.

Every time you watch a film or show but then switch it off without completing it, it’s added to the Continue Watching list. The list comes in handy when you want to resume watching your title exactly where you stopped off at. You can also delete titles that you no longer want to continue watching from the list.

Download Movies and Series to Watch on the Go

Netflix subscribers no longer have to be limited by a lack of Wi-Fi connection to enjoy their favorite movies and series. If you have a tablet or phone, you can download content to watch on the go.

To download, go to App Settings and select your desired video quality (Higher or Standard), then click the same menu and select Available for Download. All the titles displayed there are downloadable! Choose a title and click the download button. Note that space may be an issue, especially if using a smartphone.

Netflix is with no doubt one of the best streaming services out there. But, it has its bad side, and it might take you ages to get your way around your account and enjoy your subscription. The above tips and hacks should help you maneuver through your Netflix account and improve your viewing experience for the better.