6 Affordable UK Universities for Law Studies-2021

Affordable UK Universities

In this meritocratic society, education and knowledge wield significant significance. We live in a society and generation where we are exposed to innumerable options, and therefore, we have the complete liberty to choose, mold and direct our academic journey.

It is certainly true that our academia opens new windows, new opportunities and new pathways for us. Therefore, today, students have branched into studying different streams of subjects and courses. A certain proportion of these students prefer or gravitate towards subjects that require an entrepreneurial strand or sensibility. Some people prefer subjects that require artistic ability, some people prefer subjects that demand a writing prowess, and then some strive to create a better tomorrow and today, by harnessing the use of the law.

The study of law is dynamic at its very core, as it comprises several different elements, as the individual is not just supposed to speak well, but is also required to understand their concepts comprehensively and coherently, as they wield the ability to bring a social change on a global spectrum. Hence, for acquiring the relevant knowledge, every student endeavors to enroll themselves into some of the foremost universities in the world.

Once standards and benchmarks are gauged, the UK tends to top all charts, owing to their standard of education, their cultivated and evolving teaching methods and their overall paradigm of education. However, most students can’t afford to pay the amount of money that a university situated within the UK typically demands, hence looking for affordable and economically viable options becomes a pressing necessity.

That being said, if you’re looking to and if you’re working towards securing a placement in any given UK universities for law, they also make the decisive decision of choosing the help of the best law essay help UK. These facilities do not consider quality to be a negotiable commodity, as they have worked and toiled hard through their university years, owing to which they understand the pains a student goes through to secure a stable and promising GPA.

1. University of Derby

This is a public university based in the city of Derby, United Kingdom. With real-world teaching, specialist amenities, and a high quality of teaching, students will inch themselves closer to achieving their goals. This university offers a course in Law LLB, at a per annum fee of £9,250 per year for students of the UK & EU and a per annum fee of £13,250 for international students.

This is a three-year course, which comprises understanding administrative and constitutional law, civil liberties, criminal law, and European Union trade law, while they can also choose from modules such as commercial and consumer law, labor law and domestic abuse. With a varied variety of options available for the student, the said university is a suitable option.

2. University Of London

For individuals looking for online options, this university is an appropriate choice, as ‘distance studying’ is one of their modes of study. It is considered an affordable option, as it is relatively cheaper than other options. With the degree concluding within three years and with a wide scope of flexibility, students can learn the law in a personalized, yet affordable manner.

3. University Of West London

This is a public university based in London, which dates its origins back to the 1860s. This university offers Law courses, such as LLB & Criminology & Law BA (Hons) at a per annum fee of £9,250 for students of the EU & UK and a per annum fee of £12,500 for international students.

4. University Of Dundee

It’s a university located in Dundee, UK. They offer a wide array of different LLB courses, such as Law (Eng/NI), Law (Scots and English Dual Qualifying) or Law (Scots and English Dual Qualifying) with Energy Law at a per annum fee of £ 1,820 for students of EU and a fee of £ 17,275 for international students.

5. Middlesex University

This university is based in London. They offer a course in Law BA Honours, LLB Law with Criminology and LLB Commercial Law, which can be completed in 3 years. The fee structure is £9,250 for EU/UK students, while it is £13,000 for international students.

6. Arden University

This university has its campuses based in Manchester, Birmingham & London, however, is suitable for distant learners, as they offer courses such as Business & Law, Criminology & Law, & Law and Psychology through ‘distance learning’. Their fee structure is £12,825 for students of the UK while for international students it is £12,492.

On the whole, when it comes to selecting a university of your choice, then students should focus on choosing an institution that is ranked high, that is suitable for your learning needs and is comparatively affordable.