Web Hosting For Blog – Things To Know Before Choosing

web hosting for blog

The most common mistake everyone does who wants to start a personal blog is to choose the worst web hosting service and then they regret later. So to save you from it I have pointed out some of the things to know before you are choosing web hosting.

Everyone thinks creating a blog is very simple just buy a web hosting and install WordPress, that’s it. but the things is that there are many factors involved in creating the best blog which can impress its visitors and become successful.

Problem with bad web hosting

The problem with bad web hosting is that it is a trap for new bloggers as they are excited and wants to just start their blog and earn money but they don’t realize that cheap web hosting is like a trap you will pay for nothing. They will promise to serve the better and fast service to you but after a few time, you will get to know the real problems of web hosting. Your blog will be down most of the time and if it’s online then it will take time to load pages which are a very frustrating experience. , visitors, will never visit you after this experience and from that point your rate of becoming successful will be equals to zero.

Doesn’t matter how hard you try to rank your blog on the search results whenever anyone will click on your blog link will face error or will take time to load. This is the biggest turn off for any visitor. So now it is clear why it is very important to choose the best web hosting service.

Best Web Hosting For Blog benefits

Choosing the best web hosting to increase your chance of becoming successful in the blogging field. because most of the best web hosting companies provide the fastest servers which increase the performance of your blog and provides numerous tools to help you in making your blog better than others.

We have here the best hosting recommendation for Bloggers which is WPX Hosting but it’s a little bit expensive because its monthly pricing tag starts at $29.95 Per Month but thanks to WPX Hosting Coupon at Bloggingscout which allows you to get 50% OFF on the first month of WPX Hosting all hosting plans.

The most important things for any blog is its speed. So they focus on speed and promises to provide the fastest load time. Some of the company provide the speed time of 820ms to load a WordPress website. this speed is 97% faster than other best servers. with this speed on your blog, you can provide amazing user experience to your visitors and build trust to come back again on your blog.

The SEO experts will tell you to increase the speed of your website and blog because the load time plays a very important factor in the conversion rate for any website. the research has of e-commerce website shows that 1 second create big deflect in the conversion graph. The fastest is the website the more is conversion and profit they make. They say to get good traffic then your blog load time should be not more than 2-3 seconds otherwise the traffic will bounce to others website and you will lose the potential traffic.

So now you have got the idea why good web hosting is important then lets head to the points to keep in mind before choosing a web hosting.

Points for choosing the web hosting for blog

1. Load time

When you are going to buy any web hosting then make sure the load time of the server is less than 2 seconds. In most of the web hosting companies, they mention the load time and if it is not mentioned then ask about it to them before buying it.

2. Unmetered bandwidth

In every web hosting package you will get to see the bandwidth limit. The bandwidth is the amount of data can be transferred. The traffic load depends on the bandwidth so if your website is hitting good traffic then make sure you have chosen the unmetered bandwidth. it the bandwidth will be unlimited means you can handle any amount of traffic on your blog without thinking of going down. However, if you are a new blogger then your blog will not get big traffic so you can choose 20GB or more for starting and increase later according to the needs.

3. 24×7 customer support

The web hosting should provide you 24×7 customer support in all the country. They should be sufficient to solve any kind of problem you will get to keep in the mind to check the review of clients about the customer support before buying it.

4. Add ons

Many web hosting companies offer some add-ons for their new users. they provide great add ons like a free domain for 1 year, free SSL certificate, business email, free themes and plugins and many more. So it is better to have a plan which includes some add-ons to get benefits and also save some money on it.

5. Security

The security should be a big concern for any web hosting companies. As there is a risk of getting your blog hacked or gets down due to attacks on it. so the company should provide DDoS protection, daily backups, powerful firewall to keep you safe from any problems and you can completely focus on your blog.

Now some of the best web hosting companies which I have used are mentioned below so you don’t have to do the efforts for finding them.

  1. Hostgator

  2. WPX hosting

  3. Cloudsways

These are one of my favorite web hostings which I have been using since years and still, I don’t have come across any kind of problems. There are many plans which you can go with but if you are a newbie then I recommend you go with the shared hosting or Cloudways Black Friday Offer with which you can save some money also and still get the best quality web hosting service.