5 Yoga Poses for Inner Peace – Practice The Best One Daily


There is no competitive exercise that can beat yoga asana. Yoga is considered the best way to meditate and keep the mind at peace. It is carried out to build harmony, awareness, and strength in the human body. Some many communities and schools continue the practice of yoga. It has greater benefits than doing regular exercises at the gym. It can help in reducing back pain, headaches, blood pressure levels, arthritis, insomnia, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Apart from providing physical benefits, it also helps in developing mental health by reducing stress and increasing concentration levels. Yoga can completely heal your body. Learn best yoga poses to get inner peace of mind today.

There are almost 84 Yoga asanas. If you are lacking inner peace, you must practice the following asanas for better peace.

Top 5 Yoga Poses For Maintaining Inner Peace:

1. Downward Dog:

The yoga pose can quickly give a calming effect by continuous circulation of the fluid in the body from head to toe. It can easily strengthen the entire body while stimulating blood circulation. It is considered to be the best pose for resting the spine between forwarding bends and backbends. Along with this, the ankles, hamstrings, and calves can be stretched, giving a calming effect on the mind.

2. Standing Forward Bend:

The pose is mainly common for releasing stress apart from increasing exhalation. It can help in toning your thighs as you are supposed to keep your knees straight while bending. There are many benefits of doing this yoga pose, like a strong and flexible spine, abdominal muscles are activated, digestion is improved, high blood pressure may be reduced, and relieves tension.

3. Threading the needle:

This could be done by laying on the back with bent knees and the feet to be raised to the chest. The flexing balance can be very helpful in releasing tension and stress while ensuring complete inner peace. Threading the needle is considered the most famous pose for stretching the upper back giving a relaxing feeling.

4. Side stretch:

This will help in releasing the shoulders, head, and neck. It can be done by sitting on the ground with one hand on the floor distant from the body and the other hand over your head that is dropped to your ear. The yoga pose can make you calm and make you think about the positive things improving blood circulation and stamina. This helps in getting rid of the body soreness too.

5.Corpse pose:

It is the perfect pose to end yoga. It ensures complete relaxation. Corpse Pose can be easily done by resting on the ground with both the legs stretched, head laying down, relaxing the abdomen, and breathing in. This can bring much more inner peace than most of the yoga poses.


Practising yoga daily can keep you healthy and fit physically and mentally. Your mental health should always be your priority. For proper mental health, you should practice yoga regularly. It provides calmness and peace. Also, follow the mentioned yoga poses for good inner peace.