Benefits of Combining Social Media With Experiential Marketing Technology

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Gone are the days when brands opt for traditional ways of marketing a brand and make it big. Ever since the digitalization started pacing up its game, marketers are opting for experiential marketing solutions. It helps them to stay ahead of their competitors. Digital marketing dynamics have become much more complex. Experiential marketing technology has helped various brands to leverage in the current digital era. With each passing year, the graph of brands inclining towards experiential technology for activations has increased enormously.

Experiential Marketing Technology For Brand Activation

Experiential marketing solutions have helped various brands to boost interaction between customers and brands. It helps in building a customer-brand relationship which later results in brand loyalty.

Nowadays, experiential marketing technology has become the core of marketing a brand. It is a two-way channel of communication where a brand and customers can have real-time interactions, understanding each other in a better way. It helps brands to deliver the message clearly and loud to its target audience, without getting lost in the clutter of advertisements, like those in traditional forms of advertising.

Experiential marketing solutions promote a brand more engagingly and interactively. Brands are opting for experiential technology for events to boost their brand’s presence and engage a larger audience base while evoking a sense of fun and making events more interactive. Brand’s presence on social media has opened the new dimensions for brands to expand their reach which traditional ways were unable to accomplish.

Interactive technology solutions are a great way of creating a buzz about a brand, product or service around the world while making any brand activation or campaign successful.

The Internet industry has made it easy for brands to level up their game with interactive technology solutions and share it to the worldwide audiences, boosting engagements globally.

You must be thinking about how social media presence can help any brand and boost up its sales leads. There are enormous benefits of combining experiential marketing solutions with social media, which helps the brand to leverage. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits.

Benefits of combining social media with experiential marketing technology:

1. Expand the reach of the brand globally

When any brand opts for experiential technology for activations, it is an excellent medium to boost audience engagement with the brand. It allows the audience to actively participate in brand events, thereby boosting real-time interactions and generating sales leads. Even though experiential marketing solutions give life to any brand and is an effective medium to boost interactions and sales, but sharing brand experiences on social media platforms, expand the reach for any brand by reaching a wide audience base globally. Social media platforms have made it easy for brands to reach their potential customers globally. Sharing experiential marketing solutions on social sites allow brands to expand their reach and attract more potential target audiences from where they are.

2. Hashtags make brands popular on social media platforms

Combining Experiential marketing technology with social boosts the brand’s presence on social media while encouraging customer engagement with the brand. Hashtags used on social media sites, promote any brand to give the much-desired hike. It makes the brand pop up easily in search results and attracts many followers.

Brands can benefit from interactive technology solutions and can share their experiences at the event with the hashtags, on social media sites, to reach more audiences virtually without any geographical limitations. Combining experiential marketing technology with social is a seamless blend that will make any brand popular.

3. Flash sales generate more traffic

Flash sales and pop up events are another way for boosting sales lead for any brand. It is another form of experiential marketing that helps any brand to mark its presence on social media sites. Flash sales organized on social media sites generate an ample amount of traffic in a limited timeline. It affects the customer buying behaviour resulting in instant purchase decisions. Social media has been an easy medium to boost awareness about any brand or launch a product and reach millions with a single click.

4. Helps in engaging customers after the event

Experiential technology for brand activations helps in boosting interactions between brands and customers. Whereas sharing experiential events on social media helps in engaging customers even after the events got over. It allows audiences to remember the brand event and share their experiences with friends and family, resulting in the promotion of a brand. Brands can offer coupons or discounts online, for making its place in digital marketing dynamics and attracting a large number of audiences worldwide.

Interactive Technology For Brand Promotion on Social Media:

Some ways that help marketers promote brands on social media, using Interactive Technology:

1. AR VR At Events

The power of augmented reality photo booths and virtual reality photo booths will allow a brand to add colors to the event. Guests at the event can get themselves clicked with AR-VR photo booths. AR photo booths and VR photo booths are two different types of photo booths that allow users to have different mind-blowing experiences.

AR photobooth replaces the green curtain with digital photographs from around the world whereas the VR photo booth allows guests to get clicked in the real atmosphere. AR-VR photo booths are considered as one of the effective experiential technology for events.

2. Instagram Hashtag Printer

Instagram hashtag printer is one of the most trending ways, that brands opt for. When a brand plan to encapsulate experiential marketing technology, Insta printer booth hits the top chart. It’s a perfect fit for any corporate event or personal event. Instagram hashtag photo printer evokes the element of fun in the event which allows attendees to get clicked during the event. By uploading pictures to Instagram or Twitter with the event hashtag, allows attendees to get their picture printed instantly.

3. Magic Mirror

Magic mirror selfie photo booths are fun and an interactive way to engage the audience at an event. The touch screen smart mirror captures full-length photos with a camera inside. Just pose as per your choice and customize the image using multiple options available. The magic mirror allows guests to share their photos instantly to social media platforms while creating a buzz on the internet about the happening event.

4. Live Streaming on social media platforms

Live streaming social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube help in boosting brand awareness around the globe. It is an easy medium for brands and events to reach millions without any geographical restrictions. It boasts real-time interactions between brands and their customers.

Experiential marketing solutions have helped many brands to leverage and expand their reach. It has opened new dimensions and possibilities for the brand, to form a wider fan base. Combining social media with an experiential marketing strategy is a smart move by digital markets, to expand the pan presence of the brand globally.