The Top Countries to Teach English Abroad in 2021

Do you ever feel that as a teacher, you are under paid in your country? Do you wish to travel the world and at the same time make money as well? Teach english in another country might be the solution to your problems! English is the most widely spoken language all over the world.  The demand for English teachers is on the rise. Every year, a number of individuals go overseas to become an English teacher in a school or university. They might even volunteer for a paid English teaching internship or a short term English Program. Despite their age group; the young and old opt for a teaching position abroad to learn about diverse cultures. Similarly to make money, travel or seek new adventures and experiences. Hence, this article will list down a number of countries where English teachers are well paid.

The top countries to teach English abroad in 2021 are:

  • South Korea

South Korea attracts a number of new teachers. The demand for English teachers is high in the region. With a high pay ($2500-5000 USD per month), the teachers are also being offered a number of benefits. This includes airfare, free housing, medical insurance, and bonuses. Apart from this, the country offers a rich culture. The living expense is cheap and the people are friendly. With a low cost of living; you can easily save up by just working for a few months in this country.

  • United Arab Emirates

UAE attracts English teachers for one particular reason; the English teacher salary package they offer. With a salary of$2,000-$6000 per month; once again the teachers are also provided with housing, health, and utility benefits. This income will allow individuals to live in a lavish Arab lifestyle. Moreover, English teachers teaching here will also have a higher chance of getting promoted to countries in Europe, Asia, or Africa.

  • Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan attracts English teachers because of its breathtaking landscape and cheap living cost. The schools in the region are becoming more advanced as they are following a Western curriculum. Also, because they are demanding well experienced English teachers; the salary range is high ($ 4500-5000 USD per month).

  • China

Even though China is a developing country; the country is progressing day by day. New schools and universities are being opened where an International standard curriculum is established and followed. China is a country that has become easily accessible; mainly due to its low visa requirement. One does not need to have an advanced education to teach English here. The minimum teaching qualification is BA and a TEFL certificate. The average pay is between $ 1500-4500 per month. The pay for each individual varies due to educational qualifications and experience. The country offers part-time English teaching positions in schools or universities. Thus with this opportunity, one can even take up two jobs. Such as work in an essay writing service company.

  • Japan

Japan is the best place to teach English if one wants to work in South Asia. The salary range in Japan is between $2000-5000 USD per month. Nevertheless, the rich history and spectacular scenery attract one to work in Japan. The snow-capped mountains in the winter, the cherry blossom trees in spring and the lush green valley’s in summer sets Japan apart from the rest of the countries. With additional benefits and low living costs; one can experience new cultures and enjoy what the country has to offer. The best part about teaching English in Japan is that previous teaching experience is not a requirement. New and fresh graduates can apply for the teaching positions as well. However, less experienced teachers are advised to take part in the JET Program.

  • Thailand

English teaching positions in Thailand are currently being offered in private and international schools and universities. Moreover, a number of coaching and tuition centers are offering paid internships. Private schools pay better than public school, but to get a job in a private school; additional work experience is a requirement.  The salary range of Thailand, as compared to other countries is comparatively low (between $800-1100 USD per month). However the living expense including housing, food, medical is pretty low. The Buddha temples of Bangkok, the valleys of Chiang Mai and the beaches of Krabi attract individuals to work there.

  • Georgia

Georgia is a very small country which is also called the country of the Black Sea beaches. The number of teaching jobs in the country is increasing as language schools are being opened. However, most of the teaching posts are volunteer-based. This means that individuals can only earn up to $200-320 per month. However, the hospitality of the citizens and the exquisite food will leave one in awe. The greatest advantage is that with a work visa; teachers can conduct their own personal English teaching programs where they can earn up to $ 30 per hour.

  • Mexico

Mexico conducts most of its business operations and dealings with the United States. Moreover, Mexican students prefer opting for American universities for their higher studies. Many locals prefer learning the English language for their ease thus the country authority demands international English teachers. Jobs can be found in large city centers : Puebla, Juarez, León, and Guadalajara. The teachers have to work twenty-five hours per week and they earn an hourly wage rather than a monthly wage. Many institutes do not even demand a bachelor’s degree for one to teach English however TEFL certification is a requirement.

  • Spain

If one wishes to go to Europe; then a teaching position in Spain is the best option there is. There aren’t any private English teaching positions but the government does offer public English teaching programs. The government offers a handsome salary package but without benefits. Nevertheless with the short working hours; one can easily earn and get a proper European experience at the same time.