10 Best Facebook Messenger Tricks and Tips

facebook messenger tricks

Earlier this year, Facebook declared that its standalone electronic communication app traveler hit one.2 billion users. the traveler took off as Facebook Chat in 2008 than it absolutely was discharged as a standalone app in August 2011. and lots of options are side to the app since then, as well as games, payment transfers, bots. If you Want to help throughout creating Facebook ads now then contact Facebook support number. Here may be a list of twenty-five Facebook traveler tips and tricks which may be helpful for you:

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Send Animated GIFs Through Message

Sometimes adding AN animated GIF to a language makes it a lot of abusive. there’s AN choice to add AN animated GIF through traveler by sound on the + button and scrolling over to the “GIFs” button on the highest menu.

From there, you’ll choose from trending GIFs or hunt for a GIF within the search box as you scroll horizontally. Then faucet on the GIF that you simply wish to send.

Mention an admirer in a very cluster Message

If you would like to urge a fast response from somebody in a very cluster message, then simply kind the “@” sign and choose their name. they’ll receive a special notification career their attention to the message. That way, it’s straightforward to leap right back to the language to answer someone’s question or to produce a response.

Mute Notifications From Busy traveler Conversations

To mute notifications for a given language, cut down on the name of the language from the house screen. this may show you a drop-down screen of choices.

Tap “Mute” then choose the amount of your time throughout that you are doing not wish to be notified of activity in this explicit language. you’ll mute notifications for quarter-hour, 1 hour, 8 hours, twenty-four hours or till you switch notifications back on.

Send Voice Clips Through traveler

You can send voice clips through traveler by sound faucet the mike at rock bottom of the screen. faucet the Record button then faucet and hold once more to record your audio. to end and send the voice clip, take away your finger from the Record button. To cancel your clip and not send it in the least, drag your finger off the Record button.

Regulate the scale Of Emoji

Emoji do an excellent job of transference emotions. What’s higher than causing AN emoji is causing a larger-sized emoji. you’ll create emoji larger by pushing down the icon. can|you’ll|you may} notice that the emoji will increase in size, however it’ll burst if it gets large. Once you unleash your finger on the emoji, it’ll be sent.

Customize Color And Emoji For Conversations

Messenger permits you to customize the color and emoji for the conversations. you’ll add a color theme to the language by sound on the name at the highest of the window and sound on color. in this same menu, you’ll choose the emoji that you simply wish to go with the language. you’ll conjointly set a gaggle name once electronic communication with friends, or a nickname if it’s simply a 1-on-1 message.

In that same menu, you’ll choose the emoji that you simply wish to go with the language. you’ll conjointly set a gaggle name once electronic communication with friends or a nickname if it’s simply a 1-on-1 message.

Larva Mania

There square measure over a hundred,000 bots on the traveler that you simply will act with as well as Burger King, 1-800-FLOWERS, Fandango, KLM Airlines, and Health-tap. simply faucet the new Discover tab on rock bottom right-hand corner to browse by class, that is fresh oft.

Produce “Day” Stories

In March 2017, traveler side the flexibility to share your Day. This feature is analogous to Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. traveler Day permits you to share photos and videos of some noteworthy events that happened throughout your day.

The photos and videos can seem in traveler for twenty-four hours and you’ll see UN agency viewed it. you’ll conjointly add selfie filters, text and different fun effects to the Day stories. to line up on a daily basis Story, faucet on the “My Day” button below the “Messages” section of the house tab. otherwise, you will begin adding to your Day by sound on the image icon at rock bottom of the house screen.

Send Your Current Location

While you’re reprimanding an admirer, you’ll send your current location. This feature is particularly helpful if you’re meeting therewith friend somewhere and you would like to create it easier for them to understand once you are going to be inward. you’ll use this feature by sound on the + sign then by sound on “Location.” Then faucet on “Share Live Location for sixty min.” to share your location for AN hour.

Leave A language You now not wish To Be a vicinity Of

If your friends square measure having a gaggle language that you simply now not wish to be a vicinity of, then you’ll leave the language rather than continued to urge updates. to depart the language, faucet the list of people’s names at the highest. Scroll to the rock bottom of subsequent screen then faucet “Leave cluster.” Your friends can see tiny grey text spoken language that you’ve got excited the language.


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