10 romantic wedding anniversary ideas for couple

Anniversaries are a special occasion for every couple’s life. Anniversary is the day that you want to celebrate to get the flashback of those lovely moments. Those moments which you have treasured to date. Therefore exchanging gift is a part of the process as well. Thus to know more on the gifts ideas it is important to get information on some of the romantic wedding anniversary ideas for the couple.

Customized wine glasses:

Your friend has been married for five years and next week they are going to celebrate the sixth anniversary. Therefore you thought to gift the lovebird a pair of wine glasses. The gift shows that you want the couple to spend a cozy evening with a glass of wine by reminiscing the first day they fall in love with each other. Moreover, the glass is personalized with the name couples carved on each of the glass.

Led lamp with personalization:

How great it looks when you celebrate your anniversary by cutting a cake? It simply looks so touching but to make it more charming you can add a personalized led lamp. Well, this lamp is a gift from your husband. It has the picture of you together nestled inside the lamp with led lights fixed that glows up the bottle.

Wooden frame and bamboo plant:

Sometimes simple gifts are touchier than any other gifts. So this year on your colleagues anniversary celebration you thought to stay simple with the gift instead of going overboard. So you chose a personal solid wooden photo frame with a cool picture inside. To accompany the gift a three-layered bamboo plant is a wonderful addition. It brings luck, happiness, and love to their marital life.

Soft toy combo:

You are quite excited because this is the first year anniversary of your little sister. She has always been an adorable one to you since childhood. And next week is her birthday, therefore, you thought to gift the couple a soft toy combo. Truly, the soft toys look so cute it is in the shape of a heart with zipper closure. In addition to that, you also added a box of almond coated chocolates as well as a token of sweet gesture as well.

Led photo frame

Marriage is a journey of the two where the two needs to remain devoted to each other against all odds. Keeping that in mind your mom and dad have crossed so many years. Therefore to gift them a sweet memory of their journey you presented a led photo frame. it is unconventionally designed you have the picture of your mom and dad in the heart shape cut out with the led lights from back.

Candle stand:

Life is all about feelings, therefore, you always want to feel the best moment with your partner. Keeping that in mind a friend of yours gifted you a wonderful metal candle stand. It is in the shape of the lotus how, nice it looks with the glassy petal shape.


Next week you have the anniversary invitation of your dear bestie. She has been married for twenty long years so like a cute gift you thought to present her wind-chime. It has a wonderful decoration but the mind-boggling part is the personalized portion where you can have the name of your friends embossed on it and the string decorated with multi-color beads.

Romantic figurine

Anniversary is the day when you express your love in the most explicit way as it makes you remember that beautiful day. Therefore you thought to gift that memory to your friend by gifting a figurine statue of a couple. Besides being an eye-catching gift it is a wonderful home decor as well. Therefore the couple can either place it in the dining room or in your bedroom to enhance the art show.

Watches for him and she

If you think and try to jot down the names of some of the romantic gift then obviously watches for both he and she is the best. In fact, you have chosen the combo watch for the couple. It is a steel watch and looks too elegant. The best about the watches is that it will make them get back to those times when they first met each other.

Customized hanging lamp

Your love for your wife has grown to manifold over these years. This year is your twenty-fifth anniversary so you thought to celebrate the day by dining outside. But at the same time, you thought to lighten up the love of your life like the same way. Therefore as an anniversary gift, your daughter presented you a hanging lamp. It is personalized so she carved the names of her parents on that. So you can basically have this to decorate the dining area with this artistic element. It looks so pleasant and soothing to the eye.

Thus, these are some of the best romantic gift ideas for the anniversary couple.