25 Essential Travel Apps Every Traveler and Hitchhiker Should Download in 2020

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Social Media is influencing significantly. With an increase in usage of mobile, it seems that nothing is complete without it. I think now traveling even is not possible if you don’t put your smartphone into the use. There are numerous tasks to do while you trip that may start from flights and hotel booking, finding the best places to explore, exposing good restaurants nearby, navigating the new city to wander, reserve your return tickets, and many more of related nature. All these you can do with your smartphone with a few access and lesser functions through travel apps made for it.

There are applications, even for tasks like finding a good gym in the city, you will land next. Digital people have had contributed their lives to making things easy-to-go and faster for you. Plenty of apps can help you to perform jobs quickly than you ever expect them.

25 Essential Travel Apps That Every Traveler And Hitchhiker Should Download

Get ready to fill-up your mobile screen pages with the maximum out of these apps. Start saving your MBs out of the data pack to begin the download of these apps now. Let’s take a tour!

1. Hopper

hopperHopper is an app for finding the most economical flights. Green color day shows the least fares of a flight. The colors – Light orange, coral, and red gradually shows the likewise increase in flight fares.

2. Hotels.com

The best app for making the hotel your home on a trip. It lets you book a room, view its details, and revise your reservations. The app gives one free reward night on ten bookings made.

3. Triplt

Triplt appIf you want your phone to remember the agenda of your trip, download the Triplt app and let it work! It organizes all documents, bookings, stays, vehicle reservations, and manages the entire trip plan in good order.

4. Roadtrippers

If you are a road trip enthusiast, this app is a milestone for you. It will decide your route, the hotel stays, the restaurant, and the attractive destinations to see while on a road trip safely.

5. PackPoint

PackPointEnter the details of your journey, and this app will help you in packaging a perfect suitcase for your trip. It will suggest some essentials like a laptop to carry along according to your trip’s nature.

6. LoungeBuddy

LoungeBuddyOn designing your trip in-app, it will show access to the luxurious lounges around the airports of the world you are going to land during the trip. The app can purchase them if no access granted.

7. FlightAware

flightaware appHow will you know if your flight delays or gets canceled? Don’t worry, FlightAware will do it freely for you. You can get real-time updates of your flight and cope up with your upcoming flight easily.

8. Timeshifter

Timeshifter appTimeshifter exclusively keeps you away from jet lag. The app based-on neuroscience and circadian rhythm help you in telling when to keep conscious, when to take a nap, and when to keep snoring in the flight.

9. Calm

Calm appYou can keep calming your conscience on the flight by listening to some peaceful music. The Calm app lets you focus on your self than socializing by avoiding the anxiety through meditating and listening to music.

10. SkyGuru

skyguru appAn app by pilots will let you know, the weather forecasts and updates, if any, in case you have a flying disorder. You can prepare your mind well in advance and strengthen it for the contingencies.

11. Netflix

netflix appWhat if you get bored on a long flight? Netflix is not a real travel apps but can better take you out of boredom. Access to its paid version for unlimited movies and web series!

12. XE Currency Converter

XE Currency Converter App
If you are traveling to another country, you would want its currency in-hand. This app lets you know the constant and current rates to let you convert your currency in theirs for a friendly traveling experience.

13. Google Translate

Google Translate AppBy drawing, speaking, or snapping, you can translate any language of the world into yours! Application enables you to know the regional language quicker to know things in the real context. It equips 103 language translations!

14. TripLingo

TripLingo AppThis app will make you sound like a localite. You need to add the destination you want and select the country pack. You can make calls that will make you blend with other citizens by voice!

15. GlobeTips

GlobeTips appWhat if there is an app that makes you familiar with the tipping culture of the country you are traveling right now! GlobeTips gives you tipping standards for more than 200 countries along with a calculator!

16. Tricount

Tricount App
If your traveling in a group, you definitely would divide the expenses. Tricount splits the bills evenly, maintains a record of who owns what, stores the screenshots of receipts of payments so you can budget well!

17. Metric Conversions

Metric Conversions AppDuring your travel, you might need to make particular predictions. The Metric Conversions app lets you convert from and to Angle, Area, Currency, Energy, Length, Power, Pressure, Time, Temperature, Volume, and Weight whatever you need, respectively.

18. Google Maps

Google Maps AppYou would not know each road, each city, and each destination of your trip. However, Google Maps knows everything. It will help you navigate the town and find better routes that are less busy to opt-out!

19. WhatsApp

whatsapp app
Whatsapp lets you share messages, audios, videos, and above all, your emotions for free through your smartphones. You can use Whatsapp Web on your laptops during the travel to reach out to your families and friends.

20. Meetup

meetup app
Have you heard about communities? People with similar interest forms a community. Meetup lets you meet locals and other travelers with the same hobbies, opinions, and ideas on your trip. You can find a sound companion!

21. TheFork

TheFork AppFocused mainly on Europe, expanded to Brazil and Australia now, TheFork is spreading widely across the globe. It lets you reserve a restaurant in mainly 4,000 cities of 11 countries with offers, discounts, and best deals.

22. Happy Cow

happycow appThis app is for a Vegan or Vegetarian food howlers. It helps in locating beyond 100,000 restaurants, cafes, shops, bakeries, family kitchens, and grocery markets around 195 countries of the world. Find exclusive recipes herein app!

23. Triposo

Triposo App
If you are globetrotting, remember, Triposo is a digital guide to you. It has city maps, travel guides, journals, and offline maps to help you know the city better. It has insights into moreover 50,000 destinations.

24. Uber

uber appUber is for all the road-ride lovers. You can book a cab of your choice at any time with its 24*7 services in the world. Uber doesn’t let it fail from picking-up and dropping down you diligently.

25. TripWhistle

TripWhistleOhh Aww! Safety should be first! No panic. TripWhistle one of the best travel apps operate safety alerts in more than 200 countries and equips travelers with emergency numbers, firefighters’ details, police information. If you have TripWhistle on your phone, you’re safe!

So, what do you think of these super-savvy travel apps that can make your work easy and convenient on the journey so far? Set your roof rack with luggage and adorn your phone with these apps for your upcoming trip!

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