Munich Travel Guide : Packing Tips for Munich’s Oktoberfest 2021

Munich Travel Guide

Among the greatest and well-known festivals of the world, Oktoberfest remains the most famous one. The city runs in amok with millions of travelers and tourists traveling into Munich from all corners of the globe. So many people wait for this festival and pack only to enjoy the most awaited festival. The things you should pack for Oktoberfest all depends on your preference and the type of traveler that you, lookout this cool thing Munich Travel Guide. Whether you wish to pack light with just the essentials like your authentic lederhosen or have a multifunctional wardrobe.

If you are a traveler preferring a wheeled style suitcase, then you need to choose one based on the weather conditions, whether it will be sunny or wet. As you go through this post, you will learn about the main tips to packing for Oktoberfest and the essentials you need to take on your next trip to Munich’s Oktoberfest in 2021.

Things to NOT Pack 

You should start with the items you shouldn’t take to Oktoberfest. It is not advisable for you to take valuables to the festival grounds, meaning you should keep your bag light and easy to carry. If you do keep valuables, make sure to keep them in safe places or pockets in the luggage. Only pack essentials in your bag, when attending the festival, because you won’t be aware when a drunken robber might stein down your bag and take your precious items like your mobile, DSLR camera, and other accessories.

Packing Your Authentic Lederhosen

Of course, what’s Oktoberfest without investing in a classic German costume from a Lederhosen Store? Yes, Oktoberfest is all about enjoying and having quality time with your loved ones. It’s about indulging in the world’s most famous beer, eating pretzels, tapping your feet to German music, and just drinking more beer! However, once you have your costume, how should you pack it in a safe way in your travel bag?

Of course, your travel luggage will have other essentials in it, such as deodorants, or other items. To prevent the chances of any item causing stains, you should make sure that you use a clean cloth wrapping to pack your lederhosen. Fold it gently without creating strong creases and pack it in the center of the luggage. Make sure you keep any fluid away from the costume, in a safe pocket.

Other essentials you need to pack in your travel bag include:

Lederhosen Shoes

If you wish to flaunt a classic, yet authentic and traditional Bavarian look, along with the lederhosen, you need to invest in lederhosen shoes. Featuring intricate embroidered details, side style lacing, and unique colors, this is essential, you wouldn’t want to miss packing when you attend Oktoberfest. Along with the shoes, you need lederhosen socks, which come in simple and two-piece sets.

Checkered Shirts

If you plan to attend all the days of the festival, you will need to pack a good variety of shirts. Lederhosen shirts come in two options, the classic plain style shirts, or checkered style shirts. These shirts come in red, blue, green, and more color choices, so what not pack different colors for each day. You can have lederhosen shirts and keep a collection of other casual shirts.

Hats, Vests, and Other Accessories

Don’t forget to pack other essentials to complete your classic look; you can have Bavarian vests, hats, and other accessories to carry with you. Just make sure that you search the market properly and choose the best options.  Other accessories you need to keep in your travel bag include your hand sanitizers, medicines, music player, casual clothes, towels, creams, tissue, extra sweaters, an extra hoodie, and anything you feel you will need.

Choose a Spacious Luggage

Of course, any journey will require you to have a travel bag, but you need to make sure yours has enough space to accommodate every item or essential you wish to pack. You should make sure that the bag has enough pockets to keep the items secure.

Oktoberfest in Munich is definitely an event you should attend once in your life. The next time you plan your trip; don’t forget to pack these essentials. Choose the best stores to buy your costume and grab the best offers before 2021 Oktoberfest!