4 Apps That Can Help You In Getting Paid Faster

The most important metric that counts in the growth and success of a business is its cash flow. If you are a business owner or you just started a startup, you must be having an idea of how integral cash flow management in the growth of your business. Nothing that is crucial can be easy to manage, same is the case with cash flow management. All the smart business owners know that cash flow management is not an easy task and they never take cash problems lightly.

How Do You Get Your Clients To Pay On Time?

The more persevering you are, the more probable your clients will be paying you on time and won’t be delaying payments without a significant reason. Be that as it may, this can be an awkward and tedious process, frequently putting a strain on the relationship you have with your customers which can even lead to losing your accounts forever.

How Does Technology Help In This Process?

We have witnessed how tech companies have greatly benefited the business sector with e-commerce solutions and accounts management. With the help of modern and updated software, all the processes are now taking place faster at cheaper costs.

For instance, a considerable number of companies and firms now use online apps and software to send online invoices application which helps in faster payments.

Here is our list of three apps that you must have to ensure that your clients always pay on time and getting paid faster.

1. Debtor Daddy

It is an online app that integrates with your accounting software and takes care of emails, calls and collection of payments and dues from your customers. The best part about this app is that you only have to pay for the features you are using.

If you just need Debtor Daddy to send email updates, at that point that is all you pay for means you won’t have to pay for other services and features. If you need the entire bundle, including its legal action service, at that point you can get yourself a customized full-service package with all the features you need. It’s an inconceivably online application that takes care of majority of your financial needs and lets you take care of your business with a free mind.

2. Clique Invoice

This invoice application by Clique Payments works as on both computer and mobile. Functioning as an invoice app for iphone, it allows you to send and receive payments from your mobile phone anywhere and anytime.

After you send your customized invoices through any of the beautiful templates that this app offers, you can receive instant payments against your invoices. There are clients who love to delay payments for no reason at all and this app has a solution for that too. By sending automated payment reminders, you can force your client to release payments sooner than later.

If you are a small business owner, no app works better than Clique Invoice App. It surely has revolutionized the process of financial management as it can be integrated with top online accounting software such as QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero. With this seamless blend, you can solve many of your financial troubles and can save a great deal of time.

3. Invoice Sherpa

It has all the essential features along with a unique feature that ensures faster payments. When you send an invoice to a customer through Invoice Sherpa, your customer will process the payment to Invoice Sherpa which then transfers the amount to your bank account.

The advantage lies in the effortlessness for the client. The capacity to pay specifically from the receipt evacuates contact focuses and improves the probability that the client will pay when the receipt is gotten.

4. Chaser

Designed to provide an easy-to-use platform to its customers, it gives a propelled stage where you can generate formats for your invoices and messages, and design and send schedules. The unique edge of this incredible app Chaser is that it gives from the information gathered about your clients.

Inside this incredible online application called Chaser, you can see an extensive report of your clients and their payment activities. With this important data, you can see which clients delaying the payments more often than normal and consider fixing their credit terms. Chaser gives you a chance to keep control of your business and its growth as it deals with accounts and finances.


There are many other countless apps that you can find on the internet. Make sure to research on each one of them to analyze which one works best for you. As the days go by, we are sure technology will continue to make it even easier for us to handle our accounts and finances with such incredible payment apps.