5 Best VR Apps for iPhone in 2020 to Experience a Virtual World

Best VR Apps for iPhone

Technological improvements have given a completely new dimension to several things we feel nowadays. One of those various things is virtual reality. For those who don’t know what virtual reality is, let us put some light on it. and How you can experience virtual world with the best VR Apps for iPhone and Android devices. 

What is Virtual Reality and 

If we talk in simpler terms, it is a computer technology that creates a simulated environment that appears to be real. To experience this, we must use a quality VR gadget that is available easily in the market. This technology will take you to a whole new world that will be very much exciting.

This technology has given wings to the entertainment sector and believes us people are admiring it very much. Due to the popularity of VR, people can now easily experience it in shopping malls, fairs, and even at their homes by purchasing the VR headset.

What Else is Essential With The VR Video?

We know what impact does 3D or VR technology plays. But what else should be cared about to make this technology useful and engaging? It’s nothing but audio quality. As humans react much faster to audio then video, so the sound is equally essential in VR technology. To get a high-quality VR experience, it is advisable to put on quality Bluetooth headsets.

Games with VR Technology

Not only videos, but it is also as amazing to play video games putting VR headsets on. It will feel like you are in the real world. The market already has dedicated VR gaming hardware available for you. Go and buy one for you if you want.

VR for other industrial sectors

It will be completely wrong if we say that virtual reality technology is only for the entertainment sector. Research shows that it also has benefited some other industries as well, including the military, aviation, and medical. Now you must be thinking that how it is possible to do. Don’t worry; we will clear this point as well.

This virtual reality technology gives armed forces a platform where they can perform raids virtually and guess what, without putting any lives at risk. Similarly, doctors are practicing surgery with virtual tools & patients under their training part. Here also, no lives are at risk and helping surgeons to become better each passing day. Virtual reality is also under use for aviation to train pilots as an alternative for live training. The simulation quality is so amazing that no one can make a difference between virtual reality and reality. It also saves a lot of money used for expensive types of equipment and is also 100% safe.

Best VR Apps List For iPhone

Now you have a fundamental idea of what virtual reality is. This technology has become popular so fast that we can experience it in the latest smartphones as well. This post will talk about the best five applications that you can use in the iPhone to enhance your VR experience.

Google Cardboard

This app shows how cardboard can help you experience the virtual one right at your home. It is effortless to use, and the app will also give using instructions when you will launch it the first time. Through this app, you can have different kinds of VR experiences. This application works well with the Google Cardboard headset that you can order online or create on your own using standard dimensions.

YouTube VR

Trust of YouTube and exceptional VR experience, this vr apps for iphone is readily available for the iPhone to download. Through this app, you can easily convert any video on the YouTube platform to experience virtual reality. There are some critical points of this application:

  • It gives the flexibility to watch any video and browse some other simultaneously.
  • Through YouTube VR you can also switch between keyboard & voice for browsing at your convenience.
  • It is very much easy to experience virtual reality in relaxing mode using this app as the video always remains at the front & center.

Vrse App

This free application can easily be downloaded from iTunes and will let you experience quality VR. Whether it is a short film, music video, or documentary, this application has got you covered. Its fantastic user interface is the one reason we have put this application in the best 5 VR applications for iPhone users. One more extraordinary thing about this app is that it gives some free 360 degrees sample videos to check its quality. 


Compatible with Google Cardboard and other VR headsets, Orbulus is another application that you can use with your iPhone. Simple yet effective user interface and significant interaction with the VR environment are some of the positive points of this application. One of the critical features of this application is that it is hands-free. What we mean by saying this is that you have to stare at the option you want to open. Once you look at the opportunity, it will get highlighted, and you will enter there. We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed using this application.

Jaunt VR

Experience the world of virtual reality like never before using this Jaunt VR app for iphone device  . This application is known to deliver precise and highly engaging VR video quality. It also features preinstalled short films to watch. The interface of this app is highly interactive, and you will like it.