Most Popular Social Media Platforms of 2020 For Your Brand Marketing

Popular Social Media Platforms

The advancement in technology is evolving with the speed of light, and it is slowly integrating itself into everyday lives. Innovation is making everything a lot easier and easy to reach. Whether it is a device or social media platforms, every new day comes with a new idea of changing the lives of billions. The efficiency in different social media allows the world to become more entertaining and efficient with every single day. 

Social media has a great way to engage and convince people. Social media is the most potent weapon utilizing persuading and manipulating people towards a certain point. The rapid growth and demand for social media are intriguing to see. In 2004 the launch of Facebook had proven that the connectivity would increase as it was the first step of bringing people together. In this development, the most significant piece is the internet. The internet is also changing with the upcoming new version, and according to my opinion, it is revolutionary.

The Expected Future of The Social Media Platform

It’s not a lie to say that most people nowadays spend a good part of their days on different social media websites. This is not exaggeration but something very accurate happening in today’s world. 

Least to say, social media has immensely become an undeniably essential part in the lives and daily routines of people. Well, the addiction has gone so far that the first thing many people do is they check their social media notifications right after they wake up. On the other hand, they are the same people who use social media through their phones even before sleeping. But professional essay writers like us are freelancing most of the time that we don’t get time to use social media but get enough time to write about it

All being said, the importance of social media in an individual’s life matters a lot. People in business or marketers only see the significance it has in a consumers’ experience. Not only are those, but millions of people using social media platforms for the same purpose that is marketing. They are using it to promote their products and services to people who want them. 

And what’s the better option for this rather than utilizing social media platforms to which people are highly addicted. All of this is done in the hope of connecting with the target audience and customers.    

Student Engagement Will Be Increased Due To Social Media 

An annual fundraiser program is raised every year by the Columbian university, the reason behind it to move people together and to create a significant influence on the students, researchers, and administrators who will change the world. In this regard, they are using social media to mobilize their fundraising efforts. Social media ambassadors and alumni broadcast live video to engage the audience on their social media platforms. 

Social media has great potential to grow audiences, and with the help of paid advertising, the educational sector can target large communities based on age, location, or interest. The student will also get the opportunity to approach and get online classes, so they don’t need to write a query “take my online class” on the search bar.

It is expected that social media will boost learning in students in 2020, utilizing the budget of the institution. There will be many niche groups that will guide students.

Privacy and Security Will Increase With A High Rate 

Privacy and security are the most discuss concerns in every social media platform as people share their personal information. For example, if we want to be on Facebook, we have to enter some necessary personal information. And with time we have to enter it some more related information. The reason behind collecting the data of a persona is to sell it to the social media giants. And it is not specific to Facebook; it is the same as all social media. All of this, we trust these platforms and share information with them and enjoy scrolling Newsfeeds. In the meanwhile, we hear that the data is a breach of following social media platforms. 

There is no way to avoid providing personal information to them. But the real thing we need to consider whether social media is pushing some efforts to improve data privacy and security than ever before or not. 

The social media experts have become aware, and they know that this will become a significant issue in upcoming days. 

The Video Is Expected To Become Compulsory Content

The people already prefer video as they don’t need to read long haul text. They help engage people since it is versatile content. This is why YouTube is considered the second most used search engine. As social media are designed to share things with people, connect the people, and engage them in a particular topic, Facebook and Instagram are fighting to push hard videos. Every social media platform is putting affords into implementing algorithms so that they can give more preference videos. 

A survey says that in 2020, mobile traffic will increase due to only videos. 

Podcast Will Go Social

The hype of podcasts is rising with high speed in 2019. According to my research, 22% of Americans listen to the podcast every week. It is a massive jump as compare to the last year. It increases with the rate of 17%, and it is predicted it will generate. Through social media, we communicate and interact with people, so why not podcast to find its way to social media. The podcast is a reliable way to persuade people; it is not only used to entertain but are used by the marketers and business owners to promote their service and products. 

It is strongly believed that it will get considerable hype in 2020 for both marketers and consumers.

Creating a Social Media Strategy

There is a lot of overloaded content on social media platforms, which makes the competition very high. Not only the game but it is also difficult to get recognized among all the other brands, and it makes it hard for start-up businesses to stand out unless they have a proper social media strategy with a social media strategist who will make sure whether the platform is getting the right attention or not.

To come up with a high-class social media strategy, you need to ensure that you necessarily add the below-mentioned things in your plan. Through following a proper procedure, you will definitely get more sales and order for your business only through the marketing of social media. 

  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals mean to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and bound to good timings. 
  • Track meaningful metrics means to make sure to retweet or share stuff according to proper value and focus. 
  • Create audience personas means to know who your target audience and ideal customers are. 
  • Gather real-world data means that making assumptions won’t help you in bringing sales; instead, you should choose to make firm plans. 
  • Conduct a competitive analysis means to know who your competitors are and what they are really doing with their products and strategies. 
  • Engaging in social listening is another way of keeping an eye on your competitors and what the people are saying about them. 
  • Examine your current efforts means to step back a little bit to see how your plans are working and whether you should continue them or do you need a change in them. 
  • Look for impostor accounts means to make sure that all social media websites have an account with the brand of your name or else other people might make fake accounts. 

Most Commonly Use Social Media Platforms In Future

Furthermore, we would like to list down the fifteen most popular social media platforms in the year 2020. 

  • Right now, Facebook is the largest social media platform running in the world. Around 2.33 billion people are the daily active users of it. 
  • Instagram is the rapidly growing social media apps which are mostly used through its application by around 2 billion people worldwide.
  • Twitter is a social platform that lets users stay on top of the world through trending tweets, with around 326 million monthly users. 
  • Tumblr is a social media platform that lets users join communities and participate in cultural dialogues. 
  • LinkedIn is a website designed for professionals and the B2B audience. The platform has been increasing among professional people and the professional world. 
  • WhatsApp is a messaging app that enables users to share text messages, images, audio or video files, voice notes, etc. It has over 1.5 billion user

Some other great social media platforms include Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, Quora, etc. You can also add any content you like on social media related to fun, games, and studies. If you want to teach and educate, then you can add your sessions online. And don’t forget to ask your friends to take my online class along with liking and sharing it on other platforms. 

Wrapping up 

Above are some upcoming social media platforms in 2020, and this is how they will evolve potentially. We can see from our surroundings that ways of using things are changed using whether it is learning, watching, interacting, or communicating. It is observed that this trend is rising with the speed of light. As more and more people interact or depend on the technologies and, most importantly, the internet, social media will continue to evolve.