5 Prompt Tips To Boost WiFi Speed

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Did someone say oxygen, oh I mean Wifi? Well, who doesn’t know the connection which the internet and humans have- unbreakable and immensely strong! For me, there is the only thing which I strongly dislike about WiFi, guess what it could be? S-l-o-w s-p-e-e-d!

What are your thoughts by the way? Even if you all won’t say still I can surely say that we all stand at the same of the verge of dislikes when it comes to the internet and especially students when busy in any research to write A grade essay. I wonder that if the entire world is advancing then why this internet still works at the same (slow) speed.

Imagine you planned a movie night with your squad, all preparations are done- a bowl full of snacks, drinks in hand and here we go, watching YouTube continuously browsing because the internet is not working. Enjoy!

Well, if I say that I have a few tricks with which you can go all out and about with the internet then would you believe it? I can prove! Oh yes, after all, its matter of oxygen, I mean Wifi!

I am sharing five prompt tips that you can implicate when every leopard starts wearing the mask of a tortoise. Confused? I meant to say when your internet starts losing its speed, feel free to apply these prompt tricks to boost wifi speed.

1. Revamp Your IP Address 

Just like little things make huge differences, similarly, sometimes small things create a huge mess. You might keep cursing your connection while the issue could be in your system. So, it’s better to check beforehand.

Many times the IP address gets in conflict and ends up impacting the speed of the internet. Don’t worry, just revamp it. Apart from this, your DHCP servers could be responsible too. Anyways, still, the thing which you need to focus on is the IP address.

In this particular scenario use these commands to revamp your address.

  • Type ipconfig /release, press the enter button and wait till the huge column of text appears.
  • After this, type ipconfig /renew and again press the enter button. This process will revamp your IP address and will help in solving the slow-internet-mystery which is probably being occurred due to IP.

2. Retune Your DNS Cache

Remember the sites you visit in a day? I know you don’t! But, your system does and this is what creates a fuss. Overloaded and heavy systems are the worst enemies of wifi speed. I repeat worst enemies!

Whatever site you visit, your laptop or PC keeps storing the related information in it and at last, this ends up making corruptions in the DNS resolver cache which eventually leads to the slow-internet. For this, you can just retune your DNS, to fix the corrupted bugs.

Wait, the key command is still left. To retune your DNS thing type the command ipconfig /flushdns and press the same button- enter! After this, wait for the confirmation which may say that your DNS has been recovered successfully.

3. Exploit the Command of Netsh 

Aren’t I sound like a pro? Like I know the solution for each problem. Oh well, I know its just the internet but, after all, the internet is everything. Like now, you don’t have to call your friend to say ‘Hi, can you please write my essay in 12 hours? My internet is not working and the submission is expected by tomorrow’ Just take a chill pill!

The Netsh command is just like that pain killer which you can use in any condition of pain, without consulting a doctor. This key helps in configuring the multiple network settings that could directly impact the speed of your connection. If your connection is procrastinating like you, then get your hands on Netsh command. Look below to know which command you can exploit.

  • netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
  • netsh int tcp set supplemental (substitute command just for Windows 7)
  • netsh int tcp set global dca=enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global netdma=enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global ecncapability=enabled

4. Reorganize Your Winsock 

your windows could be your biggest enemy. Yes yes, please take it seriously. It uses plenty of network sockets in action to transport the information and through this, the different programs can install Layered Service Providers to deal with the site traffic.

Nevertheless, any problem in sockets or the LSP can affect the speed of your internet. To confront this frustrating situation, feel free to reset the window of your system. Just change the socket of the windows into default and for this, you will need a netsh Winsock reset command, by the way, don’t forget to press enter. In the end, make sure you restart your system, to enjoy your speedup connection again.

5. Accelerate the Streaming

Do you know what hurts more? When you invest heavily in your internet connection and still YouTube streams slowly. Should I tell you one more thing? You do not have to feel sad because it is not the issue of your invested asset, something in your laptop or PC is creating a troublesome situation. Would you like to know what it is? The ISP!

Usually, these are the ISPs which slow down the streamlined process, to protect the bandwidth. But, don’t worry even for this, there is a command which can save you from the troubling situation. Just follow the given guide of commands.

  • netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”StopThrottling” dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes

Ready to Enjoy it?

Oh, I know how much you are happy to know the tricks of bringing back your oxygen (WiFi) at its standard speed. Like who doesn’t hate this irritating yet highly frustrating situation, when you are all set with your snacks and all of a sudden internet starts procrastinating. But, now you can easily speed up your connection by implicating the suggested techniques. All you need to make sure is, follow the instruction wisely. Missing on commands or the step will not be giving you an expected result, mind that!