Academic Writing – Top 10 Tips For A General Audience

academic writing

Every academic writer struggles to come up with content that is suitable for a general audience and can have a wider approach. Here are 10 tips that every academic writer should follow when writing for a general audience:

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1. An Irresistible Introduction

Your introduction is the main thing that will grab the reader’s eye. Your introduction is a summary of the entire thing you have presented in your document. It should be short and to the point and should give the reader’s the main idea what you are actually writing about. Your introduction should be clear enough to understand because it’s the door to the entrance hall or the background of the first room you happen to step into. Your introduction is all about the quick tour around the whole thing you have written before sliding into the details.

2. Choose Your Subject Well

As an academic writer, it’s always a good idea to direct your attention to the topic in your field that interests you so that you are able to explain it clearly. When you write about something that interests you, you’re able to openly analyze that subject. It’s a known fact that readers only get attracted to your writings when they something relatable to read. Try to give readers what they want with your chosen subject. Your subject should be supported with the experience and research from other people to make it relatable. It’s a literary achievement when the reader starts to care about the topic that you have written on as much as you care about it and they have developed this interest mainly based on your writing.

3. Detailed yet Flexible Outline

Before writing down the whole thing, it’s always a good idea to first write down points related to it. Because, later on, this will contribute to the framework of the article you are going to write. While writing, make sure to offer accurate and definitive propositions. The points that you wrote down individually should determine the structure and the format of your article.

4. Order matters

As an academic writer the order of whatever you write matters. Either it’s the points you have taken out or the timeline of events you are referring to. When you are writing for a general audience, make sure to honour the chronology because it can deepen the insights and intensify the tensions and problems and show the cause and effect of these problems and the solutions regarding such problems that are relatable with lives of the readers.

5. Know Your Audience

It’s an imperative part of academic writing for a general audience to know your audience. The most difficult part of the whole writing process for a general audience is to know what your audience wants. The general audience includes everyone irrespective of their age or area. That’s why you need to come up with such content that grasps the attention of your audience. Your writing should be clearly constructed with the correct pronunciations and grammar. Your content should represent simplicity and should contain logical reasoning in a smooth manner for readers to stay on board with your writing.

6. Favourite Details

Many times academic writers put their most interesting material away and do not add that it while writing because they are scared it might sound irrelevant. But it’s always a good idea to add something interesting and colourful to your writing because your general audience also contains non-academic readers and you do not want to bore them.

7. Writers Block

The story of every profession includes writer’s block once in a while. It’s a normal thing if you happen to have a writer’s block while attempting to write for your general audience. To cure this writer’s block, it’s important that you refresh your mind and remember your goals. They should be realistic enough to achieve. Non-realistic goals can result in more writer’s block. It’s always important to take a break and sometimes take help from services. For example, if you are writing an article on medicine, there are services like nursing essay writing services that can guide you step by step and help you to clear your writer’s block.

8. Limited Audience

It’s important to accept that no matter how much you attempt to write for a general audience, your work will only reach a limited audience.

9. Different Approaches

You should try to reach out to the public with your favourite topic in various ways such as general interest magazines, public lectures etc.

10.  Accept Rejection

It’s not necessary that whatever you wrote can be appreciated by everyone since you are targeting a general audience. As an academic writer, you will face a lot of critiques and it’s important you learn to accept that rejection.


In short, if an academic writer who’s targeting a general audience follows the above 10 tips then he can successfully speak to them through their writers and can achieve success.