Best Indian restaurants in Bhutan you need to visit in 2021

Indian restaurants in Bhutan

Bhutan, the enchanting mountain destination with the ethereal beauty of the towering Himalayas, is a revered tourists destination attracting thousands of travelers every year. The peace, tranquillity, and harmony with nature are some high doses of pampered vacation equation that keeps charming tourists since ages and people flock to this part of the world with the high ambition of having a soulful trip combined with delicious food check out the best Indian restaurants in Bhutan to visit in 2021.

Bhutan holiday packages include some of the charming restaurants to lure the foodies out to this part of the Himalayas. The Indian restaurants in Bhutan serve traditional as well as continental food that have their origin in various continents of the world. A varied combination of Indian, as well as other cuisines, cater to the needs of the tourists. Eating at some of the best Indian restaurants in Bhutan will complete your Bhutan trip for 2021.

The Park Restaurant

Your craving for Indian food will be fittingly satiated in The Park Restaurant. Look out for the best of the customary and traditional, elaborate and very tasty Indian Thalis or platters, which are a specialty of this restaurant.  It is one of the best Indian restaurants in Bhutan to visit for a sumptuous meal. The dining hall has an informal ambiance served and attended by a humble bunch of pottering staff in all smiles.

The food is freshly cooked and tastes homely. The food-loving Indian patrons favor this place over other eateries and are like a fresh breath of air during your breezy travel stories across the hills of Bhutan. This restaurant serves authentic, traditional Bhutanese and Chinese. This restaurant is housed in the Hotel Park at Phuentsholing.


Bukhari is a perfect choice for grabbing some super tasty Indian dishes while you are in Bhutan for a vacation. It is an award-winning restaurant at COMO Uma Paro. The restaurant is aptly named after the traditional Bhutanese fireplace that exists at the center to add to the glamour of its circular, pavilion-style designed dining place.

Lunch dishes might include some comfort food that will win your heart along with filling your stomach and dinner might just be intensely gastronomic. Bukhari is a rare fine-dining treat based at the Paro Valley to lift up foody spirits. Menus depend a lot on seasonal, fresh local produce. The dishes are famed to have strong flavors and serious finesse.

The chef here designs the best-in-class gastronomic indulgences.  The quality and diversity of the dishes available in this restaurant are overwhelming. Whether you are a vegetarian or a nonvegetarian, you will find a wide set of choice to choose from to satiate your appetite.

Chh’a Bistro & Bar

Chh’a Bistro & Bar, located in a peaceful environment, is one of the best Indian restaurants in Thimpu Bhutan. The restaurant is unique with its simple rustic setting and friendly, polite staff. This bistro and bar have a bunch of satisfied and loyal following of people who visit this place repeatedly. This restaurant churns up especially delicious Indian, Chinese, Bhutanese, and other Asian dishes.

It has got the added attraction of offering a stunning view across the valleys and mountains. The view is amazing and is one of the many reasons that food lovers return to this place again and again. This place is ideal for grabbing a few beers after a day of fun sightseeing. Indulge in their tasty appetizers while enjoying the natural beauty around. This restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best Indian restaurants in Bhutan.

Chh’a Bistro & Bar offers a wide variety of dishes comprising traditional Bhutanese and Indian meals. The provision for outdoor barbecue and cultural programs is definitely inviting for the guests. Some lip-smacking delicacies include rice, homemade egg noodles, fish and chicken noodles and local chicken. The restaurant has a bright and clean ambiance with fresh and well-seasoned food.

Park 76 Cafe & Pub

Park 76 Cafe & Pub is a fantastic hub of live music and fresh beer along with traditional Indian appetizers and lip-smacking dishes. It is certainly one of the best Indian restaurants in Paro, Bhutan to enjoy a night of finger-licking goodness. This is a perfect combination of cafe cum pub and is an ideal eating place to enjoy headlong with good food and fun friends. The place is tuned to the spirits of today’s youth.

Visit Park 76 Cafe & Pub to enjoy some hip-hop pop songs and you might find yourself tapping your feet to the jazzy beats. The food tastes good and the lively feel all around will charge up your spirits. The Café is located near Children’s Park, Paro.

Masala Junction

Masala Junction is located in a bustling hub of Phendey Lam, Hongkong Market, near Sangay Enterprise in Thimphu, Bhutan. It is another good place to grab some authentic Indian food. Unlike many other restaurants, it has a diverse range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Here, you will get some of the yummiest dosas and other South Indian flavors along with typical Indian veg curries, including koftas and aloo and paneer/cottage cheese preparations.

It also has a wide assortment of pakoras accompanied by stimulating masala tea. The restaurant offers prompt service and a friendly ambiance. This cheerful place is absolutely perfect for catching up with friends and family during your trip to this part of the country.


The king of Indian, Asian and Nepalese food, Cypress offers everything at a moderate price. This restaurant serves authentic Indian as well as Nepalese thali. So when you are done with enough of sightseeing, Cypress is there to serve the perfect lunch or the flawless dinner experience to round off your enjoyment in Bhutan.

This is a preferred Indian veg restaurant in Bhutan it serves fresh and delicious food. The simple Indian meal or thali comprising lentils or daal along with a variety of vegetable curries are delicately served with tawa rotis and fluffy rice and makes for a popular choice.