Weird Restaurants In The World – 11 Funniest, Crazy Place For Dining

weird restaurant

Restaurants are an essential part of our social life, providing the opportunity to enjoy fine dining in a quaint environment. Restaurants also allow us to meet and socialize with an acquaintance casually. The restaurants around the world take pride in serving the most delicious food in a cozy ambiance. Yet sometimes the usual and ordinary restaurants quickly start to feel repetitive and boring, prodding you to explore into the quirky side.

Sometimes a restaurant is not just about the quality of the food it serves. Dining is a complete experience of all the senses, and several other factors can make your experience mesmerizing. If you are on the lookout for weird restaurants for appreciating an otherworldly experience, then you have come to the right article! This article is a window that lets you take a peek through eleven of the weirdest and funny restaurants in the world.

List of Funniest, Crazy and Weird Restaurants In The World

1. Modern Toilet, Taiwan

Modern Toilet TaiwanThe modern toilet, whose location is in Taipei, Taiwan, is an entirely unusual idea for designing a restaurant. You will no doubt sport a grin and feel a weird sensation as you enter the restaurant premises. The entire design of the restaurant is in the form of one large bathroom.

Even though this weird restaurant resembles a colossal toilet, you do not need to worry about the quality of food. They serve delightful food in clean dishes and utensils. For decorating the interiors, the restaurant owners use an innovative approach of hanging toilets on the walls and also they have made their unique restaurant flyer design to attract customers & sharing them on social media platforms

The seats in the restaurant are a porcelain throne, and the table is a sink with modifications. The modern toilet also serves the food and drinks in unusual dishes and containers such as toilet bowls and urinals glasses. You can also expect your chocolate ice cream dessert to look like a turd.

2. Ninja New York, New York

Ninja New YorkThere are only a few weird restaurants in the world that can boast of having its customers savor their food in constant fear in a subterranean labyrinth with the dreary and kooky atmosphere. Keeping up with its name, Ninja New York features the aesthetics of an ancient feudal Japanese village and the waiters have training in ninja arts.

The servers wear the customary black costume of the ninjas and they bow and yelp in a traditional ninja style and may even sneak up on you in total silence. You can enjoy the tricks and swag of the waiters as they serve a variety of dishes from sushi to sake in entertaining ninja style.

3. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, MaldivesIthaa translates to the mother of pearl, and the Ithaa restaurant in the Rangoli islands in the Maldives gives you experience on the floor of the ocean. At a depth of five meters below sea level, the Ithaa restaurant offers stunning views of the coral gardens.

You can enjoy the restaurant’s menu of fusion dishes blending Maldivian and western dishes, and fresh seafood straight out of the ocean. The Ithaa restaurant has transparent acrylic encasing the roof, which offers gorgeous panoramic views of sea creatures swimming all around you.

4. Bird’s Nest Restaurant, Thailand

Bird’s Nest Restaurant ThailandThe Bird’s Nest Restaurant in the Soneva Kiri eco-resort in Thailand offers stunning views of the forest canopy as you hang precariously on a giant bird’s nest. The nest which holds the dining table and seating arrangements is in a state of suspension on a tree at the height of 16 feet above the ground.

The unique setting affords you and your company plenty of privacy while you dine, enjoying spectacular views. The waiter even uses a zip line to deliver the food, keeping with the theme of the restaurant.

5. Cabbages And Condoms, Bangkok

Cabbages And Condoms BangkokCabbages and condoms is an utterly weird restaurants in a busy business district in Bangkok, Thailand where the menu consists of classic Thai delicacy. Cabbages and condoms profusely use condoms for decorating the restaurant creatively.

Even the mannequins, strings of lights, and lamps consist entirely of condoms, and instead of mint after eating, you get free condoms. The reason that the owner of the restaurant uses a condom theme is due to their firm belief in family planning.

6. The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar

The Rock Restaurant ZanzibarZanzibar is an island in the Indian Ocean that attracts tourists to its white beaches, pleasant climate and sparkling clear warm seawater. The rock restaurant in the Michanwi Pingwe beach in Zanzibar is an intriguing location for sharing a romantic dinner.

The location of the restaurant is on a giant rock on the beach and the sea surrounds it. Although you can reach the restaurant by walking on the beach, you may need a canoe or swim during the higher tides to reach the restaurant. The constant sea breeze and the comforting sounds of waves moving all around you make for a unique experience.

7. The Grotto, Thailand

The Grotto ThailandThe Grotto is a restaurant in the Phranang beach in Thailand that uses the natural formation of limestone caves as a premise for a restaurant with jaw-dropping views. A part of the Rayavadee luxury resort, the restaurant welcomes anyone who wants to enjoy fresh sumptuous food in impressive surroundings.

The restaurant has no man-made walls or floor but uses the natural walls of the limestone cave and the sandy beach as floor instead. If you visit this restaurant, ensure that you try out their specialty, the extremely popular seafood barbeque.

8. Ice Restaurant, United Arab Emirates

Ice Restaurant United Arab EmiratesIn line with its name, the Ice restaurant consists entirely of ice. Everything from the tables, the chairs and even the plates are made of ice. The location of the restaurant in the arid, desert-like climate of the United Arab Emirates makes the restaurant an architectural marvel.

If you plan on visiting this restaurant, prepare for experiencing a dramatic shift in temperature while you dine. Ensure that you bring your warm clothes to withstand the blistering cold inside the ice restaurant at least for some time.

9. O.Noir, Canada

O Noir CanadaThe philosophy of the O.Noir restaurant is that when you eliminate sight, the elevation of other senses happen and a diner enjoys their meal even further. The O.noir restaurant in Toronto prohibits its users from bringing in watches, mobile phones, flashlights, and any other illuminating objects.

10. Devil’s Island Prison Restaurant, China

Devil’s Island Prison Restaurant ChinaThe Devil’s island prison restaurant provides its customers with a complete prison inmate experience. The restaurant will take your mugshots and fingerprints as you enter the premises.

The restaurant is an actual old prison and you can dine in a prison cell and the servers wear the white and black uniform of prison inmates. You can even dine with handcuffs if you want.

11. Dinner In The Sky

Dinner In The SkyThe Dinner In The Sky operates in multiple locations around the world and provides its clientele a truly unique dining experience. You can feast on items such as steak and sashimi rolls as you strap on a seat in suspension on a crane in mid-air. Up to 22 people can dine at a time in this fabulous setting in the sky.


Dining at a restaurant is a celebration of life. However, you can have an unforgettable sensation for a lifetime by dining at one of the weirdest and funniest restaurants in the world. Whether on the ocean floor or in a prison cell, the fantastic settings of the unique restaurants will surely leave you with fascinating stories.

When is the last time you test something different for dinner? If you are feeling in an exploratory mood, there are plenty of wacky, quirky, and downright strange restaurants that can cater to your unique interests. Human beings are by nature, curious and exploratory and need to discover new experiences and sensations.

Traveling by road is a great way to explore the strangest experiences in the world. You can make use of a roof rack to carry all your luggage as you travel for long periods. The unique feel that weird restaurants create maybe a way to escape from the ordinary and mundane aspects of everyday life.