Brutal Injuries and Common Causes Due Brutal Impact

brutal injuries

Brutal injuries can occur anywhere. These injuries usually occur due to the collision of the human body with heavy objects. There are various causes of abrupt impacts, in road accidents and industrial accidents.

This collision of the body can occur with both moving or with stationary objects. The severity of impact usually depends on the velocity of the object, the size of the object, hitting area of the body and the penetration. Unfortunately, if you are involved in such an accident with no fault, you can claim compensation.

Common Causes Of Brutal Injuries

Workplace Accident

A workplace accident is one of the most common reasons of brutal Impact injuries. Notably, in the manual industries where you manually or semi-manually work with the machinery, the chances of getting struck by objects are high.

As an example, in technical work, you lift heavy objects which are usually the parts of machinery. The collision with these heavy objects can cause a severe and brutal impact.

Road Accidents

Road accident is another one of the most common causes of brutal injuries. If you are driving a vehicle, and suddenly you collide with the moving or stationary vehicle or object on the highway, you may get severe damage.

The damage due to the collision is too high in this type of accidents. As the velocity of the vehicle is high, so the impact of the objects can be dangerous and life-threatening.

Maintenance Work

During the maintenance work, it is common that the employees or worker will get hit with the objects. These objects can be newly installed or expired appliances. However, you can decrease the impact of the objects by using proper safety equipment.

Common Brutal Injuries Due To Collision With an Object

Head or Brain Injuries

The most damage in hit by an object is a brain injury. These injuries are severe and life-threatening. Usually, in the working area, you may hit by falling objects.

Not every impact to the head causes brain injuries. Skull which covers the brain is hard enough to protect the brain. However, sharp objects if hit with reasonable force may penetrate to the brain.

Neck Injuries

Collision with the objects on high velocity usually in the road accidents can damage the neck of the rider. Furthermore, these neck injuries aren’t curable. In the UK, many people die every year due to the dislocation of the neck or injuries to the neck.

Backbone Injuries

Backbone injuries quite common due to the sudden impact. The human backbone is constructed with small vertebrae. Any impact to these vertebrae can dislocate them which hurt enough. During the dislocation of the vertebrae, you are unable to move your own.

A breakage in any nerve near the backbone which connects the central nervous system can permanently paralyze your body.

Chest Injuries

Chest injuries are also common in road traffic accidents. After the head injuries, chest injuries due to brutal impact can occur. Human internal organs are covered with a rib cage. Rib cage provides support to the human body structure. These ribs are attached with backbone. However, a brutal impact on these ribs can damage and fracture them.

Rib cage injuries require proper attention and need complete bed rest. Severe injuries need surgery or several operations to place the broken rib on its place.

Leg injuries

In any accident, whether you are driving a vehicle or moving or shifting the objects leg and foot injuries are quite common. These leg injuries can be quite dangerous, and the person may lose their legs. As you know, the impact of heavy objects on the leg can tear the bones and joints.

Any fracture to the bone or joint is healable; however, if this collision damages the nerves of the legs, then you will not be able to move your leg or feel the sensation through leg anymore. Injury to the nerve can’t heal.

Seek Medical Attention

After any severe impact, you need to get medical care immediately. If you delay the medical treatment, you may put your life in danger. A delay in the treatment due to your negligence may ruin your claim.

In impact injury, the person may get some stitches, which may heal in weeks. However, severe injury may need proper surgeries which require more time to heal.

Seek The Help Of The Solicitor

To register your claim against the liable party you can seek the help of a legal expert. Always consult with a personal injury solicitor who has years of experience in the relevant injury field.

Personal injury solicitor Blackburn can help you in many ways. He can gather evidence of the accident scene. Personal injury solicitor can also pursue your case in the solicitor court.

Remember that, the time limit to claim the compensation is three years after the accident. However, in some exceptional cases, this limit can be changed.