COVID-19 Effects In On-Demand Moving Business

Through the years, moving has always been a fast-growing industry around the world. With more and more people moving locally and internally, the need for moving services is highly increasing. However, due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, many business sectors, including the moving industry, are facing economic issues. The global government orders for curfews, community quarantines, lockdowns, and business shutdowns to contain the coronavirus have become a toll to the industry these past few months.

Below are the COVID-19 effects in on-demand moving businesses

Packing Supplies Are In Danger Of Running Short

One of the significant impacts of the coronavirus pandemic is that packing supplies and materials are at risk of running short or hard to obtain due to many factory closures around the globe. The different governments globally have taken steps to slow down the spread of the virus. As a result, many packaging manufacturers and suppliers are ordered to cease their operations temporarily. This is to make sure that factory workers will stay at home and self-isolate until further notice by the government.

Because of these business shutdowns, the moving industry might deal with packing supplies shortage in the coming days, weeks, or months. Consequently, this scarcity of supplies might hamper the moving process and make the transition a bit challenging for both the moving companies and the customers.

People Are Fearful To Move

Despite people’s plans for relocations, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused them to be fearful of moving. Unlike other businesses, moving requires physical attention, which means that clients need to work with professionals physically to get things done properly.

But due to the fear that they might acquire the virus from the outside, they might end up canceling their moving plans, and this can affect the profit of the moving companies. And given the stay-at-home orders of the governments, the moving industry might not be as operational as it is because people are more fearful of going outside than getting themselves settled in their new home.

For this reason, moving service providers might experience a significant drop in their profits until the pandemic has slowed down. With barely a few clients moving out and in,

they might not be able to reach their usual sales quota for a month.

In addition to stay-at-home orders, people are also fearful of the possibility that the place they’re moving might be vastly infected with COVID-19. They’re becoming more cautious about making sure not a single member of their family will get the virus from the people in their new place. Unfortunately, this probability adds to their fears, thereby making business more difficult for professionals like cross country movers.

Lockdowns And Suspension Of Travel In Some Countries Make Moving Difficult

Moving isn’t only happening in the localities. Some moves require the use of air, land, and sea travel. Unluckily, with COVID-19 affecting the world, moving goods has become a bit challenging. This is due to some states’ lockdown orders and suspension of all forms of travel, which means that some transfer of goods might take some time than usual.

While moving companies are an essential business during the pandemic, it doesn’t erase the fact that moving goods from one place to another, especially those outside their localities, comes with challenges.

For example, movers who are using their moving trucks to deliver their clients’ belongings outside their local jurisdiction might have to subject themselves to road checkpoints, temperature scanning, and many more. As a result, the entire moving process might take some more time, money, and energy for all parties involved.


As you can see from the information mentioned above, the coronavirus outbreak has brought a life-changing impact on the world. The governments’ campaigns all over the world have caused an economic downfall to businesses, including the moving industry. From curfews to community quarantines and business shutdowns, these things have affected the way movers handle relocations.

But since moving companies are considered an essential business, you can still take advantage of the best interstate moving and storage service if you’re relocating amidst the pandemic.