Design the Perfect Lash Boxes to Wow Your Customers

Gaining repeat customers is the ultimate goal of any business owner. The key to winning repeat customers is wowing them at every step of the buying process. But where should one start from? Perhaps you are thinking about redesigning your website, but there’s something more important that you are forgetting.

Consider designing the perfect packaging for your eyelashes. Don’t fret, the packaging experts at the Legacy Printing have outlined the following design tips that’ll help you sweep your customers off their feet by crafting excellent custom lash boxes.

#Tip 1: Think of Prominent Branding

What does your product mean to customers? What does it do? How it benefit customers? How your product differs from those already available in the market? These are a few questions that every customer has in mind when purchasing a new product or brand.

So it’s important that your custom lash boxes should clearly portray your brand name and the logo with a description of the item. Take Heinz for instance. The leading sauce brand probably got the best tomato ketchup packaging. Using the biggest sized font along with what the product is—ketchup, the renowned brand makes it easier for customers to recognize what they are buying.

This approach might seem too simple when planning to design your custom lash packaging boxes, but in reality, it’s not. That said, if designed right, the time-tested concept can work wonders for your product or brand.

#Tip 2: Choose a Simple Lash Box Design

Did you notice how simple Heinz label is?

The clear design and ample white space make the packaging look incredible no matter wherever you go. In fact, Heinz has opted for a practical shape when you talk about the bottle design. Mind you, when it comes to designing your lash boxes wholesale supply with multiple sides, only one side will be front and center. Make sure the design should be easy to understand in all likelihood.

Avoid using too many colors, fonts or crazy patterns. Instead, opt for the design that is simple and streamlined. Provide all the necessary information and functions to sway potential customers to purchase your product.

#Tip 3: Consider Shelf Clutter

Whether you are planning to sell in stores or online, retail racks are a big concern. Consider products that are already in the retail shelves where your eyelashes will be featured. What are the colors of their packaging? What they be like?

Use this vital information when designing your custom printed lash boxes. It will help your product stand above the rest. Choose color palettes that are unique and eye-catching or a packaging shape that’s different from others. Together all these elements will allow your product to stand out in the cluttered shelves and hopefully, they’ll get picked up by the customers.

#Tip 4: Create Packaging Design Variations

No matter you have one item or hundreds, if you consider creating custom lash packaging design variations it will only make your life easier.

Let’s go back to Heinz again. The popular ketchup brand offers a variety of sauces but every label follows the same basic design with slight variation. Not only this makes it easier for potential buyers to find and identify its sauces, but also allow the company to swiftly create new packaging.

If at this point, you do not have multiple products to sell there is no harm in considering what you might sell next and creating a design that will work for the prospective item.

#Tip 5: Get Artwork Specifications for Printed Boxes

Once your artwork is finalized, get the exact specifications from your packaging partner that will manufacture your custom printed lash boxes for physical products or online sales. Why?

Nothing can ruin an excellent artwork like sloppy execution because the logo or brand name is placed on the wrong panel, doesn’t quite fit or parts of the creation are cut off. Take great care of that so your artwork can be perfectly displayed on your packaging.

Start Designing Your Lash Boxes Now

Some business owners leverage popular tools or hire freelance graphic designers to create the right packaging.

However, if you don’t have an idea in mind or want to avoid the cost of a designer to create a perfect packaging in a limited budget, you can always turn towards a reliable packaging partner like the Legacy Printing that offers free design support to their customers.

If you need some inspiration they can also show you popular pre-designed boxes from various categories. Finally, product packaging is something that’s an important part of the sales and marketing process. So you must come up with an ideal design that’ll make your eyelashes feel complete and polished.