Top 5 Employee Benefits Administration

employee benefits administration

Employee Benefits Administration platforms help HRs and admin manage all the benefits and policies given by the company to their employees. Employee benefits generally include health insurance, wellness allowance, Covid19 vaccination/insurance, mental wellness, and learning allowances. Benefits and perks differ with companies and their culture.

Employee benefits are important for companies of all sizes as they help in improving job satisfaction among employees, increase retention and make the brand look better. In fact, by providing amazing employee benefits you can attract top talent to your company. However, managing employee benefits can be quite challenging if you don’t the right software. 


Top 5 Employee Benefits Administration Platform To Choose From For Your Company



Pazcare primarily offers group health insurance and mental wellness packages. They have tie-ups with the insurers that have the best claim settlement ratio and network list. HRs and admins can use the employee dashboard and employees can use the app to track and manage the health insurance of employees and their families.

Features of Pazcare

  • Add or remove employees/family members easily
  • Understand what is included and excluded in the coverage
  • Easy claim process 
  • Online doctor consultations
  • Employee app
  • Real-time tracking
  • Mental health support
  • Super top-up feature to increase coverage up to 20 lakhs
  • 24×7 customer support


Free if you buy their insurance packages for your employees. 



Gusto is an amazing platform for small businesses that want to manage benefits for small teams. Apart from payroll and team management, they offer management of health insurance and 401(k)s. They have three packages – no-cost, low-cost, and premium, and the features vary with the packages.

Features of Gusto

  • Gusto wallet
  • Broker integration
  • 401K
  • Commuter benefits
  • Paycheck splitter to split the cash between multiple accounts
  • Dental and vision consultations


$45 per month



You can get this could-based software for free if you buy health insurance from Zenefits. If you already have a group health insurance policy in place then you can add benefits administration to any plan for $5 per month per employee. They also have payroll, compliance, time management, and other tools that enable HR to speed up everyday activities.

Features of Zenefits

  • Medical dental vision
  • HSA
  • FSA
  • Commuter
  • 401k
  • Life & disability
  • Supplemental benefits
  • Automate compliance


starts at $8 per employee



Plum enables managing health benefits with ease using the automated admin dashboard. You can easily activate health benefits as you can purchase health insurance from them and set it up. Their platform includes doctor consultations, health checkups, and mental wellness tools.

Features of Plum

  • Add benefits easily
  • Transparency
  • Get a personalized wellness package
  • Include dental care
  • Employees can use the dashboard from day 1
  • Track claims and benefits usage of employee real-time
  • Add or remove employees


Unavailable. Their quotes are tailor-made according to the requirements



This platform not only helps you manage and automate benefits but also gives insights to make out more from benefits. The platform is user-friendly and makes engagement and understanding benefits easy.

Features of Benefitfocus

  • Eligibility & Enrollment
  • Communication & Engagement
  • Administrative Services
  • Billing & Payments
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Data Management
  • Health Insights
  • Benefit Catalog


It costs $2 to $4  per employee per month for base features.



If you are looking for a comprehensive platform to manage multiple HR tasks along with benefits then Zenefits is your best bet. If you have everything else in place and are just looking for the best in class group health insurance and benefits management then you can close a deal with Pazcare. There are more options in the market however, always go for a platform that offers a great of customizations.