Find Out Which Haircut is Best for You

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So you want to change your haircuts? You have the best hair cutting scissors, razor, stylist, or a combination of all these ready to make it happen for you. What next?

Let’s start out by acknowledging that you can rock any style you want—provided you wear it with confidence. That said, there are hairstyles meant to highlight and look flattering on your face shape, facial features, and personality.

You may absolutely adore a specific hairstyle but wearing it may or may not be your best shot at looking your natural best.

If you want to look your best without trying a little bit too hard or avoid an outright bad hair day, this quickie guide is meant for you.

How to Find Out the Best Haircut for You (For Women)

While there are several factors to consider, it all comes down to three:

  • Facial features; uniquely-you aspects that’ll help style the hair to accentuates your natural contours. Perhaps you have a prominent nose, thick eyebrows, full lips, or another unique feature. In that case, you may want to see which hairstyle your stylist advice you rock.
  • Personality; maybe you love to go a little crazy and experiment with several hairstyles. Or maybe not.
  • Hair Type or Texture: Do you have straight or curly hair? Or fine or coarse hair? For example, coarse hair tends to be slightly or severely dry while fine hair tends to seem silkier and lays flat—right against the head. So it might not be the
  • Face shape; the most prominent factor this guide will dig deeper into in the next section

And then the three factors can ultimately zero in on just one fundamental aspect: your face shape. What’s the best hairstyle for your face shape?

Check out this screenshot to determine your face shape:

Credit: the hair styler

Or, grab a lipstick or marker pen. Stand straight (with your chin up) close to your mirror. Pull your hair back from your face. Trace the outer lining of your face’s image on the mirror. Then look up the image against the above face shapes to discover your face type.

Next up, it’s time to pinpoint the best hairstyle for your face type.

  1. Heart

    Wear any size of (shaggy) bangs to even out a prominent forehead. To score with a (side-swept) bob, keep its length chin- or cheek-long to even out the sometimes-harsh cheekbone. Great style, too, if you have a low hairline.

  2. Diamond/ Triangular

    A sharp bob that comes right below your chin will flatter those gorgeous cheekbones. Avoid a bang style that covers too much of the often-small forehead. For longer cuts, layered and straight blunts will do you justice.

  3. Oval

    You are one lucky girl! You can pretty much rock any hairstyle you want. From a pixie cut to straight to curled to tussled layers, have fun at it.

  4. Oblong/Long

    Go for shoulder-length or shorter hair. If you go longer, apply waves, layers or curls to add texture hence width to your hair so it can even out your face length.

  5. Square

    Aim to elongate the face and avoid styles that expose the forehead too much. For shorter cuts, add texture with a fringe wispy. Or ear the side-swept bang, cheekbone or eye-skimming bang, or tousled bob to soften the jawline.

  6. Round

    Choose a style that adds some length and definition to your face. Not one to hug the face. Keep its length below the jawline. Ideal styles include short/long bobs, long side-swept bang, and asymmetrical cuts.

And there you have it. Found out which hairstyle is ideal for your face shape before applying the hair cutting shears on it?