Top 30 Free CAD Software to Download For Windows and Mac Device

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Before the real-world application of anything, it is necessary to make sure that every parameter is perfect and no changes are required. If a prior check is not done, there are huge chances of error that might not be corrected later or could be really difficult or expensive. Let’s take an example of a house, once built completely you can imagine how difficult it will be to make changes in its structure. On the other hand, if you have a design prior to construction then any change can be made easily and as many times till you become satisfied. No matters whether it is a house, car design, machine design, toy, or any animated character. All this can be done with the help of CAD software.

What is CAD Software?

Abbreviated for computer-aided design, this software lets users create, edit, and analyze designs before working on them further. This software helps in enhancing the skills of the designer while improving the quality of the design. If you are creating a working model of anything, this software will also let you examine the working.

As a beginner, smartness lies in using free CAD software instead of opting for a paid one. No doubt that paid tools give many more benefits when compared to their free versions but they are of use only when you have a good experience.

Best Free CAD Software Available For Mac and Windows

Let us see some of the best free CAD software available for Mac and Windows.


If you are looking for a good tool to brush-up your 3D modelling skills, then SketchUp is the best. We can say that this is one of the best free tools for educational and learning purposes. With SketchUp, you can create architectural designs, engineering structures, and even game animations. What else you can look in free software.


It is one of the easy to use software that is loved by most users. Apart from its paid version, LeoCAD also has free download software for learners. It is best for both beginners and experienced users. With simplest to the most complex projects, LeoCAD has got you covered.


This free 3D software toolset is best for creating visual effects, motion graphics, games, motion graphics, and many more. It offers a wide array of features including video editing, rendering, animating, etc.  Blender is also a complete package for both experienced users and beginners.


This computer software is the best version if someone is looking for a software that supports cloud computing. In this way, users can easily share their designs online. Onshape is good for creating designs of machines, industrial equipment, and machine parts as well. The free version of this software can be availed for practice and learning purposes.


There is a huge world of possibilities for CAD users when it comes to free software. With OpenSCAD, the user can create precise 3D models. Besides, users also have the liberty to create parametric designs and adjust later as per requirement. This software can easily be used on Windows, OS X, and Linux.


It is ideal for creating both 2D and 3D designs. nanoCAD is available as a free CAD tool and is suitable for creating designs for almost all industries. Being a beginner, you will also like the user interface it has got for you.


As the name suggests, this free software is best for sculpting. Apart from this, Sculptris can also be used for cavity painting, dynamic tessellation, and UV texture painting. For 3D designs, this software will leave the user stunned with its endless design possibilities.


FreeCAD software is ideal for BIM (building information modelling) and parametric 3D CAD modelling. This free tool is considered best for mechanical engineering purposes. The plus point of this CAD software is that it supports finite-element-method (FEM). The simple and interactive user interface is another reason why it is on this list.

3D Crafter

It is a freeware which serves as animation and 3D modelling tool. 3D crafter is loved for having drag & drop and user-friendly interface. If you want to create animated scenes of any game or cartoon, the 3D crafter is the one for you.


You have a design in mind; TinkerCAD will create it for you in no time. This is the software where you can show your creativity and make it worth. It is also known to be one of the best for 3D printing applications. Be it game, furniture, or jewellery, TinkerCAD is ready to help you.

Sweet Home 3D

It shouldn’t be a surprise if we say that this CAD software is for architectural designing purposes. This might be the reason why it is named Sweet Home 3D. Available in a free version for new users, it helps you create a 2D design and then easily convert it into three-dimensional form. This tool will help you examine the design from every angle.


This is one of the most popular CAD software and is loved because of its amazing features and interactive user interface. It has been in the market since 1989, so you can imagine how successful it is. Professionals from different fields can use it including graphic designers, architects, civil engineers, and many more.

Draft IT

For learners who just have entered into the CAD world, Draft IT is a great choice. Let us make it clear that it just delivers 2D designs and helps in strengthening the base of the beginners. You can easily download it online for free.


Just like Draft IT, it is also a 2D system that allows you to create designs of home décor, machine parts, accessories, and decorative pieces. LibreCAD is a freeware that is compatible with Linux, Unix, Windows OS, and macOS.


Here is another good example of free computer-aided software that you can use for your projects. It is programmed for creating 2D designs and drafting purposes. QCAD is known for its simple user-interface and the best thing about this software is that even first-time users can operate it with ease.


Primarily made for electronic design automation (EDA), this free computer tool is best in what it does. It delivers a clear and good view of printed circuit board components thus lets engineers to easily customize accordingly. Schematic capture is one of its key features to admire.


Looking to make sculptures, toys, attractive showpieces, or jewellery items, this software will let you design all with accuracy. It delivers more than 15 different tools that you can use including 3D measurements, automatic alignment of surface, and hollowing. Either simple or complex, the user can make it all with Meshmixer.

3D Slash

It is one of the most interesting software for creating 3D models. Not only it is simple and interactive to use but it is considered one of the best for beginners as well. Accuracy in designs you create is another feature of 3D Slash.

Fusion 360

This free CAD tool is a smart choice, especially for educational purposes. Plus, it is ideal for professionals as well. Be it automobile, engineering, or architectural design, Fusion 360 can do it all and that too with precision. It also allows users to extract the file in any of the formats they want.


Another CAD freeware when it comes to educational purposes. Simplicity is how we can define SelfCAD. This software also has got browser-based slicing tools that are helpful for 3D printing. Even learners can create some of the amazing designs using this software.


This is child-friendly software that has been designed with a simple user interface. With BlocksCAD, it is easy to export files as STL files. Besides, it also has tutorials functional that could be beneficial for starters. 

3D Builder

It is a test tool that allows you to create and edit designs as per your need. 3D Builder can be used on various platforms including Windows and Windows mobile. This tool is also compatible with 3D printing. The viewing experience it delivers will just be great. It is also good to create designs for sports, games, and toys.


This free CAD software opens a wide range of possibilities for creating designs. Leopoly offers various options of 3D models to browse for your project and you can create a unique one as well. It can easily be used for creating designs for many fields including home décor, medical, animation, cartoons, or education.


No matter what your project is, this tool is available in a free version for you to download. Whether simple or complex, MagicaVoxel is there for designing with simplicity and speed. With this software, you can also animate things you’ve created if required.

Wings 3D

It is open-source modelling software that you will love to work on. Wings 3D is a powerful tool that gives appreciable results. All kinds of designs you can create with this CAD platform whether personal or commercial. This software has a winged-edge data structure, which is why it is named as wings 3D. 


It is a graph-based CAD system which is considered best for creating different shapes. This platform works on graph composition and has nodes that represent 2D or 3D shapes. Structures of all complexities can precisely be created with the help of this software. 

Art of Illusion

This software allows users to create free 3-D graphics and edit them according to their needs. Art of Illusion is also loved for providing rendering function for both animations and still images. No doubt that it is one of the top 30 free CAD software to download.


This CAD tool, users can do 3D & 2D modelling with ease. SolveSpace is simple to use and has loads of features to admire. This software is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac.


Whether 3D models, template, or materials, with victory you can create anything in a superfast manner. You can try it for free and check what it has got for you. This tool is suitable for creating designs of home décor, toys, and architecture.


Provided as payment free software to download, it adopts a direct modelling approach hence delivers endless possibilities of changing the design you create. Users can also create files for use with 3D printers.

Last Words

If you are looking for a good and advanced Free CAD software to download the list of 30 tools are the best example for use in your Mac and Windows device.

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