Coworking To Completion – How Coworking Spaces Drive Productivity

As Singapore’s economy grows and salaries rise, the conundrum is related to why productivity levels are not in line with this growth. Moreover, professionals in this country work harder than many in this region, some working so much they sleep as little as four hours a night. Even with hard work, productivity levels are low for the amount of time spent at work.

Much of this has to do with inefficiencies in the way Singaporean’s work, noting the lack of automation and technology in some areas as responsible for this lowered productivity. The serviced office industry, alternatively, has found a way to address this problem, helping businesses save money, and more importantly, become more productive. The coworking space, for example, has managed to give businesses in the country a way to use space more efficiently and effectively.

Continue reading to learn more about how coworking spaces can increase productivity for your business in Singapore.

Work Quality Not Quantity

Many reports state that Singaporean lagging productivity levels have nothing to do with the fact that they are not industrious. In fact, it is just the opposite. With work hours being extended to meet the demands of employers, though, it seems that working longer does not translate into efficient work.

The coworking space, alternatively, can help with this type of inefficiency just in terms of its design. Click onto the following link to see an example of the way in which one fit out provides space to those who join the space. As you can see, the space is set up for both work and networking, in addition to a number of other tasks.

For professionals working in Singapore, your coworking space is versatile enough, so that using it for workspace and to build business relationships reduces expenses in attending networking events and provides a platform for creating collaborative partnerships. Ultimately, this space can make the hours you do put in at the office really work for you. As opposed to having to work long hours to complete projects, you can work more efficiently because the resources are at your fingertips.

Accessible Resources

The old saying “don’t sweat the small stuff” actually does not applies here. You do want to sweat the small stuff because these small areas of inefficiency can consume a large portion of your time. One of the areas this saying really applies to is finding resources within the space.

When looking for contractors or information regarding everyday business, businesses consume an inordinate amount of time trying to get the requisite information. The coworking space, because of the way these outfits are set up, creates an environment where your space is also a pool of vast resources comprised of the diverse industries that make up the office. In your coworking office, you might find yourself seated among professionals from three or four industries unless working in an industry-specific space.

This proximity gives you the advantage of accessing information regarding hiring contractors, giving and getting referrals, and finding mentors with whom to work. Moreover, these spaces give you the chance to find mentors who can help guide your business as you navigate the business landscape within the space and in the greater community. This proximity to these resources reduces the amount of time you have to hunt for people or information.

Driving Productivity In The Coworking Space

These are just a few of the major ways that productivity can be increased in the coworking space. Through its versatility and the number of resources in terms of talent available in the space, professionals can find that these small gains can increase their ability to get a lot of work done and more efficiently. In essence, the coworking space makes work efficient, which can make your time at the office more productive.