How to Clean Out an Old Home Efficiently

Clean out an old home may sound like an easy job, but understand that it’s anything but. No matter if you are working on restoring an old home to its former splendor, or if you’re just clearing out your aunt’s old place, the results are the same – you have a ton of work in front of you. Rubbish, rubble, maybe even some grime, it all adds up, made worse by just how large the house is, and how old and decrepit it became.

You might have to fix up an overgrown yard, or maybe move out furniture. No matter what, if you’re gonna do something, do it right. The article below deals with how you can do this quickly, efficiently, with the best results.

Have a plan

First things first – get a plan ready. It may seem like a waste a time, but trust us, it’s actually vital. Having a clear system in place, an attack strategy. Namely, just diving in is a great cure for procrastination, but it won’t really help much if you’re just looking at the most efficient way to clean out the house.

So, devise a system, write it down on a piece of paper. Put some numbered tasks, this will motivate you more, since you will see a very clear advancement of your work. For example, order your tasks by setting up the entire system on a room-to-room basis. Or, maybe you can do this by moving out the furniture and heavy things first, then cleaning, then vacuuming, then dusting…

Get some help

One of the things you can try is getting some help. Of course, this isn’t always a viable option, but it’s an option nonetheless. So, call up some friends, family members… Of course, pizzas and coffee are on you. You can even make a game out of it with your kids. For example, you can compete who can get the most stuff out the fastest.

Another thing you can do is if you’re overwhelmed with the work, to hire workers to help you out. Namely, sometimes you simply need some professional help when it comes to heavy flirting. Clean-up work can also be overwhelming, so I might need some assistance there too. Get some high-quality Skip Bin Hire services and see what kind of work they can do, and to what extent can they help you. Maybe find someday labourers in your town and get some help in that way too.

Be prepared

This is a dirty business, and you need to come adequately prepared if you want to get things underway properly. No matter how nice everything seems, trust us, you’re gonna get dirty. For this reason, we suggest you get the right protective equipment. In standard cases, all you need is some old clothing. A banged-up sweater, old jeans, and a cap should be fine. However, we also suggest you get some gloves if things are extra messy and dusty, as well as some kind of face mask you can get at any pharmacy, as well as goggles for dirtier areas. All that dust won’t be good for your lungs and eyes, especially if you have respiratory issues.

Junk or treasure

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, or so the saying goes. Still, you need to figure out what is junk, and what is treasure, for yourself. Create three separate piles, one for stuff you want to keep, one for a thing you want to take to the junkyard, and finally one for recycling.

So, anything that seems valuable to you, your friend, or that you think you can sell should be in the keep pile. If you’re not sure how much certain things cost, go online, or get some advice. Maybe there is a hidden gem there somewhere, or perhaps you simply have an item that represents significant personal value to somebody.

As far as recycling goes, you can always recycle timber, old furniture, and even old bicycles. Old appliances can be used for spare parts, an old couch can be repurposed, and even old glass can be melted down.

As far as throwing things out is concerned, try to stick to your local rules and regulations. You don’t want to break the law or incur any extra fines or penalties needlessly.


And there you have it folks, a couple of tips that are there to help you successfully clear out an old home. Whether it’s having a good game plan, being properly prepared, or just having some help, you can definitely clear out an old place easily and quickly. Just remember to wear some protection, you don’t want to get sick or too dirty. Learn the difference between junk and treasure, figure out what you can recycle and what you can’t recycle, and you should be fine and dandy.