How to Kill Flea in Your House Fast

Dealing with fleas in your house is really a time-consuming problem. In the spring, they flourish and grow very fast, especially in the rugs of the house. Get rid of those fleas before they damage your bed and furniture. So how to kill fleas in the house fast? Let’s take a look at our suggestions below.

Treat for your pets

Bathe your pet

Bathe your dogs or cats with soothing shower gel or the natural detergent made from citrus fruit. Fleas do not stick to the pet’s fur, so they will fall into the water and drown follow below tips to know how to get rid of fleas in the house fast.

Wash bed linen and pet cloth

Washing significantly reduces the number of eggs and larvae that fleas leave on them. The washing process will not kill the fleas but some eggs can be eliminated through the flushing process. On the other hand, the 30 minute drying time will kill the eggs on the fabric.

Handle the fleas in home and yard

–  Clean the floor thoroughly.

– Vacuum the entire carpet and cushion. Vacuuming not only can absorb fleas, eggs and larvae but the vibration of the vacuum also makes to fleas get out of the cocoon. Since insecticides cannot kill fleas at the pupae stage, making them appear as a good way to kill them. Continue to turn on the vacuum cleaner and apply anti-flea spray to the suction head of the vacuum.

–  You also can use flea bomb – a popular flea killer.

Buy a spray and read the instructions carefully

You need to make sure the product can kill the flea egg (look for active ingredients like methoprene, fenoxycarb or pyriproxyfen).

–  Spray on carpet, furniture, along the wall and bedding of pets. Follow the directions on the sprayer.

– Do not overlook the edges of the door, niches, cracked floors and under furniture and mattress.

Spray again two weeks later after the first handling

Some fleas in your home may remain in the cocoon or in the pupa stage where insecticides could not be treated. You should spray twice to ensure kill all the fleas.

Kill the fleas by using natural remedies

Keep your house cold

Fleas cannot grow well in the cold environment. Keeping your house cold when you are away from home will force fleas to “migrate” to your pet where they will die.

–  Buy an electronic thermostat that can cool down or turn off the heater when you go out or sleep.

–  Open the window when you leave home if possible.

Cover the furniture after spraying the flea bomb

By doing this, the fleas cannot hide under the mattresses, pillows or blankets.You sprinkle salt on the carpets. The fleas will die for several days. After three days, you vacuum the carpet. Three weeks later you sprinkle salt again. This method is also safe for your pet.

Use apple cider vinegar

Mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into about one litre of water. When the dog drinks water, apple cider vinegar will enter the body and make the dog’s blood taste bad for fleas. After 2-3 bowls of water, you will see the result.

Use the citrus peel

Very few people know to treat fleas on pets by using the citrus peel. You will be amazed at the benefit of this treatment. You boil water with citrus peel or grapefruit peel then use this water to bathe your pet regularly which can cause the flea to die out. Another way is to use boiling water to soak citrus and grapefruit peel overnight and take this water into the sprayer and spray your pets.

Some treatments above are simple but effective ways to kill the fleas in your house. Take our suggestions and your flea problem would disappear. Hope that you will find this article useful!

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