Kodi Offers Its Users Discreet Home Entertainment With Complete Privacy


Commerce is driving the choice of technology as evident from the rapid and widespread popularity of video streaming services, which are considerably cheaper than cable TV subscriptions and the prime reason for the popularity. Subscribing to a video streaming service like Netflix could cost you a tenth of what you pay for cable TV subscriptions, and it comes with more viewing options of your favorite movies, music, and TV shows. The easy availability of video streaming services on Android devices like smartphones is also a reason for the fast-growing popularity. 

The alternatives to cable TV are now easily available by installing the Kodi interface, which is an open-source media player, aka streaming software created for home entertainment. It does away with stocking piles of DVDs on your shelf to enjoy your favorite movies whenever you want, and it will make you feel that your music collection was never so good. Whether you love binge-watching TV shows or want to catch up on your favorite TV show occasionally, Kodi keeps your TV organized in an unmatched way. 

Personalized Viewing Experience

By installing Kodi, you can access video streaming services that help to personalize your viewing experience because the video streaming services and video streaming apps make recommendations based on viewer profiles. It means that your entertainment package contains specific items that you are interested in and leads to a more satisfying viewing experience.

Available Across Platforms

Kodi setup is easy across a wide range of operating systems and hardware platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, Raspberry, and others. It is also compatible with other devices like NVidea Shield Android TV and Android TV set-top boxes, Amazon Fire TV, etc. Kodi derives its power from the add-ons or plugins that are available in plenty and help to build new functionality that expand the viewing options. 

Kodi is also compatible with the Ubuntu operating system that belongs to the Linux family, and to ensure the safety of the OS from hackers and malware, you must use free VPN for Ubuntu. The VPN will conceal your online identity, and you can escape online surveillance if you intend to view restricted items by evading censorship. The encryption of content by VPN helps to maintain complete privacy.

The Legal Aspect of Using Kodi

There is a wrong notion among people about Kodi legality, as many know it to be illegal, which it is not.  Be assured that Kodi, in its basic form, is entirely legal, and you can use it without any worries as long as you do not cross the red line and start using illegal Kodi add-ons. Being open-source software, people are free to develop add-ons for Kodi without caring for the law, and if you use any such add-on, then you are in trouble. However, this does not mean that all add-ons are illegal. Buying add-ons from the Kodi repository is the best way to ensure that you have only legal add-ons.

If you are not using add-ons to view pirated content, Kodi provides a safe viewing experience.