Why You Should Consider Long-Term Bike Insurance

The quantity of Two Wheelers in India is developing each year. This builds the requirement for every one of these vehicles to be guaranteed. The IRDAI has allowed the introduction of this long-term cover to combat non-renewal of two-wheeler insurance. Besides, it is obligatory for two wheeler proprietors in India to get their vehicle safeguarded with Third Party Bike Insurance Cover. To ensure that this expansive number of vehicles doesn’t go uninsured, bike insurance approach suppliers started offering Long Term Bike Insurance strategies for two wheelers which covers Bike Insurance for a long time – in this way handling the issue of non-renewal.


Long term two-wheeler insurance spares one from the issues of re-establishing the policy consistently. As indicated by specialists, it is bulky to monitor yearly renewal dates of approaches, especially when somebody possesses in excess of one arrangement. Further, regardless of whether somebody recollects the renewal date, he/she may neglect to recharge the strategy inferable from lack of time or some other reason barring them to do so at all.

Keep away from non-renewal related dangers

The guaranteed is additionally presented to specific dangers if there should be an occurrence of non-renewal of a bike insurance strategy or till the time the approach isn’t recharged. For example, if the vehicle meets with a mishap or is stolen when the approach isn’t in constrained, at that point the vehicle proprietor would need to hold up under the whole monetary misfortune himself/herself. In any case, this can be effortlessly dodged for a long time by purchasing long haul 2 wheeler insurance strategies.

Stay away from issues of recharging a lapsed policy

On the off chance that the policy has lapsed, some insurance organizations, however not all, demand getting the vehicle reviewed to decide its condition preceding recharging the arrangement. Purchasing a long term two-wheeler strategy stays away from such a circumstance in light of the fact that the approach does not need to be re-established for two or three years relying upon the residency of the arrangement.

Discount on damage premium

Today, insurance organizations will offer rebates on the own damage some portion of the strategy premium for long haul insurance approaches. Long haul approaches enable safety net providers to cut managerial and arrangement issuing costs and these investment funds are thus, passed on to the client as a markdown. Be that as it may, not all insurance organizations offer such rebates. As the premium rates for general insurance are dictated by the arrangement controller, rate per annum for yearly and long haul approaches is the same.

Premium rate frozen for a long time

Long term bike insurance additionally spares one from the yearly rise in third party premium rates. Third party premium rates are settled by the insurance controller which ordinarily climbs these levies by 10-15% for every annum on a normal. In addition, in light of their cases involvement, approach scope and different variables, insurance organizations may likewise build the OD (claim harm) premium every now and then.

The Bottom Line

Two wheeler bike insurance has been made obligatory by law. However just 25% of bikers in our country are known to ride an insured two wheeler. With a long haul or multi-year bike insurance policy, you be at peace with the unadulterated convenient and can be worry-free. Truth be told, you get more advantages. With the IRDA giving the green flag, numerous back up plans are presently giving long haul third-party bike insurance. Indeed, a few guarantors are likewise concocting exhaustive plans.