Paid Advertising Campaign Strategies and Successes

paid advertising

Paid Advertising is considered the most effective way of marketing and launching your brand. With platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, the companies are employing various strategies to gain the attention of the audience present there.

How Important Is Strategy?

In a world where every business and entrepreneurship is being launched on social media, paid advertising is almost inevitable. Every business venture should have a set of guidelines for them to campaign their work on different platforms for the targeted audience and if you are researching on it, you do not have to wonder who will write my assignment for me.

Paid advertising is different from the marketing you do on your websites and blogs and therefore it requires proficient methods to ensure that you are on the right track.

As reported by Buzzsumo, brand pages noticed a 20% decline in engagement on Facebook since January 2017 so, what is that makes your advertisement unique in the sea of social media advertisements?

Find the Objective:

First of all, your product needs to have an objective. You have to ensure that the goal you set for your brand is pertinent with the advertising, whether it is generating awareness of the product, increasing engagement, maximizing sales or simply introducing the brand.

If you do not set a goal for your brand, the time and money invested in it will go to waste. Keep a consistent record of likes, shares and retweets and optimize the advertisement as per the requirements if your goal is to increase the engagement. It is important to target the relevant audience because directing your advertising towards random users can do you more harm than good.

Choose the Platform:

Now that you have decided the goal for your brand, the next step is to select the social platforms you are going to use for advertisement. Remember, not all platforms will help increase the outreach of your brand. For example, Instagram is mainly used for brands who have high-visual content where the advertisement makes the users stop and shop from online stores.

It is necessary to devise your strategy based on the target audience who use different platforms because applications like Snaphat are generally used by younger audiences and is good for the promotion of social channels and awareness. Similarly, Facebook is generally used for new start-up business ventures as it is the ideal platform for exploring the interests of different customers and guiding you about the outreach of your brand.

Know Your Audience:

Probably, the most important and technical aspect of paid advertising is finding the target audience and maintaining the middle ground between your product and the consumers. We understand how difficult it is to deliver your advertisement to the relevant audience but it is okay- practice makes you perfect. The key is to not make your advertisement appear too frequently as this reduces engagement and causes the viewers and users to unfollow those pages. On Facebook, you can save the audience and users who have shown a slight interest in your brand, thus making it easier to find a middle ground. However, the brand information and advertisements should be updated as per the needs so you can go back and make changes to your saved audience. Again, it is important to not spam the audience with your product as they might get annoyed and lose interest.

Don’t Be Too Tacky:

Now comes the part which plays a vital role in the marketing itself- the content used for advertisement. A lot of suggestions will ask you to make your themes flashy and eye-catching but while this is a way to intrigue your targeted audience, it can have adverse effects too.

As surveyed by Q3 2016 Index, 40% of users are likely to unfollow brands whose advertisements are too frequent. So, for social media promotions, you need to make sure your content blends with the general outlay of the platform itself.

Consumers know when they are seeing the advertisement and would much rather want it to be concise and organic. This way, you can also use promotional ads frequently as placing it on the side of timelines or before a video with considerably less flashy content will increase the outreach. 

Remain Up-to-Date:

Lastly, upgrading and maintenance are imperative to a good marketing strategy. Optimize the content and format of your advertising content continuously according to the needs of the users. Currently, there are several formats on Facebook for you to choose your advertisement strategy from so study the drawbacks and advantages of each format to make your advertisement plan unique and distinct.

For example, if you are using pictures and text posts, do not just rely on these visuals. Instead, keep exploring your options and experiment with the themes and background intelligently. Besides, be creative with the landing page as sometimes, your landing page is blocked from the advertisement.

Be Yourself! 

So start up by devising the best strategy for your brand and use the technicalities mentioned above to utilize social platforms according to your needs. Always be creative and original with the slogans, taglines and visuals as no one can know your brand better than yourself so make sure you use insightful approaches to make the users see the uniqueness of your brand!