Student Room Design Idea : Cost-Effective Ways To Make Your Apartment Beautiful

Student Room Design Idea
Students are always on a tight budget, that’s not a secret and when it comes to afford an apartment for yourself and to decorate it with all your money, the budget gets a lot tighter. Now that you have bought a sofa to bed everything with your own money, students understand why their mothers freaked out about that stain they put on their parent’s sofa.

Anyways keeping everything aside, if you have found yourself in this situation and now you have to decor the apartment yourself and you are on a tight budget, this article has some help for you for student room design idea. It’s not impossible to decorate an apartment on a tight budget, if you have got the mind for it, you can design a really nice apartment with little money.

Cost Effective Student Room Design Idea

Well, firstly you will have to be a little creative with everything that you do. decorate according to your apartment’s size, and architecture. The very first thing that you need to decide about your design would be the personality that you want to give to your apartment. Every apartment, every house has its own personality, its own feel. So, decide what feeling do you want to give your apartment and explore student room design idea, do you want it to be modern, subtle, or do you want it to be more colourful, more vibrant and funkier. It all depends on what you want.

Once you have decided that we will now look for some cost-effective ways that you can design your apartment and still have money to enjoy a nice dinner. So, let’s dig in.

  1. Paint the Walls Yourself

If you are happy with the wall colors that are already there, that’s well and good. However, if you want to change it, you will have to paint it yourself. Just buy a box of paint, you can buy or rent out the rest of the brushes and rollers required for painting. Hiring someone else cost you extra money. painting a wall is not that difficult. Watch a YouTube video to get a head start and paint everything yourself and save some bucks.

Now remember the paint color that you choose will define the theme of rest of your decor, so choose wisely. This is going to define your whole house.

  1. Grab Second-Hand Paintings

You might know it, but you can actually get used paintings on lesser money from the market. There must be a shop around you that are selling used paintings. You can find some in very good quality and you will be saving a good amount of money. No one notices once you have cleaned them and hung them on your wall. They look new and shiny. Paintings are very good decor materials and can fill up walls very easily, look for some classy modern paintings.

  1. The Curtains

You need curtains only for the windows. But if there is like a big window in your living room that gives you the complete outside view, this type of window does not a curtain. Let it stay like that, it looks modern and you will not have to spend money on an extra curtain.

  1. Make a Photo Gallery

A photo gallery looks modern, classy, define your style and does not cost much. A photo gallery will fill up wall very easily. Again, you can buy some used, second-hand frames and make them your own. Put your family pictures, friends or anything that you like. Your gallery will define your story, your roots and will make perfect decor for your house in very little money.

  1. Buy Less Furniture

You don’t need too much furniture around in your apartment. A nice bed and a dressing table for your bedroom, a classic couch and some cushions for your living area and some very few things for your kitchen would be enough for you. Maybe a sofa in the living room if you want to create some extra sitting space. Just have a nice comfortable sitting and you need a lot of furniture to do that. Furniture costs a good amount of money and can ruin your budget. So, take only what’s necessary.

Also, you don’t want your apartment to be just filled with furniture with no space to move around, its good to have some space to move around and chill.

  1. Get a Large Mirror

A large mirror can help amplify your space and make it look a lot bigger than it actually is. Yes, mirrors can do that. So, get a large mirror and place it where you want to, it will enhance the decor of your room.

  1. The Lightning

One lamp for your study table and the rest can be decorated with fairy lights. Fairy lights are cheaper than the big led bulbs and they look more beautiful and aesthetic. So, decorate your house with aesthetically placed fairly lights. You can take ideas from Pinterest, and make your house look aesthetic and beautiful while saving money of course.

  1. Glass Tables

Last but not least are the glass tables. You can buy a new one or a used one, it’s your own choice, whatever fits your budget. You don’t need a very big glass coffee tables so buy a small round glass table, it looks modern and will fit your space and will cost you lesser money.

So that was some information on how you can decorate your apartment on a tight budget. With a little creativity and some roaming around in the market, you can find some great stuff for your apartment at very low prices. And with everything you can create your dream house that you have always wanted.