Tea, Triund, and Trails: How to Enjoy Himachal like a Localise

The enchanting state of Himachal Pradesh is the dream destination of many travelers. Visiting it is like seeing a beautiful dream with wide-open eyes! Every small town, each hill station and all of the trails are fascinating enough to steal your heart.

After seeing this destination, every tourist thinks that life would have been more amazing if they were born in Himachal. Of course, then they must have experienced every part of it as a localite! But, to experience Himachal like a local, it’s not necessary to be a local.

Yes, we have gathered all the experiences through which you can enjoy Himachal Pradesh less like a tourist and more like a local. Are you excited to know about all that stuff? Well, then keep your eyes glued to your screen for the next few minutes.

  1. Visit the Rural Areas:

Making a connection with the localites of Himachal will help you in knowing about their lifestyle and day-to-day schedule. How they lead their lives smoothly amidst snow-capped mountains? What are the most bewitching yet peaceful spots which they visit to savor the natural views?

Well, we are advising you to visit the rural areas for mingling up with locals because finding such people in the main hill stations like Shimla or Manali isn’t easy. You will only find lots of tourists and locals who are more focused on doing their tour and travels business in popular hill stations. If you want the heart to heart conversations with locals, they prefer visiting villages like Nako, Chitkul, Kibber, Komic, Barot, etc.

  1. Cycle through the Quaint Trails:

Cycling is one activity through which you can explore any area of the state while savoring the breath-taking views. Apart from it, you will get much-needed solitude on this scenic journey. You will be able to see only the famous and big roads while going through a car or jeep.

But, in cycling, you get the chance to go to unexplored and narrow hilly trails as well. You can go anywhere with your will! You can stop in between to enjoy the views or talk to the locals. It’s a whole different kind of experience. Try cycling in quaint places like Naggar, Manali to Leh, Chail, Kufri, etc.

  1. Visit the Tea Gardens of Palampur:

Many people focus on tourist activities and often forget to visit the most beautiful and enchanting places in Himachal. You can’t feel the essence of Himachal without experiencing the unspoiled spots of natural beauty like the famous tea gardens.

Palampur is a small town which is also known as the Tea Capital of Northern India. The green vast tea gardens are a must-visit place here. The aromatic tea leaves make everything magical, and you also get to see the tea making process. You will surely get to chat with some local tea makers as well!

  1. Try Pahari Street Food:

You will get the chance to visit the international and English cafés even in your city, so; don’t go for that in Himachal. Instead, try the traditional Himachali food that too on the streets of Himachal. Yes, forget about big famous restaurants and stop by the small street shops.

Wait for your plate full of Himachali surprises while standing in a bustling market. You should try local dishes like Dham, Sidu, Mithha, Anardana Chicken, Babru, Akotri, and Kaddu ka Khatta in the markets of Shimla, Manali, Kullu etc. You can ask locals about the best street food shops in various areas of Himachal.

  1. Spend a Night in a Mountain Camp:

You can best experience the natural charms of Himachal by staying in the peaceful company of nature in a mountain camp. Camping is very famous in Himachal, and you will find lots of other acquaintances while staying in a camp.

Gaze the twinkling stars under the moonlight while hearing the chirping of crickets. You will be able to hear the symphony of the slow breeze as you will lie down on the soft grass. This experience will not only make you feel blessed but also make you close with nature! You can camp in places like Dharamshala, Triund, Manali, Shimla, Dalhousie etc.

  1. Explore the Local Markets to Buy Souvenirs:

Apart from visiting the tourist attractions, you should also explore the famous markets of Himachal Pradesh to see the beautiful arts and crafts of the state. You will get a chance to interact with these artisans to know about their art and what value it holds in their lives. You can also buy a few beautiful artifacts as souvenirs from these bustling markets of Himachal.

The most famous things which you should surely buy are rugs and carpets, paintings, wood carvings, and embroidered items. Visit markets such as Lakkar Bazaar in Shimla, Manu Market in Manali, and Kotwali Bazaar in Kangra to buy all that stuff.

  1. Trek in the Local Mountains:

Shimla is a trekker’s paradise where you can try many exciting treks. The views during each trek are totally amazing. The best part is that there are so many routes due to which you won’t find many tourists on your chosen trekking route. The trekking is full of new challenges which will surely make the whole journey truly memorable for you!

You can trek through paths like Jalori Pass, Bashleo Pass, Shimla-Churdhar, Shimla-Hatupeak, Shimla to Chail, Shimla-Junga, and Shimla to Tattapani in Shimla. Avoid trekking during monsoon due to landslides and roadblocks. You can stop in between to enjoy the vistas or to chat with your fellow trekkers. You will find many locals as well on these routes. So, it’s a worth trying activity!

Apart from all these, you can also enjoy normal mountain activities like river rafting, mountain climbing, mountain biking, fishing, zip-lining, paragliding, etc. But, do not miss any of the above-given experiences if you really want to live every minute of your Himachal trip like a true localite! Have a happy and safe trip.