Top 6 Free Keyword Research Tools For Beginner SEO

Keyword Research Tools

There are several tools for Keyword Research in SEO. Here, is a list of the six best keyword research tools in 2019. These fantastic tools have eased my organic traffic grow by 33% over the last six months: Besides, in this guide, I’ll expose the world’s best Keyword Research Tools also help you pick the best one for you.


Scrape recommend you keywords from multiple sources. Soovle provides you suggested keyword views from Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, also much more.
All can be gathered in one place. That process, you can discover untapped keywords that your opponent does not know about.

One of the Favorite Feature for this tool is the Saved Suggestions.It allows you to easily save your favorite keyword ideas with the help of Soovle’s “drag & drop” saved suggestions feature. Next, download your desired keywords to a CSV file. This is awesome.It can be acknowledged as one of the best free keyword research tools for SEO.


With the help of this keyword, you can Perceive thousands of related keyword ideas within moments. This is a straightforward (though powerful) tool. Then, what makes Jaaxy different?

First of all, it gives you LOTS of various keyword ideas. It can include some that you would not find in most other tools. Furthermore, you get valuable data on every keyword that it produces (including competition, search volume, moreover potential traffic).

The Favorite Feature of this tool is the QSR that stands for “Quoted Search Result.”It can be a fancy way of stating: “how many other websites are attempting to rank for this specific term?”.

Indeed, the lower this number, the better chance you have of ranking #1.A common freemium tool. Not approximately as good as something like SEMRush or Ahrefs. However, at $50/month, it’s not a poor deal.

Google Search Console

This tool finds more than hundreds of “Opportunity Keywords.”The GSC isn’t a popular keyword research tool. But it has a feature that performs finding top keywords a CINCH. Then how can you follow this feature for keyword research? It’s simple: use it to see “Opportunity Keywords.”

These Keywords are the one where you rank between #7-#20 in Google for a particular keyword. Furthermore, with little extra on-page SEO, you can discover yourself with a legit rankings boost.

For instance, my average rankings for the keyword “SEO tool” is estimated as 10.4.
It is an Opportunity Keyword. Furthermore, if I optimize my page around “SEO tool,” my rankings for that title should go up. The Favorite Feature of GSC is Google Analytics + Google Search Console.

Did you understand that you can combine your Google Search Console, including Google Analytics accounts? Well, you can. And it’s beneficial. When you do that, you’ll get SUPER in-depth keyword data than you would with each tool by itself. The GSC is an underrated keyword research tool. None other tools can assist you in finding Opportunity Keywords similar to the GSC.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

This tool drives smarter keyword decisions. Ahrefs newly rolled out a new also improved “Keywords Explorer.” Moreover, what I love most regarding Keywords Explorer is this:It provides you SUPER in-depth knowledge on each keyword.

Indeed, you get the data you’d assume (same as search volume). However, you also get a breakdown of the first-page competition… including how many searchers click on a result. One of the Favorite Feature for this tool is Keyword Difficulty. Maximum keyword research tools deliver you vague difficulty information (such as”easy” or “difficult”). Either a score (like “89/100”).

Although Ahrefs tells you Precisely how many backlinks you will require to rank on the first page of Google. Ahrefs is frequently known as for backlink analysis. Yet, I need to say: it’s become a killer keyword research tool. I see myself practicing it more and more each week. You can learn more about such tools from the institute of digital marketing in Delhi.

Google Keyword Planner

This tool Tap into Google’s extensive keyword database. The GKP is tolerably vanilla related to most different keyword research tools. Then why use it? This is because the data you receive from it comes straight from Google. Hence you know it’s legit. The Favorite Feature of this tool is “Top of page bid.” That is how much people merchants are bidding on a keyword.

For instance, if you see a top of page bid of $20, people are consuming an average of 20 bucks per click. Indeed, the higher this number, the more popular intent that searcher has.
The data in the GKP is the various reliable out there. That said because it’s designed for advertisements, using it for SEO can be tricky. This Google Keyword Planner Guide explains to you how the GKP for SEO-focused keyword research.

Make boatloads of targeted keyword purposes. Here is different Google Suggest scraper (quite like UberSuggest including Soovle). Now, What makes KeywordTool unusual?

There are two things:

First, KeywordTool provides you A LOT of keyword recommendations. -For instance, I just searched for “SEO”… and got 1,364 relevant keywords.Not distressed. The other is that you can quickly filter, drill-down, or increase the results to get the right keywords for yourself.

The eye-catching feature of this tool is that it Analyze Competitors. It is a very cool feature I do not see in many different keyword research tools. Simply enter a competitor’s site… also, the tool will create a list of keyword plans based on that site’s content. For instance, when I pop Digital Education into the tool, I perceive keywords that I’d expect.

(such as “SEO” and “blog”)

However, I also came over terms that I do not use anywhere on my site yet are closely related to the type of material that I write about. Such as “digital marketing” also “how to check backlinks.”One of the most crucial overall keyword research tools on the business. Deserving a try.

I hope the above list of tools will assist you in achieving traffic moreover high ranking for your website and enhance sale.