Tympanometry : A Middle Ear Test Procedure

It’s used for a examination for test and the condition your middle ear and that be mobility of your eardrum that can conduction of bones by creating a variations of the air pressure in the ear canal. That’s not a hearing test, but this is rather a measure of the energy transmission through the middle ear.

What is Tympanometry?

The tympanometry is provides a way, with a physical exam, this is a graphic representation of relationship with air pressure and ear canal and there movement of the eardrum, the tympanic membrane, the tiny bones in  the air-filled in the middle ear space.when eardrum is disturbed by sound, so the part of sound is absorbed and sent through from the middle ear while the other part of the sound reflected. The Information of derived that they are from tympanometry provides the additional information which are regarding in middle ear function, that especially Eustachian tube.

Tympanometry Performed

The tympanometry can be performed in a hearing healthcare professional’s or a doctor’s office. The first, clinician will visual inspection in your ear canal and the eardrum using a lighted scope placed in the ear. When a probe is flexible with rubber tip that will be place in your ear. So that problem cause the air pressure in your ear canal and change your hear some low-pitched tones. That feeling can be a similar and the pressure can changes during the takeoff and the landing when you’re on plane.while pressure is change, Measurements of your eardrums and the movement will be recorded.

  • Fluid in your middle ear
  • Otitis media a middle ear infection
  • Perforation in the tympanic membrane
  • Eustachian tube, on the upper part of the throat and the nose with middle ear.

It’s helpful to prepare your child for tympanometry

Your child have a tympanometry, so you need to show them beforehand, and using a toy,and how the test will be done. And can help to prepare for loud noises and practice being still.

Test Result of Tympanometry

Normal Result

  • No fluid in your middle ear.
  • Eardrum moves normally.
  • Normal pressure in the middle ear.
  • Normal movement of the ossicles in the small bones of middle ear that conduct a sound and aid in the hearing of eardrum.

Abnormal Result

  • Fluid in your middle ear.
  • Perforation in the eardrum.
  • Middle ear pressure is the normal range
  • The growths in the middle ear.
  • Earwax blocking
  • The lack of mobility or other problem with ossicles on the middle ear.

About Tympanometry Result

The tympanogram is a important test for the adults and the children who are the seeking in the medical clearance for hearing aids.in the children tympanometry is a typically performed to a document or rule the out of the presence of the fluid  in the middle ear or a infection on it, the hole in the ear drum the eustachian tube dysfunction, that if a child has a normal hearing, they tympanogram which can provide the further information and the regarding a fluid in middle ear concerns.

The fluid in the middle ear space to prevents the eardrum which is moving the transmitting and the sound properly, in this condition the nearly always have a temporary and the medical treatable. And if you have a fluid your ear, you don’t need hearing aids to correct your hearing aids and correct hearing loss. You should consult your physician and hearing health professional for determine the best course of the action.