Whiteboard Animation Tips – Create The Perfect Videos

whiteboard animation video tips

Since the term is coined we have safe in the knowledge that the whiteboard animation videos are writing on the whiteboards, and often include narration. However, as the term gains in popularity, the question also prevailed how whiteboard animation videos can be created. Some say if you wish to create a live video yourself just go for it.

Software-drawn videos may not have some of the charms of a live action video, but they allow production without needing the proper lighting, recording equipment, and artistic abilities.

So if you have prepared your mind to create a whiteboard animation videos we have got you covered with professional tips to get you through the question of how to create a whiteboard animation.

Create the content

The very initial step is creating the content. Though the procedure may vary, however, a script should be the final product. That shouldn’t be a blog post and not essay a story or a fable however, a script is exactly what you plan for your consumers to understand. While working from the basic material its necessary to read the source material in the way that it will be presented. Not every detail but sentences that certainly add some additional words that your script will reflect.

The storyboard content

Once you are done with creating your script you are ready for the storyboard. Few things are easy to demonstrate and few are easy to visually understand. Though the abstract concepts can be challenging so not to have a focus on them. The main attention to be paid on the visual cues that reinforce your script.

Moreover, the storyboard phase comes when you make sure you want to design your content on the whiteboard. The movement of the frame, the frame to frame movement, will every frame make ties to the big picture. These are the question you might think of while making the storyboard.

The script and the storyboard will go hand in hand with each other, in some cases overlapping, however, usually communicating different but relevant things.

Turn the whole storyboard into animation

The very next step in storyboarding is to organize your storyboard in a manner that compliments your scripts. For many expert’s storyboarding is the stage and animation is the final stage. The basics of your animation phase will be based on the platform you make use of and the icons provided to you. Though this is the point where you create the story.

The appropriate time for animation

The interval of your animation will hold your animation back to your content. The intervals of your animation and your content are the point where the magic becomes alive. Do you desire the icons to appear in the right when you call them, or you desire them to slide while you talk and in some case come up with your script? These are the entertaining tools that you can take leverage and make your video living.  

Some professionals usually take every frame and call out while improving the interval of every element in a consecutive order.

Bonus 1;

This the point where the significance of your script being very obvious to what you say is introduced. If you alter the manner you have made points every now and then, your interval will be off and your animation may not correspond.  Modify and alter the scrips as much as you wish but adhere to it for the purpose of consistency.

Bonus 2;

Have your animation and content as close as can be though it doesn’t need to be perfect but close enough. As soon as you record the audio you can improve the interval of your audio and animation to perfectly match.

The perfect voice over

So you have the script and the animation ready, the intervals are there the very next step is to have the audio recorded to maintain flow, ease, and continuation, the shorter videos voice over must be recorded in one take and if it’s a need to break it then, by all means, achieve perfection.

Eventually, try to make an intense and deep voice, the manner of giving a strong passionate presentation to a closed group will work wonders. Or if you have experience with public speaking here is the chance to have it all used up or if you don’t then you better go through the resources.