10 Landscape Lighting Ideas for Outdoors

Landscape Outdoor Lighting

When you are into your outdoor landscaping project, the type of lighting you wish to install the electrician Central Coast dictates them all.

The options that you have in store for the lighting method, style, layout, and the controls that are there it helps in a lot to narrow down the options within. The lightings are dictated typically by the installation method and the source of power.

The following are 10 major types of landscape lighting ideas for outdoor you can choose from:

#1. Path Lights

Path lights are usually installed with the help of professional electrical contractors electrician Central Coast NSW to illuminate the paths emphasizing on the beautiful features of the areas that are there outdoors as they make up the most important type of landscape lighting fixture.

The path lights as similar to what their name simply implies, they do light up the path, the walkways even the driveways that form the part of your home landscaping as this is by far the common type of landscape lighting ideas here.

#2. Post mount Lights

The outdoor lanterns that are mounted on top of taller posts form the basis of the post mount lights.

The Post mount lights are also known as pier mount lights. This type of lighting is mainly used on the entryways along with the gates and fences. You can have them installed in the areas where your guests usually congregate.

#3. Deck Lights

This type of lighting is usually used for the improved safety, visibility, and aesthetics of your outdoor deck or patio. The deck lights usually illuminate the darker areas.

In the night time, the main purpose of these lights is to make sure to illuminate the entire deck surface. They are oftentimes installed flush with the material required for decking as they line up outside of the deck area.

The main purpose of this light is to improve safety in creating a visible boundary. They are also used for entertainment purposes.

#4. Step Lights

The Step lights are lightings used in the outdoor stairs and steps. You can take the help of a professional level 2 electrician Central Coast. They provide a safe passage also improving the visual aesthetics at the time of night.

#5. Bollard Lights

These lights are quite functional for the illumination of the pathways, walkways as well as the driveways as they are much bigger path lights here.

A task that includes illumination of the pathways, walkways, and driveways these heavy-duty bollard lights accomplishes several tasks here.

In terms of the decorative elements, they are also quite popular here. They usually tend to incorporate further complex designs and ornamentation as they are quite larger than that of the path lights.

While the larger bollards are perfect for the framing of the entrances and gateways, the smaller bollards make up the ideal choice for the illumination of the paths here.

#6. Spotlight

One of the most versatile outdoor lightings that serve as a security feature is the spotlights.

This type of light highlights the natural elements of trees, flowers, and others. Man-made features such as the sculptures, buildings, and other architectural elements are all emphasized through this type of lighting.

You can ask your 24-hour electrician North Shore to help you out as spotlights provide the best security lighting and they also provide a powerful illumination here.

#7. Flood Lights

The Pegasus lighting or floodlights are usually known for heavy-duty lightings featuring in a further expansive area that is ideal for the illumination of the complete yard or the driveway.

The floodlights usually feature the wider one covering a further expansive area with a similar type of wattages as they feature in a narrow beam of light here.

#8. Well Lights

Well lights sync the best with its name. They are installed under the ground. They are the best landscape lighting ideas for illuminating the pathways and another important landscape element.

The purpose of these lights is much similar to that of a spotlight. You can well highlight them more prominently with a specific feature.

#9. Pond Lights

You can add a great accent to the elements that are there in your backyards such as ponds or other water features as they are much alike waterproof spotlights.

These lightings are becoming one of the most sought after components while the water features into the landscaping option here.

#10. Hardscape Lights

This small light illuminates the handrails, patios, decks in a beautiful manner. They form the best lighting ideas for your landscapes. They are installed in the area where lighting is required.