How to Configure Spam and Privacy in AOL Mail

How to configure spam and privacy in AOL Mail

AOL mail, one of the biggest email service provider in the world, does offer pretty neat tricks when it comes to privacy and spam protection.

Today, we are going to be learning about how you can change and manage your spam and privacy settings in AOL mail. These are a few things that protect users from external filth. Some corrupted personnel or entities try to infiltrate the email accounts of innocent civilian’s every day. That is the reason why you must subscribe to a service that protects you from these vultures. AOL is a service which provides the kind of security you need from those corrupted individuals or entities. To learn more about the spam protection, call AOL customer service number.

Let’s look at how spam protection works for an account.

Spam Protection

Spam protection filter is a program that is used to detect uninvited and unwanted email and prevent those messages from getting to your personal inbox. These spam filter words target some specific words and keywords and decide to block that email on that basis.
How AOL blocks spam:

  • AOL blocks spam mails before it even reaches your inbox.
  • AOL never sells your email address to spammers.
  • They work day in day out to reduce the spam coming to your account.
  • Each email contains an option of marking an email as spam, which helps them in determining the potential spammers.
  • All the spam mail are redirected to a folder named spam in the AOL mail.

How to change AOL spam settings:

Most spam emails are caught by the AOL spam filters, but a few of the emails can trick spam filters as well. Which is why AOL has a neat trick up their sleeve of marking a mail as spam.

Open AOL mail and click on the messages you want to mark as spam. Then mark that message as spam by clicking on the spam button on top of the email. Similarly, you can unmark and email from the spam folder when you’ve marked an email as spam accidentally.

You can also create custom spam filters according to your needs.

  • Open Options and then Mail Settings from the AOL mail.
  • Now, click on the Spam Settings tab.
  • You can enter the username of the email address you want to block.
  • Then click on the plus icon.
  • Tap ‘Save Settings’ button.

For additional privacy for the account, you can block the images and links in the email. This will protect you from accidentally downloading a virus from unknown senders.

Block images and links in the unknown sender’s email body

  • Click on Options to Mail Settings under Username.
  • Now, go to the General Tab, if not already there.
  • Look for the reading section and then select the following
  1. Hide images in the mail from unknown senders
  2. Disable links in the mail from unknown senders
  • Then click on the ‘Save Settings’ button to make the changes.

By following this guide you’ll be able to manage spam and privacy settings in your AOL mail account. If you are not able to understand anything, call AOL support number for extensive help on spam and privacy-related matters.