Workout in Summer – 8 Best Techniques To Do Workout During Summer

workout in summer

Summer has arrived, and the mercury level in the barometer has started rising. But this summer rising temperature will not stop you from doing exercise. If you want to stay fit and fine, regular exercise is important, even in the sweltering summer season, In this article check out 8 pro tips to doing workout in summer session.

But, to do exercise in hot summer days, you need to take a few precautions. Otherwise, you may start facing bad health conditions. Extreme hot weather may result in bad health ranging from sunburn and dehydration to heat-stroke.

That means overdoing exercise may result in severe consequences. Therefore, you should take some precaution until the mercury level drops again:

1. Stay Hydrated

If you are one of those people who consider that carrying a large water bottle with them is enough to stay hydrated, then I must tell you, think twice. While doing exercise in hot weather, you should start hydrating your body long before moving outside on a hot day.

It is recommended to drink at least 20 ounces of water an hour before heading out. And, just before start doing exercise, drink 8 ounces of water.

While doing a workout, take a sip from your water bottle after every fifteen minutes, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Finally, when you come back to your home, rejuvenate your body with an electrolyte drink.

2. Just Get Easy

If you have never worked out, especially outdoor, then you should not try to run more than five miles. Also, you can start doing workout inside your home. All you need to maintain the right atmosphere by installing air conditioning Sydney and start doing exercise at your home.

Now, you do not need to worry about the outside weather condition. If it is your first day, then do it for a few minutes and gradually start increasing your time. This way, your body will start building strength and tolerance power.

3. Wear light & lose clothes

Never wear a black color dress while doing exercise during summer because black color can easily absorb sunlight and results in a rise in the temperature of your body. Therefore, it is always recommended to wear light color clothes and prefer to choose cotton stuff. The cotton material will let the air circulate and sweat evaporation that, in turn, make you feel cooler.

4. Apply Sunscreen

Long-time exposing yourself under the sun during summer can result in high body temperature. Also, harmful UV rays also damage your skin. To protect your skin from sunburn, never forget to apply sunscreen lotion on your face, neck, hands, and other exposed parts of your body before going out for long walks and exercise.

Before purchasing any sunscreen lotion, make sure that it can stand up with your sweat and is simple to reapply. Also, search for the shady place where you can take rest and calm down your body temperature.

5. Always Pick Non-peak Hours

If it is possible for you, then it is suggested to choose that time for exercise when the sun is not so strong, and the humidity level is low. The best time to do exercise is morning, get up early and go out for a workout in summer.

Our body produces sweat to cool down the body temperature. When sweat evaporates, then it leaves a cooling effect, but for sweat evaporation, it is mandatory that the surrounding humidity level is low. When the surrounding condition is too humid, then sweat sticks to our body.

6. Slow down your pace

Hot summer days with extremely high temperature is not an ideal time to break your record. Therefore, you should slow down your pace. It is absolutely OK to reduce your speed when the outside temperature has broken records.

Reducing pace means more time for a workout, but later on, you will be thankful to yourself for reducing your speed. This is the best way to work out when the outside temperature is too high.

7. Consult Your Doctor

In case if you are taking any type of medicines, then before start doing regular workout, it is good to consult your doctor. Different medicines affect various people in different ways. Never start exhausting when you are on medication, consult your doctor first.

For example, if you’ve recently had a fever, then you should start doing exercise inside your home rather than going outside at high temperatures. Install ducted air conditioning Sydney and maintain the right temperature inside your room that is favorable for your exercise.

8. Be Aware

First of all, be aware of all the physical signs that may lead to dehydration, heat-stroke, or other heat-related problems. If you feel dizzy, then listen to your body and stop doing the workout.  Calm down in an air-conditioned place and hydrate your body. Take a glass of healthy fruit juice and replenish the water level in your body.