7 Best WordPress Multilingual Translation Plugin for Websites in 2020

WordPress Multilingual

While, in theory, you have the entire internet available under the tips of your fingers, the truth is that you’re mostly restricted by your knowledge of different languages. Let’s say, for instance, that you’re a French native speaker with a high level of competence in English. In this scenario, you would have the functional access to all the sites in English, as well as those in French. However, what about the German, Spanish or Russian side of the internet? Just think about how may incredible learning resources and online content these sites possess. 

Sadly, this content is something that you won’t have access to unless you master the languages in question. As a website owner, this restricts your potential client base. That is, however, unless adequate WordPress multilingual plugins is used. Here are seven such platforms that you should use for your WordPress in order to expand your target audience as much as possible.

Best WordPress Multilingual Plugin For Your Website


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The first great multilingual translation plugin that we’re going to discuss is definitely Polylang. The reason why this WordPress Multilingual plugin is so amazing is due to the fact that it has an incredibly simple interface. Now, in a common scenario where this is the first time that you’re dealing with this particular digital marketing problem, you’ll have a much easier job getting a grip of things with such a beginner-friendly tool. Moreover, this plugin is ideal for e-commerce support, which makes it quite handy for e-stores.

Another major advantage of Polylang, one that might put it head and shoulders ahead of some of its toughest competitors on this list is the fact that it’s designed with numerous SEO plugins in mind. What this means is that you get to integrate it into your digital marketing strategy quite seamlessly. Lastly, it’s also a budget-friendly plugin, seeing as how the base plugin is free. A pro version, which is more than worth buying, is not that expensive either.


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The next WordPress Multilingual plugin that we need to discuss is the famous TranslatePress, which is a plugin that gives you an outstanding chance for a direct front-end translation. Not only that, but you also get an option to see the live preview of what the website will look like after the translation. Needless to say, such a tool would enable you to centralize your marketing efforts. For instance, for an Australian company that aims to expand to the foreign market, this would create an opportunity where their
SEO agency from Brisbane has a chance to work on their multilingual marketing campaign.

One more advantage of a TranslatePress is the fact that it creates a safer environment for manual translations. Even without having to make a translation yourself, you can just assign a custom translator. The reason why this is an invaluable security move is due to the fact that they can translate the content as users, without actually getting access to the admin area of the site. While it may not seem like such an important thing, at the moment, you need to understand just how crucial it is for your security and integrity of your website, in general.


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One major edge that MultilingualPress has over its numerous competitors is the fact that you get a completely new and innovative approach to the creation of multilingual websites. Due to the fact that the WordPress Multilingual plugin loads one language at the time, even though it’s fully capable of handling content in numerous languages, what you get is a major speed improvement to your website. Other than this, you get numerous taxonomies, custom post types, pages, posts, etc.

There’s one more thing that we need to mention, while still on the topic of the multilingual website creation, which is the architecture. The way in which this works is that you get a situation in which every single language gets treated as a subdomain or directory. In some scenarios, it even gets treated as a unique, custom domain name. Due to all the advantages that it provides, the cost of the WordPress Multilingual plugin is slightly higher than some of its above-listed counterparts (even for a single multisite license). Still, it’s definitely worth it.

Translate WordPress with GTranslate

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When it comes to the best of the best, you just can’t top Translate WordPress with GTranslate plugin for WordPress. This Google translation plugin has incredible synergy with Google translate and provides you with the simplest support for any language that you plan to translate for. Needless to say, it can provide a great level of automation, so that it allows the plugin to translate content based on the user’s browser language.

There is, nonetheless, one particular problem with virtually any automatic translation platform and that is the fact that errors in translation drastically lower the quality of your content in the eyes of search engines. In other words, allowing for a search engine to index a poorly translated page can hurt your SEO rank. So, choose an additional SEO plugin in order to have an easier job at deciding which of these pages should actually be indexed. Keep in mind that a manual translation (that comes from a trusted translator) always goes first.

Transposh WordPress Translation

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Transposh WordPress Translation is a tool that gives you a chance to combine a manual and automatic translation in a way that you see most fit. In other words, it’s more of a tool to help you out in your manual translation than the one to do all the work for you. The way this works is that you get numerous suggestions that are based on the context and languages used. The interface itself is also quite convenient and efficient. 

Another major advantage of this plugin (and a major one at that), lies in the fact that it has translation support for more than just Google. You see, Bing, Yandex and Apertium translation services are also included in the mix. Moreover, the plugin itself supports over 117 languages. As far as the additional advantages of the platform go, you get superior performance, incredible support and unprecedented flexibility. Aside from this, you also get an SEO boost via a far superior search engine exposure.

Google Website Translator

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It goes without saying that Google itself has some standard translate tools to help you out with your content if the need arises. This is probably the simplest but also the crudest form of translation. All you have to do is select languages that you want to show in the language switcher in order for them to be displayed on the sidebar widget. The problem with this concept lies in the fact that it heavily relies on machine translation, which is quite prone to errors. Still, provided that you have an actual translator amidst your ranks, you can entrust them with editing instead of the entirety of the translation.

The installation process is fairly simple, as well. All you have to do is go to Google Translate and look for a Website Translator at the bottom of the page. Then, you go to the page that you want to add the plugin to and choose the language that your website is in. After this, all you have to do is visit the advanced options and then check a box that will let the plugin know that the content of your website might contain multiple languages. Nonetheless, as we’ve already mentioned, machine translation can be quite crude, which is why this is not an ideal tool. On the other hand, it is the simplest and the most frugal one.

Loco Translate

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The very last thing that you need to take into consideration is the fact that your content isn’t the only thing that you’ll have to translate. Sometimes, there’s a need for you to translate a theme or even a plugin and when that happens, you need to use the tool such as Loco Translate. The tool itself comes with a built-in translation editor that you can access via your WordPress admin tab. Once you master the use of the plugin and get accustomed to numerous (yet simple) keyboard shortcuts, you will find the tool to be quite accurate, efficient and convenient.

As far as the question of security goes, the plugin itself has a transparent and fair plugin privacy notice, in which it clearly states that their aim is not to collect your data. All in all, when it comes to the overall safety of your content and information, you have nothing to worry about.

In conclusion

In the end, you need to bear in mind the fact that the cost of these plugins (even the most expensive ones), tends to be quite reasonable considering the circumstances. After all, by hosting a multilingual website, you’re saving yourself the cost of having to make an entirely new website. Not only that but it makes your job a lot easier by allowing you to centralize your digital marketing efforts. On top of it all, you get access to a whole new market. Overall, it’s a win-win deal for your online presence.