Tricks on Google Maps – 20 Tips For Planning Your Trip

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Traveling is fun When you know the tricks on Google Maps to follow for making your trip more adventure and loving, It is always great to explore new places around. It not only refreshes your mind & soul but is also said to have many health benefits. Most people love to go on a trip once in a while; the only difference is the choice of place. Many of you like adventure trips, while many love to see the beauty of nature, and few are in favor of a spiritual tour. These are only some of the examples as it depends upon the personal interest of a person.

When we are talking about trips, it is always a dilemma to choose between the road trip by your car and by public transport. If we are not wrong, then the majority of people prefer to go by personal vehicle. And rightly so, a journey by private car is excellent as you can take as many stops as you want to, re-plan your destinations, add extra stops, and many more. For many people driving is fun, and they will never want to let this opportunity go on the road trip. But, if you are going to an unknown place, taking your vehicle might be tricky. You have to ask for the correct path from locals, and this could be worse if you are on a highway.

No, we are not scaring you; it’s just a matter of concern. It doesn’t matter where you are and whether you know the route or not¸ Google Maps is always there for you.

Explore Top 20 Trick on Google Maps You Need To Follow

Save Google Maps Route Offline

Our advice that whether you are aware of the route or not, always save the way offline on Google Maps. For those who know it is not a big issue, but for those who don’t, it is alarming. The reason why we are saying to save maps offline is that there is no guarantee of networks on the entire route of your planned destination. In the case of online maps, you must require an internet connection, and if it is not there, you’re stuck. Considering this point in mind, Google Maps offers the feature of saving the route offline that you can access without the internet. This could be a smart move.

Add Stops

Most of us might know this feature, while many of us don’t. Google Maps give this unique feature of adding stations in between your route where you want to visit. This could be helpful when you are traveling to a place where there are some attractions to admire in between the way of the final destination. This great feature won’t let you miss any as it will remind you when you will reach near to the stop. So, plot the points where you want to stop and drive calmly.

Find Places Nearby

It doesn’t matter whether you are on a trip by your car or by taking public conveyance when you are somewhere for the first time you need to find places you require. This is where Google Maps will help you out. Bundled with amazing features, Maps will let you search any place you are looking for nearby. Be it a restaurant, fast food joint, pharmacy, ATM, or club, and Google Maps is there for you. Enter what you are searching for, and the results will be there.

Create Your Directions

Whenever you search on Google Maps, it will always show the fastest route possible. This is to save your time and assure that the user reaches the destination as soon as possible. But, if you are out to roam and enjoy in the market place, then there is no need for the fastest route. Now what you can do is create your directions with the drag & drop feature of Google Maps. With this, you will not go off-track and explore every place you are looking for.

The Distance Calculator

Time is money, and this, we all might have experienced it. It takes a lot to plan any trip, and the most important thing is time. So, while on a trip, everyone wants to travel as many destinations as they could in the time they have. Before moving out to visit someplace, you can calculate the distance and time required to travel. This could be complete with the help of Google Maps only. It will also help you out to find the routes with heavy traffic; hence you can take the alternative way to save time.

Examine The Traffic Locations

As we’ve discussed above, Google Maps let you see the routes with high traffic. Whenever you search for a destination from your current location, Maps show a red line that indicates high traffic. With this feature, either you can avoid going to the end having traffic on the route, or you can consider some other way without much traffic.

Save The Places You Love

A journey or trip is not only about enjoying yourselves; first, it is also to encourage others to explore different areas. Similarly, Google Maps is not only an app that shows the route, traffic, and distance, but it can also help you in saving the places you loved. This list of favorite places you make can also be shared with others to let them see the aura of those places. This might also create a desire in them to go on a trip.

Check For Parking Nearby

It is quite a concern to decide that there is parking or not where you are heading. Google Maps have now resolved that concern as it will direct you to the nearby parking with ease. Besides, users can also check the current situation or availability of parking area via Google Maps only.

Save the location of the parked car

Most of us might have faced the problem when finding the place of our vehicle in the parking area. This problem is now have solved by Google Maps. Users can now save the parking location of your car via Maps and then follow the route to find it easily.

Enjoy The Music You Love

Music is the best companion, and especially while traveling, it can take you to some other world. Along with finding the best routes, Google Maps also has got a feature to sync with the music app to let you enjoy the music without leaving the Maps app. No doubt, it is a great experience to listen to music with headphones on, but while driving, experiencing music with speakers is altogether different and worth enjoying.

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Specific Routes For Wheelchair Users

It is not possible to travel in your car everywhere while on a trip. The reason is that a trip is best enjoyed while interacting with your peers, and while driving, more focus is on the road. For physically challenged people, it might also be useful to get some fresh air instead of sitting in a car and moving around. For them, Google Maps have started an initiative for the “wheelchair accessible” route option. Though it is only available in large metropolis cities, yet it is beneficial.

Your Timeline

Many of us love to share our photographs on social media with the place we’ve visited in the background. This is just an example as there is a different approach of each individual about how he/she explores the joy. Similarly, Google Maps has its way of keeping a record of places you’ve visited. The tab where it keeps all the information is known as “Timeline.” You can access it from the left navigation tab. Maps also allow the user to write notes about each place you visit and see the photographs you’ve clicked at that particular location.

Book Cab Using Google Maps

While looking for a route or the distance between your location and the destination on Google Maps, you can also book a taxi directly without exiting the application. Maps will show the fare of each category of a taxi, and you can select the one that suits your needs and the budget.

Behave And Enjoy Like a Local

It is quite an awkward feeling when you are on a trip to a completely unknown place. Also, it is sometimes difficult to find a site, which is exactly what you are looking for. You might need the help of local people, and there are chances that locals might misguide you (unintentionally). So the main point is why to look for locals when you can behave like locals. With the ‘Explore’ tab of Google Maps, you can get information about social activities, restaurants, bars, and much more around the locality you are in. It will also tell you about the specialty of that place.  

Help Others Find You Easily

This is another fantastic feature of Google Maps that lets you share the route you took with your companion friends. This will not only keep you along plus help them take a similar way with less traffic as you’re using. It is of help when you’re in different cabs, or you’ve called someone to meet at a specific location.

Experience Time Travel

What? It sounds ridiculous? No, if it is so for you, then you might be living in some ancient era. With the time travel feature of Google Maps, you can experience a digital street view of the place, which shows how it looked years ago. This could be done by clicking the stopwatch icon at the top-left corner in the street view and then facing the camera around the area you wish to see. As of now, this feature is available only for some places, and no doubt, it is fun to use.

Send Your Real-time Location

Moving out alone for buying something in an unknown place, do share your live location with your family to keep them worry-free. Your loved ones will keep track of you are, and they don’t have to call every now & then to ask where you’ve reached.

Locate The Washroom

Though this feature is only available in the NCR region of India as of now as an initiative for the Swachh Bharat Campaign yet, it is beneficial. You can easily find the nearest washroom via Google Maps instead of urinating in the open and polluting the environment.

Cut Off The Highways and Tolls

While doing a pre-check of the route you are going to take if you see heavy jam on tolls or roads, it is advisable to avoid that route. Again Google Maps is there for your rescue. Under ‘route options,’ you will see sections for ‘avoid tolls,’ ‘avoid highways,’ and ‘avoid ferries.’ Once you clicked the checkboxes against each option, the maps will show a different route that does not contain any tolls and highways. But remember, that route might belong as compared to the one with tolls and highways.

Single Finger Gesture

If you are using maps in your mobile while driving or have only one hand free using it while walking, then you can zoom in and out just using a single finger. All you have to do it double-tap the screen and place the finger on the spot you want to magnify. Yes, you’re done, now just slide up and down to take a look at nearby places on the map.

Conclusion on Google Map Tips

If you love to travel may this trick on google maps to use are helpful to you to enjoy a journey like a local person of your traveling location.