Chatbots For Marketing : 15 Ways Chatbots Can Help Marketers to Increase Sales

chatbots for marketing

Digitalisation is on the verge of completely housing the way businesses are marketed and run. It has become an essential tool for increasing the brand value & sales of any company and chatbots for marketing behave key role on that.

All this has been made possible with the help of automation of the industrial sector. We all are focusing on using automatic tools and technologies to run our businesses in a better and faster manner. This has also led to an increase in the popularity of chatbots in significantly less period. The chatbots have revolutionised the way marketing is done.

Chatbots Basics?

We’ll talk about chatbots in straightforward terms to make you understand. They are nothing but precisely designed computer software that is programmed to communicate with humans textually or verbally on a digital interface. Chatbots are made with an idea to answer simple queries of clients regarding the Service of a company. They have evolved so much that nowadays, these bots can be used for answering simple as well as the most sophisticated queries of customers. They can be task-oriented or data-driven & predictive.

Chatbots have a pivotal role to play in generating genuine leads and increasing revenue of a company. Besides, they also eliminate the need for an individual to ping customers regularly via texts or calls. Let us see the ways by which chatbots can help marketers to enhance sales.

15 ways chatbots can help marketers to increase sales

Know how to Shows suitable content for customers with the help of chatbots.

The best thing about chatbots is personalised content automation. They are AI-powered systems that analyse what a customer is looking for and what he/she has purchased earlier. By measuring all these factors, including many others, chatbots give appropriate suggestions to an individual.

While interaction, you’ll feel that there is a customer service agent on the other side, but this is not true. Imagine a situation where you are looking for specific types of sports shoes but not able to find. While the chatbot is analysing your activity and then it gives you several suggestions for sports shoes that are similar to what you were looking for. Most of the time, a customer buys the product by choosing from the recommendations after the proper research. Besides, the customer can also ask about the availability of the work he was looking for.

This cycle repeats every time you visit the website; the chatbot will show you recommendations based on your search and purchased history.

24*7 Service

With the use of chatbots, one thing is sure that you don’t have to hire extra employees to answer queries after working hours. Chatbots have been smart enough that they can handle most types of queries on their own and in a most decent manner. You have a question about any product at 2:00 AM; chatbots are there for you with a quick reply. This plays an essential role in improving the image of your company as it is there for customers whenever they need them.

Besides, chatbots can also initiate a conversation with customers to take reviews via live chat, which is what people like more these days instead of calls.

Better engagement ability

There is much more about chatbots that made them so famous and vital for businesses. Engagement with a client in the best possible way is reasonably necessary to maintain a good relationship and retain him. That is where chatbots come for the rescue. Even if you have not used the Service of a company for so long, still chatbots will be in your touch by sending you some relevant information about the latest products, discounts, and offers.

This customer engagement strategy is an excellent way to increase sales and maintain the brand image of your company.

Target large audience

A team of individuals cannot reach a wide audience in less time as chatbots can. The reason is that it is not that easy to interact with people one by one through calls or emails, and you might also end up annoying clients, which is not good.

What you can do is employ chatbots on social media platforms where millions of people stay every time. The interested audience will automatically contact you; hence there is no need to ping them. This could not only increase brand awareness but also boost sales.

Eases the workload of the marketing team

With less load marketing team can reap great benefits and focus better on what they are doing. Chatbots serves as a funnel in the whole marketing process. They try to eliminate the engagement of customer service/marketing agent to the client until they become sure that it is a good lead. Chatbots filter out the audience and segregates the ones who genuinely want to make a purchase. Only interested customers are directed to the team for further process if required.

Proactive approach

Chatbots are designed to greet visitors with a heartwarming message. This might lift their mood and play a key role in creating the right brand image. The reputation of any brand decides how much customers like its Service. Adopting a proactive approach using chatbots will do the same and, in turn, help in increasing sales.

Interactive & attractive communication

You can employ a chatbot that not only answers queries of customers but also tempts them to click on it. This is another way by which you can increase visitors to your site that later on could be seen in the increased revenue. To adopt this approach, one thing one needs to do is make chatbot fun to interact with & attractive.

Straight answers to queries

We, humans, tend to cook stories in whatever someone asks us. And if instead of giving ‘to the point’ answers to your clients you cook the story, they will become angry and your company might lose one of its customers. This not the case with chatbots. They are designed to give one-line answers wherever possible. This approach of chatbots not only saves the client’s time but also make him satisfied. It builds great trust towards the company and help in the frequent visit of customers.

Coupons and quizzes

This is one of the best properties of chatbots that they can engage customers with the help of quizzes or a short tricky game. Plus, after completion, they can give discount coupons that tempt users to make a purchase. The more unique the quiz will be, the more visitors it’ll attract. Besides, by taking quizzes, chatbots also get key information about the user that can later be used for targeting them.

Shopping cart reminder

A large number of people abandon their shopping cart after adding the product due to various reasons, where very few are those who leave due to genuine reasons. Now chatbots can send reminders via notifications or in messenger. This will automatically generate sales from potential & interested customers without needing to call or email them.

Makes consumer ready for the salesperson

There are many instances when communication between a marketing agent and a customer is a must to finalize the deal. Chatbots cannot do everything on their own as of now; hence a need for customer service agents is there. But the advantage of having a chatbot is that it takes all relevant information of the customer before he/she reaches to the salesperson. The information might include personal details, services the client is looking for, budget, and other key data. This helps salesperson a lot in focusing on more important things to seal the deal.

The app’s alternative

Studies have shown that most people avoid downloading new applications on their smartphones. Hence, only those who are in trend and have become ‘the brand’ will only be downloaded. So, with this tough competition completely relying on the application is a bad idea.

Chatbots could be the best alternative for applications as they can be employed on any social platform, including Facebook or Instagram. An interested audience will automatically click on the link and might end up downloading the application as well, if required.

A perfect guide

Imagine yourself as a first time viewer to the website looking for a shirt to buy. But you don’t know where to go to find a suitable one for you. By looking at your search pattern, the chatbot will automatically give several suggestions that’ll help you select the kind of shirt you wish to buy. Here’s how a chatbot can serve as your personal guide. This will also raise the chances of sales by a confused customer.

Personalised recommendations

You would have noticed that the products you’ve searched on the website or wish-listed appear somewhere when you open a social media website like Facebook or Instagram. This is how chatbots make personalised recommendations depending upon an individual’s interest so that they directly click and make a purchase instead of searching for something they like. This has also seen an increase in the percentage of the sale.

Full customer service

A chatbot is not only designed to interact with a customer and help generate sales. But, it can also assist customers once the purchase is made. After buying something, one can track order status with the help of a chatbot and see where the product has reached and till when it will be delivered. This is not only a service that chatbot is giving; rather, it is a way to build trust so that a customer happily visits again and recommends others as well. This is another way by which chatbots help marketers to increase sales.


The above-mentioned are the top 15 ways chatbots can help marketers to increase sales. There is much more a chatbot can do for your business and help it reach new heights. It is a programmed AI-powered system that enhances the way by which sales are made.

But, never think that you can replace your sales team. It is irreplaceable and is necessary to seal the deal after all efforts done by the bots.

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