29 Healthy Travel Friendly Snacks And Meals For Road and Air Trip

healthy travel snacks

Have you packed your suitcase with new attires and ready to travel to your desired location? Wait, you must carry something healthy and ready to eat, tasty things to eliminate your cravings. Many people have to eat ice cream or something unhealthy in dinner or biscuits (something like) at breakfast because they don’t have other options. It is not okay to eat unhealthy and junk food during your trip. I am going to give a checklist of healthy travel snacks and meals that will keep you energized. They are easy to pack and eat, and they will make you able to enjoy an incredible journey. 

List of Healthy Snacks and Meals To Eat When Your Travel

Ready-to-eat Salmon 

If you are going on a lake adventure, you should take ready-to-eat salmon with you because it’s packed with nutrients. Omega-3 fatty acids can keep the body energized for a long day. You can easily find snackable salmon packets in the market. 


If you are a heart or diabetes patient, you can eat popcorn because it is a fibre-rich snack. After eating a bowl of popcorn, you can beat your hunger; due to its taste, your kids will love it too. You can add nuts and dried fruit for increasing its efficiency. Make sure not to buy the microwave popcorn because it is full of dangerous chemicals. You can buy it from the local store but check the ingredients first. It must contain corn, salt, and oil in it. 

Beef jerky

It is a road snack that is filled with protein, and it is one of the best options to kill your hunger. However, don’t buy it from the gas stations. It is good to purchase organic, fresh, and grass-fed beef from the market. 


They have plant-based protein, which is healthy for ourselves. Fiber and unsaturated fat make this snack a perfect option. They are small and easy to digest, and each nut contains four calories. If you want to maintain a healthy diet during your trip, you can eat them instead of eating French fries, etc. 

Pine nuts

If you are planning to eat your food at the lakeside, then roasted pine nuts are the best retreat. You can serve yourself and your family with zinc, vitamin E, and magnesium to feel great. 

Boiled eggs

Eggs are effortless to cook, store, and eat on the road at any time. They are one of the best options for breakfast because they are mess-free and loaded with protein. During traveling, it maintains your energy when you feel a bit tired. Instead of eating something unhealthy from the highway hotels, give boiled eggs to your kids. 


It is another excellent nut option that contains omega-3 fatty acids and allows you to feel full. They are costly, but if you can afford, you should buy them in bulk, divide them in small bags, and beat your hungry stomach. 

Protein bars

It is essential to purchasing them wisely because countless options are available in the market that is useless and filled with a lot of sugar and preservatives only. They can provide you nutrients that your body needs to work perfectly. 

Dried fruits

If you are going to buy a bag of dried fruits from the food store, then check if it is packed with added sugar, corn syrup, and oil, etc. Read the label carefully to get information about the ingredients and buy only fruit. You can pick the freeze-dried fruits, but again, they should be sugar and chemicals free. 


If you love cheese, then pair it with apple because it is considered to be a perfect and healthy snack that is loaded with fat, protein, and carbs. With these nutrients, you won’t feel hungry, but the level of energy will increase. You must give it to your kids instead of giving them biscuits and sweets. 

Barley sandwich

If you want to enjoy a meal packed with protein and fibre, then you can eat barley sandwiches. Just place some cheese in the middle and put some vegetables in it. It is a balanced meal that offers carbs and fat at the same time. 


When you feel bored during your journey and want to eat something healthy, grapes are an ideal option. They are easy to clean and eat and help you get rid of the boredom because of natural sugar in them.

Meat bars

If you followed a protein diet, then meat bars are the ideal meal for you. They are not available everywhere, so you can order them online by using the booking app in Pakistan

Greek yogurt

Yogurt is a best source of protein, and this tasty snack can make you feel full and happy. To make it extra delightful, top it with nuts or fruits. 


Carrots is rich in fiber and other nutrients, so; you can take them on a road trip. To feed your body with something healthy, carrots are great because they save you from making a mess.

Baked chickpeas

If you are looking for a fiber substitute, chickpeas with olive oil are an ideal meal for you. You can add salt and other spices to enhance the taste and bake them for half an hour. If you want, you can also add sunflower seeds or pineapple according to your needs. 


It is a perfect snack that is low in calories but contains a lot of water. Also, you can include protein-rich hummus with it to fill your belly.  

Tuna fish

You can find a lot of tuna brands in the market, but pick the one that suits you the most. It is ideal seafood that is easy to eat. 

Pomegranate juice

Take a medium-sized jar and put Pomegranate juice in it and also add some lemon slices. Drink it whenever you are thirsty and feel refreshing. It is a healthy drink which is better than sodas and cold drinks. 

Trail mix

You can find a lot of trial mix options in the shopping mall, but it is your own choice which one you choose. It is a simple recipe; you just have to add whole-grain cereal, chocolate chips, pecans, and coconut as per your needs. 

Apple and cheese

Apple and cheese are an outstanding combination because both are easy to eat and mess-free. You don’t need to refrigerate apples, and when the eaters are in the car, you don’t have to waste time in their cutting. Cheese contains carbs, protein, and fat so that it will give energy to the body.  

Strawberries and almonds butter 

Many people don’t know about this combo, and they just like to eat almond butter. However, if you will dip your strawberry in it, the taste will increase. A protein-packed snack will fill your hungry belly.   

Veggies and hummus

There is no need to use a lot of veggies because celery or carrots are enough. You can store both at room temperature and use it whenever you want. It’s highly recommended to purchase single-serving containers instead of big ones to eliminate the risk of chaos in the car. 

Protein balls

To make these balls at home, you need oats, dried fruit, coconut, powder protein, nuts, and Choco chips, then make the balls and put them into the freezer. 

Sunflower seeds

If you never used them before, then give them a try because they are great. They can provide you magnesium and fats that are excellent for your heart health. 

Protein shake

It is an effective way to increase protein intake and feel energized. You can prepare it at home or buy it from the market according to your needs. 

Pita pocket sandwiches

It is a fantastic option for lunch, which is very easy to eat while sitting in a car or bus. You only need to fill the pita pocket with cheese, hummus, cucumber, tuna salad, and tomato. Put them in the cooler and eat whenever you want. 

Coconut chips

If you like to eat sweet things, then coconut chips are a brilliant option. They are coconut slices baked in oil. Different flavors are available, so you can buy the one you like. 

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is good for heart patients but doesn’t eat the entire bar in one sitting. 

Last Thoughts

When you are going on a trip via road or air, its essential to bring a healthy meal and snack with you to avoid unconvinced and shortage of your home town meal, as well as your routine or say native cousin beneficial for your health and wealth too. Hope so this extreme list of healthy snack and meal list will help you to enjoy your trip a lot.