Top 20 Best Emergency Apps for Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Natural Disasters

We all believe that smartphones have made our lives easier. Smartphones are much more than doing or receiving calls and sending text messages. We can do almost anything using our smartphones, and by installing applications, those tasks become more comfortable. If we talk about the best emergency apps, there are many for music, shopping, hotel booking, cabs, gaming, salon appointments, and much more. We have most of them installed on our devices. But, ones we might not have are those applications that detect & notifies about natural disasters. These emergency applications should also be there on our phones to get updated.

Emergency Apps For Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Natural Disasters

Emergency apps help you to be ready with your emergency kit before natural disaster strikes. In this post, we talk about 20 best emergency applications that’ll update you about natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.

Weather Underground

It is one of the top emergency apps that provide real-time weather information across the globe. This application is known to collect data from many personal weather stations, and the number is about 250,000. Just like radar detector detects radio waves coming out from security devices to detect speed, this application also shows radar data and maps captured through the satellite of weather conditions. Especially if you are living in a city that is prone to natural disasters, this application must be installed on your phone.

Red Cross

It gives a bunch of individual applications dedicated to specific natural disasters that could happen. You can download its Emergency, Tornado, Earthquake, Hurricane, and Flood apps that are available for Android and iOS users. Whenever possible, all these apps give prior notifications to prepare you for an emergency and also let you updated about the current conditions of affected areas.

Hurricane Hound

Hurricane Hound is known to be one of the best applications for giving notifications about active hurricanes storms. Using Google maps in the background, it detects the correct location of storms. Plus, based on National Weather Service data, it also warns about the areas where hurricanes can develop.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s application is much more than a platform that gives you real-time natural disaster alerts. It also provides safety tips that you can adopt during more than 20 types of natural disaster conditions. FEMA also provides information about emergency shelters and disaster recovery centers nearby. Besides, you can also talk to FEMA’s representative for any assistance.

My Radar Weather Radar

Another on our list is My Radar Weather Radar application that is known to deliver high definition radar image and NOAA alerts. On this platform, you can see low to high affected areas that are differentiated by several colors. It is simple, interactive, and a must-have application in your smartphones. My Radar Weather Radar available for various platforms like in Windows, Android, and Apple mobile phones.

Natural Disaster Monitor

It is another simple and effective emergency apps that could be helpful in the events of natural disasters. This app notifies many natural disasters, including volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, drought, and cyclones. You can also get details if required.

Disaster Alert

This free emergency application for natural disasters is available for Android as well as Apple devices. Disaster Alertdesigned to provide real-time updates of about 18 types of natural disasters. Disaster Alert can also give early warnings and reports of current situations. It is known to have an easy user and map interface.


It is not a natural disaster detecting application but is an emergency apps for sure. This application claims to be the first mobile app that gives responders your location & identity in real-time during an emergency. It connects to 911 immediately when the panic button present in the app is the press. This could be your safety app, and you should download it.


Via Zello, you can communicate with people during emergency/natural disasters to find rescue. It is a push-to-talk walkie-talkie platform that can also be used by volunteers to coordinate while rescuing people during natural disasters. Besides, you can also use it usually to connect with your loved ones.

Lifeline Response

Lifeline Response is designed to call for help when you are in an emergency silently. It is an ingenious application that gives excellent protection. After opening the application, you just have to press & hold the screen with your thumb. As soon as you’ll it, authorities will receive the notification, and they’ll be there for the rescue. It also has many other features, including hands-free protection, secret alarm code, and broken phone condition.

Trusted Contacts

It is a great platform to keep updated about your whereabouts to your loved ones. This application lets you add contacts with each other to share your location during an emergency or under normal circumstances as well. In case of lost connection or poor network, your last updated location and shared. This could also work well during natural disaster conditions when your family members are not at home.

Emergency Alerts

This application by the American Red Cross is designed to keep you updated about natural as well as human-made hazards. It is a free and straightforward application that is available on the App Store and Playstore. This app gives real-time alerts for many hazards, including floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, thunderstorms, wildfire, hurricanes, etc. Using this app can prepare you well, especially if you are living in hazard-prone areas.


You must be thinking that why this application is on this list as it is a social platform. But, having millions of users, Facebook could be the best option to get updated and notify others about natural hazards in your area. It won’t be wrong to say that you’ll see this application in almost all smartphones. Hence it is a great way to notify family members and loved ones that you are safe.


Available for both Android and Apple, ReUnite application is best to find your loved ones who got separated due to emergency or Natural disaster. It allows users to search for a person and also to report the ones who are missing.

ICE Medical Standard

Though this app is not designed to notify you about natural disasters, yet it is of great help. Through this application, you can put your emergency contacts and medical information on the lock screen of your mobile phone. During emergency/natural hazards, if someone found you unconscious, he/she can see important information on your phone and immediately call for help.


It is a beneficial and straightforward application in both temperate and emergencies. This application is designed to send notifications to your well-wishers when you reach your destination and let them track all your movements. One of the great features that we like about this application is the notification it sends when someone’s phone battery is low. It could be of great help during natural hazards.


It is designed as a safety platform that lets the user connect to the ones they can receive help from. Once a user triggers the alarm via Noonlight, help will immediately be on the way. It is also provided with a feature to cancel the request if a false alarm is triggered. A 4-digit Noonlight PIN will be required to cancel the false request.

Pet First Aid

Natural disasters and emergencies are not only for humans, but they are for animals/pets as well. As they cannot speak or seek better help themselves, we must find it for them. Pet First Aid is one such platform that lets you take veterinary advice during emergencies. It is also an American Red Cross application.

Red Panic Button

This safety application is one of the best for emergencies. It can easily be connected to your smartwatch and is available for Android as well as Apple devices. It is a one-in-all application that you can seek help from for personal safety, medical emergencies, professional security, physically challenged people’s security, and much more. This app requires you set a panic number, and whenever you press the panic button, this application will send SMS to that number with your current location’s link.


A person might require help anytime, not only during natural disasters. Guardly is one such application that is there for you every time. You can create a group in this application to send an emergency message, including your current location. Plus, via this application, you can also call all contacts that are there in your group simultaneously, including 911. It also provides the feature to share the real-time location.

Why In Case of Emergency Apps is Important? 

Just like entertainment, having personal safety applications in our smartphone is also necessary. This will not only keep us safe instead and also update our well-wishers about our location and safety. This becomes important during emergencies or natural disasters. These applications are also designed to warn people earlier about upcoming natural hazards so that they can prepare well to tackle such situations and mark themselves safe.

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