Top 20 Gadgets that are Reliable Source of Renewable Energy

renewable energy gadgets

The whole world is running campaigns to save electricity and make its use with efficiency. And rightly so, there is a direct connection between the environment & electricity use. The more we use electricity, the more will be the emission of harmful fumes from power plants. This is one of the factors to save electricity, and the other one is the scarcity of non-renewable energy gadgets that are required for electricity generation. There is a strong need for conservation of Earth’s natural resources so that it could be a better world in the future.

Thanks to technology, it has become so advanced that technologists have found a way to limit the use of electricity generated by power plants. This method is the use of solar energy or Sun’s energy. It is something non-renewable and can be used for free as well. All you need to pay is for the installation of required instruments that can collect solar energy and convert it into electricity. Besides this, there are also some gadgets available in the markets that are known to be reliable renewable energy gadgets. Let us focus some light on these gadgets.

Top 20 Renewable Energy Gadgets That Provide Reliable Source

Yeti Portable Power Station

First in our list is this portable power station of Yeti, which is named Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station. Worried about charging your mobile phone, Bluetooth speaker, or tablets while going on camping? You need not to. This Renewable Energy Gadget is there to meet all your electricity requirements there. It has been equipped with a good quality solar charging system. This means you can use solar panels that utilize Sunlight to produce electricity to charge this fantastic device. This power station will offer you USB ports, 12V output, & AC outlet. Besides solar panel, Yeti power station can be charged by plugging into the wall or using a 12V car adapter. It is a trusted device just like Yeti ice coolers.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

The trusted brand of computer accessories is not behind when it comes to saving Earth’s natural resources. They have come up with a great keyboard model having a layer of solar panels. The most important thing about those panels is that they can utilize both indoor & outdoor lights to keep it charged. Hence you don’t have to buy batteries for your wireless keyboard. It is also known to have the ability to hold the charging for about three months.

ETEKCITY Camping Lantern

Camping is one of the most happening trips one can experience. And it is also essential to go with full planning to prevent any problems. Having a lantern on camping is always good, and when it is a solar-powered one, you don’t have to look for electricity to charge. ETEKCITY is one such innovation that has been specifically designed for camping & hiking purposes. Plus, it is provided with a system to adjust the brightness level as required.

Rock Out 2 Solar Speaker

Sturdy in construction, compact in size, and light in weight, these speakers could be your best partner on hiking or camping. You can charge them just by placing under Sunlight or by electric socket as well if required. With Bluetooth connectivity and built-in MIC, you can also answer calls without even holding your smartphone in hands. Just play some rocking music with these speakers and party with your friends on a camping night to make unforgettable memories.

Artificial Leaf

We’ve been talking about so much personal use Renewable Energy Gadgets that we can run using Sun’s energy. But, Artificial Leaf is something commercial/industrial use. It is a leaf-shaped silicon-based system that has been designed to produce hydrogen energy in a clean manner. The principle of its working is similar to the photosynthesis used by plants to generate electricity for them. It features a chemical catalyst that is coated on the silicon chip. This leaf splits water into oxygen & hydrogen molecules when it comes in contact with the solar energy. Formed protons and electrons are captured and then recombined to make Hydrogen gas for electricity generation.

Swiftly Done Outdoor LED

We have seen that at night most people keep an electric bulb switched on outside their house for security or safety purposes. If we see in a general sense, then it is a waste of electricity as no one is using the light produced. But, safety is also a must and is a matter of concern. So, why not use an alternative that does not consume electricity. Swiftly Done Outdoor LED is one such solar-powered alternative that produces bright illumination that can be adjusted according to the need. It is also praised for its automatic turn-off (during sunrise) and turn-on (at night/in the dark) functions.

LightCap 200

Have you ever imagined about a bottle cap that can become your emergency light especially while you are on camping or hiking. No? But yes, it is true. LightCap 200 is one such thing that you can apply on your water bottle (51mm/2inch) instead of its regular cap. The special thing about LightCap is four solar-powered bright LEDs with a solar panel at the center. Sealed electronics of this cap ensure waterproof property, and automatic charging is there utilizing Sunlight. It is something to be admired.

Gravity Light

It won’t be right to say that the introduction of Gravity Light is revolutionary. We all know about solar power and the way we can utilize it. But this Gravity Light designed to save solar energy too. You might be surprised to know that for using this technology, you don’t even require Sunlight. What all you need is a bag full of rocks/sand. It is relatively very new technology and might get more significant in the next few years.

Being the best replacement of kerosene lamps, it is very easy to use Gravity Light. Just hang the light on a wall or to ceiling with sand or rock-filled bag and lift it. As the bag starts falling slowly towards the ground, it generates electricity and lightens up the LED. As of now, the estimated time a full suitcase of rocks can light the LED is about 20 minutes.


Before electricity, there is a severe concern about the whole world, and that is the water. Source of drinking water is on the verge of extinction, and it is our duty to save every single drop. Eliodomestico is a solar-powered water filter that requires no electricity, no special maintenance, and no special tools. It is made from simple materials and is considered to be the best for use in underdeveloped areas. Eliodomestico can filter up to 5 liters of water per day. Also termed as ‘solar still’, it works by boiling water using solar energy to give clean and drinkable water at the bottom. One fantastic thing about Eliodomestico is that it also does not use any filters.

Notos Solar Charger

Smartphones are life; whenever it warns about low battery, we all become concerned like anything. Now imagine, your phone is about to die, and there is a power cut. Just by imagining this situation, we become worried. But, you need not to as Notos Solar Charger is there for the rescue. This eco-friendly power bank is elementary to use as you just have to open it and apply it on the window by twisting to collect Sun’s energy. Now connect your phone via data cable and see the magic happen. You can even use it by applying to your car’s window whenever required.

WakaWaka Power+

Never run out of battery with the help of this eco-friendly power generating system. WakaWaka Power is best to be carried along during hiking, trekking, or camping. It gets charged via solar panels present at the back of its body and lets users charge their mobile phones, portable speakers, and much more. Besides, it also features two bright LED lights that you can use in the dark.

Creative Edge Solar Panel

It is another on-the-go power source that’ll never let you feel like requiring electricity. Built-in with a solar panel on the body, it is charged using Sunlight and allows users meet their electricity requirements for charging phones, portable LEDs, etc. especially while on a trip. It also features an emergency LED that you can illuminate in dark. This solar panel is rugged in construction and assures good water, shock, and dust resistance.

Secur Flashlight

It is a multipurpose device that can be used for a regular purpose and during camping/hiking/boating as well. It is a high power LED that produces bright illumination assuring excellent visibility. This is a battery-less flashlight that you can charge using built-in solar panels. It also features a dynamo charger, a technology that can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. This Solar/Dynamo flashlight is packed with features. It is waterproof in nature up to 45 feet and has three different illumination modes.

Hand Crank Charger

You don’t require any batteries, solar power, or electricity to use a hand crank charger. There are several models available but, the best one we’ve liked is Compass Culture Hand Crank Device. The reason is that this device is much more than a charger. It features emergency radio, LED flashlight, compass whistle, reading lamp, solar panel, and power bank. All you can use with this compact device. Besides using a hand crank, it can also be charged by Sunlight, inserting AAA batteries, or with USB. This is also an eco-friendly alternative.

ReadySet Portable Solar Power system

With ReadySet, take your own solar plant wherever you go. It features compact PV panel, grid & battery chargers, and LED light. With this small solar system, you can charge essential electric devices including phone, portable speakers, torch, tablets, cameras, and much more. Add it to your emergency kit or take along to the camping and flaunt your smartness. It is also best to be used in homes for powering many of the home appliances.

Entertainment Lounger

Enough of small things that you can carry along or use at home, this solar-powered Entertainment Lounger is something different. It is a motorized reclining structure that is perfect to be kept alongside the pool and to rest upon. This lounger is much more; it features a built-in USB charger, top quality Bluetooth-enabled Bose speakers, and a mister with storage capacity to hold up to 6 gallons of water. All these qualities of Entertainment Lounger are powered by two solar panels present at the chair’s base. The structure & cushioning on this beauty is waterproof as well.

Ellipse Bike Lock

Solar technology is not only confined to only renewable energy gadgets or home appliances. It has reached a level where it can also be used for your bike’s security. This smart Lattis Ellipse lock is a Bluetooth-enabled solar-powered device that lets you park your bike safely. It is packed with an anti-theft feature that sends a notification on your mobile when someone tries to tamper this lock. This bike lock is entirely reliable as it is made, having forged steel shackles with the dual-locking system. It can easily be unlocked with just a tap on a connected phone or by entering the security code on its touch panel. It charges automatically utilizing Sun rays and also has a USB charging function for backup.

Birksun Solar Backpack

Charge your laptop, mobile phone, or other necessary renewable energy gadgets on the go with this solar backpack. Approved for both domestic & international travel, this backpack is equipped with quality and a lightweight solar panel that meets all your basic electricity requirements. This bag is made of durable waterproof material to assure its long-lasting property. Add this to your kitty and travel anywhere with style.


Whether at home or while on an adventure trip, this LuminAID light will keep you illuminated off-the-grid. This solar-powered system is quite innovative when it comes to its exciting design. It is also very much power efficient as compared to standard LEDs. Besides using on trips, LuminAID is also perfect for use during natural disasters, including thunderstorms & earthquakes. With 3-4 hours of battery life in turbo mode and more than 100 hours in SOS, it is also equipped with USB port for charging your mobiles or other similar devices.

The Personal Wind Turbine

The technology is endless, and it has no bar how much you can innovate it. This small wind turbine is for use at homes to generate electricity for your personal use. It can power batteries and produce an amount of electricity that is enough to power a house or cabin. Several models available for us to buy, and after then you don’t have to rely on the grid through completely.

The Bottom Line

The above-mentioned are some examples of renewable energy gadgets that you can consider as a reliable source of renewable energy. These gadgets give you the liberty to move tension-free while on camping, hiking, or trekking plus never let you run out of your phone’s battery. Some of the above-mentioned are so good that you can use it in your house as well. In the long run, it’ll be beneficial in saving our Earth’s natural resources and electricity as well.

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