Top 5 Best Free Antivirus Software in 2020

best free antivirus

Today most of the companies are operating online. It provides cyber predators with a chance to attack your devices. A system takes no time to get infected by harmful malware. Every day thousands of malware are created to harm the workflow and security system of the devices. Therefore, it is imperative to install the best free Antivirus software and keep updating it on a regular basis.

What is Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software is a collective set of program that detects, blocks and deletes all the damage-causing virus from your device. It brushes off all the malware present in the software such as adware, spyware, worms, and trojans. A device contains lots of confidential information in the digital format. Therefore, an antivirus is needed to stop the malware from corrupting your privacy.

The Basic Concept of Antivirus Software

According to software experts, a ransomware attack happens every 14 seconds. It is, therefore, crucial to understand the basic concept of antivirus software.

  • Checks the health status of the device
  • Schedules automatic scan in regular time intervals
  • Scans all the links and files to detect malicious activities and other harmful signs
  • Identifies and resolves malware

Best Free Antivirus Software for 2020

Avira Free Antivirus

Avira one of the best Free Antivirus software is counted among the best antivirus software for protecting your system from malware. The software performs its functions in the background without impacting the overall performance of the system. It provides real-time protection to the system, along with timely updates. It enhances the flow of your system and makes it fast and light.

Key highlights:

  • It has an advanced antivirus scanner.
  • It consists of an automatic night vision with an intelligent learning system that safeguards the system against upcoming and growing threats.
  • It has the potential to identify unwanted applications that are hidden behind legitimate software.
  • It prevents the loading of harmful websites and blocks them.
  • It prevents malicious ads, popups, and banners from getting loaded into your device.
  • It blocks companies from online monitoring.
  • It helps users to save money on online purchases.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is one of the most potent Antivirus engines for Windows lovers. The best part about the Antivirus software is that one does not need to be an expert to use it. It works at a breakneck speed and loaded with high-end features such as bare-bones protection that is a necessity for every computer.

Key highlights:

  • Gets installed in seconds and runs at the maximum speed without slowing down the computer.
  • Excellent for video editing, image editing, gaming as well as resource-intensive applications.
  • It comes with Power-Packed protection along with the light solution.
  • Takes instant action if anything suspicious is detected.
  • Its powerful scan engine ensures the removal of all the detected malware.
  • Available for Windows, Android, and Mac.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus security system is inbuilt with a compelling virus protection mode. It is a quiet, lightweight program that will never jeopardize the function of your computer. It is the best software for gamers because it has an exclusive gaming mode. It incorporates password manager that eases the administration of passwords and makes it easier and safer to access them. It also includes a VPN mode that helps to protect the identity of the users while they are engaged in online activities.

Key highlights:

  • It has a considerable threat detection network.
  • It incorporates a machine-learning virus protection system.
  • It easily manages the password and provides security to the home network without affecting the speed of the system.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It consists of a passive mode to run multiple applications at a time.
  • It has a little extra benefit for gamers and movie buffs.

Best Home

As suggested by the name, Sophos Home is specially designed to put parental control on the system. This tool is specially built for families who want to put power over more than one device. Sophos Home has the capability of protecting up to ten devices.

Key highlights:

  • Protects the device against bots, potential viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, unwanted apps (PUAs), ransomware, and many more.
  • Identifies the blocks the harmful malware.
  • Allows putting control over the content that is consumed by your children.
  • It helps to block all the phishing sites to enable users to enjoy safe shopping and browsing experiences, as well as to allow one to make online payments and other monetary transactions safely.
  • Blocks unwanted webcam and keystrokes access.

Zone Alarm by Checkpoint

Zone Alarm by Checkpoint is an antivirus solution that is considered as an advanced firewall that takes good care of your system. The primary purpose of the software is to halt the attacks of viruses, trojan horses, spyware, etc. and protects the digital identity and online privacy of the user. It develops a shield around the computer so that the hackers cannot access your system. It has a data encryption system that keeps your data safe.

Key highlights:

  • Advanced antivirus and antispyware solution.
  • The firewall protects data from being compromised.
  • It has a free chrome extension that prevents phishing attempts.
  • It provides credit monitoring on a daily basis.
  • Wireless Network Protection

The malware attack happens consistently. It is essential to secure your system from external threats and maintain a safe environment. There is an ample number of Softwares available for free in the market. Each one of them has a set of distinct features that make it unique from others. You need to be o while choosing the best antivirus system for your business.

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